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07-25-2009, 05:47 PM
Hello everyone. I have been out of the hobby for about a year now, but I ran across a couple of items I forgot I had, and wanted to see if I could sell them to someone on the boards. Both items are from Disney's Star Wars Weekends 2008. Both items are still in their original packaging and in great shape. They have been stored away for a year now.

1.) Star Wars Weekends pin (Donald and Stormtroopers)- $12
This pin was I believe the official pin for Sw Weekends last year. It is a Limited Edition, but I don't know what the editon size is, it doesn't say. It's still in it's plastic wrapping so the pin is in great shape and the price sticker is still on the back. It was $10.95. Only asking $12 for the total shipped price

2.) Ltd. Ed. Donald Duck Framed 6-coin set- $140
This is a very nice framed coin set featuring Donald Duck and the stormtroopers. It is limited to 250 pieces and this one is numbered 94 of 250. 4 of the 6 coins in the framed set have the Donald/stormtrooper logo and consist of an Antique Bronze, Antique Nickel Silver, Antique Copper, and a 24kt Gold Overlay medallions. The other two coins have the Empire logo and are a Silver Overlay and a 24kt Gold Overlay medallions.The frame still has the bubble wrap around it as it was given to me and has never been opened. The price sticker is still on the back and this item was $125. I'm only asking a little more to cover shipping costs.

Let me know if you would like either or both of these items. Thank you

07-27-2009, 07:47 PM