View Full Version : FS: The Clone Wars Collection (2008-2009)

10-27-2009, 03:42 PM
Hello everyone,

I have decided that I am not interested in collecting the TCW animated line of figures anymore. I have already gotten rid of the newest red carded figures, with the exception of 2. But I still have all of the original white carded figures, plus exclusives.

Here is a list of what I have:

1-27 (Anakin through Kit Fisto) basic figures (includes 8 day of issue figs)
3 Variants ((clean clone, 2nd rex release (clean armor, damaged stripes), blue gun IG-86 Assassin))
(value $232 = first 8 @ $7 each and 22 @ $8 each)

2 Target Exclusive 5-figure battle packs (Obi-Wan & 212th, Yoda & Coruscant Guard)
(value $44)

Mailaway Captain Rex (value $7)

SDCC Senate Security Clone (value $15)

Target Exclusive Commander Fox (value $13)

Walmart Exclusive 501st Legion (value $7)

TRU Exclusive Holo Grievous (value $10)

TRU Exclusive Commander Ponds (value $10)

Red Carded Basic Figure Cad Bane (value $8)

Total Investment = $346 plus taxes/shipping on exclusives)

All are still in the orignal sealed packaging and are C9 or better as I am very picky about the condition of what I purchase.

I am not interested in piece-mealing at this time. I would like to sell it all as a set. If there are pieces you are interested in, PM me. If I get enough interest in the individual pieces, I may change my mind about breaking it apart.

Consider the original value my asking price at this time, but all reasonable offers will be considered. Shipping will be additional unless the buyer and I agree otherwise.

Thanks for looking!