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11-05-2009, 07:58 PM
I will be posting more items as I sell items. So if you dont see it yet wait or respond with wants.
Micro Machines Collectors Edition Ships Silver and Numbered
ROTJ #2871 $15
ANH #1425 $15
ESB # 1421 $15
ATOC Electronic Battling OBI and Jango 12" $30 each
ATOC 12" Clone Trooper Red $20
ATOC Clone Commander Yellow 12" $20
ATOC Zam Wesell 12" $20
ATOC 12" Super Battle Driod $20
ATOC 12" Count Dooku $20
Star Wars Blue Card Qui Gon $3 2002 #32
Star Wars Blue Card Anakin Tatoonine Attack Card Crease $2
Star Wars Unleased Darth Maul on Card Card minor warp no crease $20
Star Wars Trilogy Collection
Luke Bespin
IG 88
Jawas $5 each
Star Wars Battle Packs
Jedi Temple Assult K Mart Exclusive $40
Jedi Vs Sith $20
Estes X wing model Rocket $ 15
Shadows Slave I minor Box wear complete $35
Electronic Snowspeeder Box Wear $15
Episode I Amored Scout Tank w Battle Droid $10
Episode I Gungan Scout Sub w Obi $12
Episode I R2D2 Carryall Playset $20
Episode I Trade Fed Yoyo $10
Episode I Kaadu w Jar Jar $ 10
Episode I Jabba w Glob $ 10
Episode I TC 14 electronic 12" $20

*All items 1/2 of original asking price and are mint in sealed box unless otherwise noted**