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08-25-2009, 07:03 PM
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Weta are thrilled to now make The Art of John Howe - Sculptures from Middle-earth (http://www.wetanz.com/john-howe/) available in faux bronze.

We first launched this range last month at the San Diego Comic Con. At that time, we were only able to offer a Bronze option, as we had a few unresolved issues to sort out. Fortunately these issues have been resolved, so we are now able to offer these sculptures in both Bronze and Faux Bronze.

The edition size for the Faux Bronze is limited to only 300 worldwide. Customers will also receive a beautiful 22 page hard cover book written by John Howe, Richard Taylor and leading sculptor Daniel Cockersell. The book contains original sketches from John as well as a series of stunning photographs of the sculptures and the sculpting process. You can preview a few pages of the book here. (http://www.wetanz.com/assets/pdf/johnhowebook/JohnHoweBookWebEdit.html) Click on the corners to turn the pages.

For those customers who have already ordered the Bronze option, there is further good news; our pricing will reduce as we are now able to spread the initial sculpting costs over a much greater number of pieces. Check the pricing on the bronze version here. (http://www.wetanz.com/smaug-the-golden/from/type)

We hope you'll take this unique opportunity to enjoy and cherish the The Art of John Howe.

The first faux bronze available for pre-order is:

Smaug the Golden - faux bronze (http://www.wetanz.com/smaug-the-golden-faux-bronze/)

…owyn and the NazgŻl will follow shortly.



10-27-2009, 06:39 PM
The amazing, two foot long Faux Bronze …owyn and the NazgŻl (http://www.wetanz.com/eowyn-and-the-nazgul-faux-bronze/) is now available for preorder.

ES: 300
Pricing: US$430
Dimensions: 11.8" x 24" x 19" (H x W x D)

The sculpture is based on John's original artwork originally done for the 1991 Tolkien Calendar. Buyers will also receive a 22 page hard cover book written by John Howe, Richard Taylor and the sculptor, Daniel Cockersell. Pages of the book can be previewed here... (http://www.wetanz.com/assets/pdf/johnhowebook/JohnHoweBookWebEdit.html)