View Full Version : FS Lukes X-Wing & and an A Wing

09-29-2009, 03:27 PM
As is stated in the title I have two nice starfighters up for sale/trade.

I'm asking $25 + shipping for the X-Wing
Saga, I think. Just includes what is shown.

The A-Wing I could let go for $13 + shipping
POTF version

As far as trade - I'm looking for the following, and depending on what and how much is offered may prefer partial cash/trade or at least my shipping covered.

R5-A2 legs (or any set of legs that fit)
Hoth Rebel x2
Owen Lars

Lando Smuggler outfit
Voolvif Monn
Maris Brood
Luke & Mara Jade (either/both)
Dark Woman
"Lucky" Farlander & "Doc" Eirriss (pilot leg. II pack)
Jake Farrell (A-Wing pilot) or Green Leader (WM exc pilot) Helmet or any of the same sculpt helmet x2 (just the helmet would be fine too.

2009 AT-ST (can someone tell me what these are going for, btw - I didn't know a new one came out)
And so on.... I was having fun making the list. Lots of stuff I've missed since I took a break a little while ago.