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10-14-2009, 09:55 AM
Alright I'm getting rid of the rest of my Hasbro collection. Make me an offer, take it all if you'd like (please). ALL PRICES BEFORE SHIPPING. Here's what I've got:

Loose lot of OT main characters, VOTC and later:
http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/8318/dsc00197h.th.jpg (http://img63.imageshack.us/i/dsc00197h.jpg/)
Evolutions Vader with extra gloves swapped from TAC duel version. VOTC Lando has head and hands swapped from TAC smuggler figure, the original pieces will also be included. Yoda is from the Battle Pack I believe, no base or whatever else came with the OTC figure. Ben has everything, as does everyone else except See-Threepio's throne and whatever stands they might have come with. Whatever is in the photo will be included and everything is in good condition. Asking $50

Endor AT-AT pack-in driver and biker scout:
http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/3875/dsc00202z.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/i/dsc00202z.jpg/)

AOTC tin set blue clones:
http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/9482/dsc00203.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/i/dsc00203.jpg/)

Order 66 clones:
http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/479/dsc00205t.th.jpg (http://img158.imageshack.us/i/dsc00205t.jpg/)
Only one pair of pistols and one rifle for the blue guys. $8

Evolutions Mandalore:
http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/1504/dsc00200wy.th.jpg (http://img26.imageshack.us/i/dsc00200wy.jpg/)

http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/3369/dsc00207l.th.jpg (http://img158.imageshack.us/i/dsc00207l.jpg/)
Evolutions Qui-Gon and Darth Maul (no Sith probe or cloak for DM) - $9

http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/7051/dsc00206v.th.jpg (http://img158.imageshack.us/i/dsc00206v.jpg/)
Evolutions AOTC Anakin and Padme - $9

http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/6788/dsc00208d.th.jpg (http://img94.imageshack.us/i/dsc00208d.jpg/)
Clone War MOC figure lot. Take them all for $30.

http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/4108/dsc00212r.th.jpg (http://img50.imageshack.us/i/dsc00212r.jpg/)
Imperial MOC figure lot.$25


I also have a loose Big Millennium Falcon with all decals applied and working electronics. It's been sitting in storage for a year or so. Missing only the pack-in Chewbacca. Available for local pick-up in Providence, RI for $50.

10-17-2009, 12:17 PM
Bump. Had one offer on the lot with no reply since. As some extra incentive, I'll throw in this lot of loose figures/accesories:

http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/126/dsc00216bv.th.jpg (http://img18.imageshack.us/i/dsc00216bv.jpg/)

$120 gets you everything but the Falcon.