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10-01-2009, 07:15 AM
Here's what I have to trade (or sell):


The card has a tiny spider vein in the top right corner that's only visible on the front of the card:


STAR WARS - all these are minty C8 to C9.5 condition:

Legacy General Grievous moc x3 $8
Saga '06 Commander Cody moc x4 $9
VOTC Snowtrooper moc x1 $10
Legacy Snowtrooper moc x1 $8
Legacy Scuba Clone Trooper moc x1 $7
1st Day of Issue Sandstorm Luke Skywalker moc x1 $20

My Wants:

-G.I. JOE-

Headquarters - loose and minty or great condition, 1 or 2 missing parts is ok (1982)

Cobra Terror Drome - loose and minty or great condition, 1 or 2 missing parts is ok (1986)

Snow Cat

Moray (original, Convention Exclusive, or TRU Exclusive)

Swampfire x3


Zartan complete with chest and thigh pads

Zarana & Zandar

Tomax & Xamot

Storm Shadow (must be white as snow, doesn't need to be 100% complete)

Other loose figures I want (minor paint wear is ok, but I'd like them minty or atleast in great condition); Sci-Fi, Low Light, Lifeline, Beachhead, Tunnel Rat, General Hawk, Duke, Flint, Dusty, Buzzer, Torch, Ripper, Monkey Wrench, Thrasher, Eels, Snow Serpents, Crimson Guards, Baroness, Destro, Cobra Commander, Alley Viper, Tele-Vipers, Major Bludd, etc.


'05 ROTS Republic Gunship - loose or mib

Wedge Antilles' X-WING STARFIGHTER ('09 Target Exclusive)

'02 Geonosis Arena Playset - mib or opened and minty or great condition

Ep.1 Naboo Royal Starship

Tie Interceptor (not the '07 TRU version)

Millenium Falcon (BMF '08-'09)

Landspeeder (saga '02: http://www.rebelscum.com/sagalandspeeder.asp -or- the original)

AT-AT (POTF, '06 Saga, or the original)

Jango Fett's Slave One MIB (2002)

Boba Fett's Slave One MIB (OTC 2004 -or- the original)

Destroyer Droids x8 or more (30th '07: http://www.rebelscum.com/TAC59destroyer.asp

Jawa & LIN Droid x4 (30th '07)


Masterpiece Grimlock
Masterpiece Megatron
Masterpiece Starscream
Masterpiece Skywarp
Masterpiece Thundercracker
Gen.1 Sharkicon
Gen.1 Dinobots; Grimlock, Sludge, Snarl, Slag, & Swoop
Gen.1 Shockwave (with working lights n' sounds)
Gen.1 Jetfire
Gen.1 Optimus Prime

I'd also consider other trades, just run it past me.

Chris Wyman
10-01-2009, 09:02 AM
sweeper, if you are looking to trade these pieces, you should list them in the Trading Section. Otherwise, every piece must be priced. Accepting best offers is not allowed.