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These are genuine prototypes, not run-offs for aftermarket sales. These actual items were used as presentation pieces for Australian retailers to encourage orders on the new AOTC line. They were circulated around to the toy buyers in major companies to illustrate the type of product that was to be available. This is the reason why a number of items are missing accessories or pieces.

Many of the items are painted samples without copyright markings, some are unpainted first shot samples, and others are first release products which are fully painted and with all copyright markings. These are guaranteed authentic and come from a trusted and reliable member of the collecting community (that's me by the way) and I will be glad to include a detailed letter of providence with each piece. These pieces are ideal for the collector that is looking for something different from the everyday production items for their collection.

AOTC Slave 1 fully painted sample. Sonic Charges and Laser Blasts are cast in bright pink not translucent red (they might look more orange in the photos but the description is accurate and they are actually a bright pink colour and definitely not like the production items). No copyright information on vehicle and canopy does not have the target reticule molded into it. Otherwise identical to the production item. <s> $150 </s> $80


AOTC Jedi Starfighter fully painted sample. No copyright information on vehicle, assembled with silver, not black screws. I don't have a production vehicle to compare but it appears to be otherwise identical to the production vehicle. <s> $90 </s> $50


POTJ TIE Interceptor fully painted sample almost identical to the production version. The only differences being the clear pieces on the back of the wings. These have some small additional paint detail as well as being attached with a different type of rivet to that used on the production version. Additionally the clear pieces including the cockpit screen are cloudy in colour indicating that they are either cast from a different material than the production item, or that they may have been obtained from a vintage vehicle during the assembly process for quick completion to show to toy buyers. These have not discoloured over time, they have always been the level of clarity. <s> $150 </s> $80


AOTC Shaak Ti fully painted sample. No copyright information. Comes with Lightsaber blade, and laser deflection blast. Please note, the hilt pictured in the image is not included. <s> $90 </font> </s> $60 <font color="red"> SOLD


AOTC Kit Fisto unpainted sample with clear straight lightsaber blade (missing flaring from production version) but no other accessories. <s> $90 </s> $60


AOTC Tusken Raider with Child fully painted sample. No copyright information, complete with Gaffi stick. <s> $110 </font> </s> $60 <font color="red"> SOLD


AOTC Super Battledroid unpainted sample, no copyright, complete with all parts and accessories. <s> $120 </s> $60


AOTC Geonosian Warrior unpainted sales sample, no copyright, complete with all accessories. <s> $70 </s> $40


AOTC Plo Koon unpainted samples (two different ones available). No copyright information. Missing lightsaber but does include clear force effect accessory. <s> $90 </s> $60ea


AOTC Padme Arena sales sample appears to be identical to production release. <s>$10</s> SOLD


AOTC Obi Wan Kenobi fully painted sales sample. Lightsaber blade is straight with no flaring, attachment for droid is cast in same translucent blue colour as lightsaber blade though painted. Lightsaber hilt is totally different from production version. <s> $90 </s> $60


AOTC Anakin Peasant Disguise sales sample appears to be identical to production release. <s>$5</s> SOLD


AOTC Captain Typho sales sample appears to be identical to production release although skin tone is darker than production. <s> $50 </s> $30


AOTC Preview Zam Wesell fully painted sales sample. No copyright information. Comes with rifle, and blast effect. Please note the pistol pictured is not included. <s> $90 </s> $60


AOTC Preview Jango Fett fully painted sales sample. No copyright information, missing range finder antenna. Comes with backpack, one pistol and one blast effect. <s> $120 </s> $70


AOTC Preview R3-T7 fully painted sales sample. Paint job appears more 'dusty' and detailed than the brighter looking production version. <s> $50 </s> $30


AOTC C-3PO unpainted sales sample cast entirely in black. Comes complete with box and all panels. <s>$60</s> SOLD


AOTC Battle Droid unpainted sales sample, no copyright. Comes complete with all accessories. <s> $70 </s> $40


AOTC Boba Fett painted sales sample with cloak, backpack, one pistol and one blast effect. Shoulder emblem only painted on left shoulder, missing from right. <s> $80 </s> $40


25th Anniversary Luke and Leia painted sales sample. No real noticeable differences from the production version. <s> $10 </font> </s> $5 <font color="red"> SOLD


25th Anniversary Han and Chewbacca painted sales sample. No real noticeable differences from the production version. <s> $10 </s> $5


STARWARS: Episode I Theatrical Trailer video. Authentic Lucasfilm LTD issue in PAL format. <s> $30 </s> $15


New items:

POTF2 Luke Jedi unpainted first shot includes legs attached to lower torso/pelvis piece plus separate arms. No copyright info and no peg holes in the feet. The pelvis is cast in black, the legs and arms are in yellow. <s> $40 </s> $20


POTJ K-3PO unpainted test shot. Cast in transluscent white plastic and is not sonically welded. The legs are still attached at the hips to the molding sprue but could be separated for assembly if desired. The item has both copyright info and peg holes. <s> $90 </font> </s> $60 <font color="red"> SOLD


12" 2-pack of Grand Moff Tarkin and Death Star Gunner prototypes. These are early production prototypes with the uniforms made from blue fabric. There are numerous small differences between these items and the final production pieces, from differently painted accessories, different belt fixtures, the chest armour on the Death Star Gunner attached in a different manner and so on. The DSG has his rifle but the Interrogation Droid is absent from this set. This is a very striking set and would be a perfect centerpiece for a unique collection. To the best of my knowledge there is only one other set like this in existence. <s>$200</s> SOLD


Feel free to ask any questions you would like.
Buy multiple items and I'll do a better price for you.

Edited to include pictures of Luke Jedi, K-3PO, and the Tarkin/Death Star Gunner 2-pack.

Please note: Items are located in Australia but postage rates are quite reasonable. This also means that if you are not in Australia you'll probably have to pay with Paypal as it's the most simple way to transfer funds. Insurance is at the buyers cost however if you choose to waive it, any lost or damaged parcels become your responsibility. If you don't accept that then pay a few extra dollars for insurance and peace of mind http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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POTF2 Luke Jedi unpainted first shot includes legs attached to lower torso/pelvis piece plus separate arms. No copyright info and no peg holes in the feet. The pelvis is cast in black, the legs and arms are in yellow. Will try to update soon with a pic. $40 $20

If you have a pic of this I might be interested.

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