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08-11-2009, 12:12 AM
hey guys,

I have decided to sell off my near-complete clone collection. All the figs are in cases and in near mint/mint condition. I haven't gotten a price together yet, but please let me know if anyone's interested. I wanted to see if there was OC interest so no one has to pay shipping.

It has one of every clone ever made including any battle or multi pack that is made up of at least half clones. I have some of the current CW line, but not quite all that have been released

Clone Trooper Basic AOTC
Clone Trooper Pilot Basic AOTC
Clone Trooper w/ Speeder Bike Deluxe AOTC
Clone Trooper Basic CW Animated
ARC Trooper Gray Basic CW
Clone Trooper Basic CW
Army Builder Deluxe CW
Clone and Speeder bike Deluxe CW
EE Clone Set Multipack OTC
Sneak Preview Clone Basic POTJ
AT-RT Driver Basic ROTS
AT-TE Gunner Basic ROTS
Clone Commander Basic ROTS
Clone Pilot Basic ROTS
Clone Trooper 41 Basic ROTs
Clone Trooper 6 Basic ROTS
Commander Bacara Basic ROTS
Commander Bly Basic ROTS
Commander Gree Basic ROTS
Covert Ops Trooper Basic ROTS
Saleucami Trooper Basic ROTS
Shadow Trooper Basic ROTS
Tac Ops Basic ROTS
Clone Attack on Coruscant BP ROTS
Jedi Temple Assault BP ROTS
Army Builder Deluxe ROTS
Clone and Jetpack Deluxe ROTS
Clone Evolutions Evo ROTS
Clone Evolutions Gray ROTS
Cup Set Other ROTs
DVD Set Other ROTS
AT-RT Vehicle ROTS
501st Legion Trooper Basic TAC Saga Legends
Clone Commander Basic TAC Saga Legends
Clone Officer Basic TAC Saga Legends
Clone Trooper AOTC Basic TAC Saga Legends
Clone Trooper ROTS Basic TAC Saga Legends
Shocktrooper Basic TAC Saga Legends
Commander Neyo TAC Saga Legends
Covert Ops Trooper TAC Saga Legends
Utapau Shadow Trooper TAC Saga Legends
7th Legion Basic TAC
Airborne Trooper Basic TAC
Clone Trooper Training Basic TAC
Commander Gree Basic TAC
Galactic Marine Basic TAC
Hawkbat Basic TAC
Kashyyyk Trooper Basic TAC
ARC-170 Elite Squad BP TAC
AT-RT Assualt Squad BP TAC
Betrayal on Felucia BP TAC
Hunt for Grievous BP TAC
Treachery on Saleucami BP TAC
Commander Keller/GM Comic Pack TAC
Obi and ARC Trooper Comic Comic Pack TAC
Republic Commando/SBD Comic Pack TAC
Battlefront II pack Multipack TAC
Anakin and Airborne Order 66 TAC
Anakin and ARC Order 66 TAC
Emperor and Thire Order 66 TAC
Emperor and Vill Order 66 TAC
Luminara Unduli and AT-RT Driver Order 66 TAC
Mace and GM Order 66 TAC
Master Sev and ARC Order 66 TAC
Obi and AT RT Driver Order 66 TAC
Obi Wan and ARC Order 66 TAC
Shadow Troopers Order 66 TAC
Tsui Choi and BARC Trooper Order 66 TAC
Yoda and Kashyyyk Order 66 TAC
Clone Trooper Titanium
501st Legion Trooper Basic TSC GB
AT-TE Gunner Basic TSC GB
Clone Commander Basic TSC GB
Clone Trooper Basic TSC HV
Commander Bacara Basic TSC HV
44nd Siege Battalion Basic TSC
5th Fleet Security Basic TSC
Clone Trooper Sergeant Basic TSC
Combat Engineer Basic TSC
Commander Appo Basic TSC
Commander Cody Basic TSC
Elite Corps Trooper Basic TSC
Holo Commander Cody Basic TSC
Scorch Basic TSC
Shocktrooper Basic TSC
Utapau Trooper Basic TSC
Mace Windu's Battalion BP TSC
Skirmish in the Senate BP TSC
Republic Commando Multipack TSC
Clone Trooper Patina Titanium
Kashyyyk Trooper/Wookie Comic Pack TAC
Jorg Sacul AOTC
Clone Scuba Trooper Basic TLC
Clone Trooper Basic TLC
Clone Trooper Basic TLC Saga Legends
Clone Trooper Basic CW
Senate Security Basic CW
Captain Rex Mail Away CW
Imperial Pilot Legacy Evo TLC
Commander Fox TLC
501st Clone CW
Saleucami Trooper Basic TLC
Coruscant Clone Basic TLC
Clone Pilot Odd Ball Basic CW
Clone Commander Cody Basic CW
Stormtrooper Commander Exclusive TAC
Captain Rex Basic CW
Shocktrooper Basic TLC Saga Legends
Clone Trooper Officer Basic TLC Saga Legends
BARC Trooper Basic TLC Saga Legends
ARC Trooper Basic TLC Saga Legends
501st Legion Trooper Basic TLC Saga Legends
Speeder Bike Recon BP CW
Obi Wan and 212th BP CW
Yoda and Coruscant Guard BP CW
Commander Faie Basic TLC
327th Star Corps Basic TLC
Clone Trooper with Space Gear Basic CW
Clone Trooper 212th Attack Battalion Basic CW
ARC Trooper Commander (Red) Basic TLC Saga Legends
Clone Trooper Basic TLC Saga Legends
Commander Faie/Quinlan Vos Comic Pack TLC
AT-TE Assault Squad BP CW
Kashyyyk Trooper Basic TLC Repack
501st Legion Trooper Basic TLC Packing 2
ARF Trooper Basic CW Packing 2
Denal Basic CW Packing 2
Clone Trooper with Space Gear Basic CW Packing 2
41st Elite Basic CW Packing 2
41st Elite Basic CW

08-14-2009, 01:18 PM
Do you have an idea of the prices yet I'm interested in the Hunt For Grevious BP. As well as the Republic Commando Multipack TSC

08-14-2009, 03:27 PM
I didn't want to split it up, but I would in large lots...
One guy offered me 250 for most of my BPs, which I probably will go for, should I not get any interst otherwise...

08-14-2009, 11:41 PM
hurmmm........ I wouldn't mind a loose Covert Ops trooper and those off color AT-RT drivers (camo, orange)........