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01-18-2009, 10:24 PM
It pains me to say it, but I am seriously considering selling my COMPLETE Star Wars collection. It is becoming cumbersome, expensive, and I can't keep up with everything else in my life.

So I'm curious if anyone is looking to buy the ENTIRE collection in one shot. I know, I know. Before I get inundated with messages saying I should break it up to sell it or requesting me to sell individual pieces, I will say that I'm not that motivated at this point. If I can find some serious collector to buy it complete, as is, lock, stock, and barrel, I'd cut them a great deal. If I end up piecing it out, I'm going to try and get every last cent for my trouble.

So with that in mind, here is what I have.

--I currently have 1392 individual pieces.

--99% of the pieces are from the Hasbro 4" action figure toyline from when the Star Wars line was restarted in 1993, with a few Action Fleet, Electronic Starships, and all Disney Star Tours PVC crossover figures included.

--There are NO 12" figures, bust-ups, bend-ems, Lego, statues, artwork, or Star Wars items from other lines than Hasbro (unless listed above).

--All are MOC or MIP.

--I don't have any professionally rated, AFA or otherwise, but overall I would say the collection as a whole is C-9. There are a few damaged pieces, but most are excellent condition. Most are store-bought by myself at local stores like Walmart, Target, K-mart, Toys R Us, etc.

--All are U.S. versions, except for about a dozen U.K. TPM figure/battle droid 2-packs and a few Mexicon or Jedicon exclusives. I have NO tri-logo items.

--I don't have every variation, but I do have a large number of figure variations or packaging variations, so there are some similar items, but all 1392 items are unique (no duplicates included).

--I have several HARD TO FIND items, some of which are virtually impossible, including (but not limited too) Anakin to Vader Press Kit, George Lucas Rose Parade trooper, Electronic Super Star Destroyer, FAO Schwartz Exclusive Imperial Shuttle, Electronic Naboo Royal Starship, Opee w/ Qui Gon, and many more.

--The collection is not complete but I would guess it is 98% percent complete with all the items and variations that have been released since 1993.

--The collection is currently up to date with everything released to date that is available in Colorado so far.

--I updated my inventory value on Christmas day for what it is worth using Lee's Toy Review, Issue 194. Based on those prices, the book value on my entire collection is $22,500. I paid less and will obviously accept less for it.

--Buyer beware! Anyone interested in buying this collection realize that this collection takes up most of two rooms in my basement. A buyer is advised to pick it up in person as shipping this entire collection by any method desired (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) will cost conservatively $1000. I can't even begin to estimate the actual cost of shipping it anywhere.

Okay, here is the list! Sorry if it's choppy. I cut and pasted from an Excel Spreadsheet. I can email to you upon request.

FYI - It may read "Obi-wan Red card". Then the next line reads "Green Card", which means it's Obi-wan Green Card variation. Two seperate figures and I have them both. VARIATIONS OF THE SAME FIGURE ARE LISTED CONSECUTIVELY!

Star Wars
2-1b green
4-LOM green
8D8 FF
Admiral Ackbar green
ASP-7 Green
AT-AT Driver FF
AT-ST Driver Green Col 2 - hologram
Green Col 2 - picture
Ben Kenobi Red-Head-LS
Green Card
FF- .04 Marae
Bib Fortuna Green Col 1
Biggs Darklighter FF
Boba Fett Red Full circles
1/2 circles
Green Col 1 Circle Hands
Col 3
Bossk Green
C-3PO Red
C-3PO removable FF
Captain Piett FF baton
Chewbacca Red
Chewbacca/Snoova SOTE
Chewbacca/Boushh's Bounty FF
Darth Vader Red LS
Green Col 1
Col 3
Darth Vader - Removable helmet FF
Dash Rendar SOTE
Death Star Gunner Red
Green - Hologram Col 1
Green - Picture Col 1
Death Star Droid FF
Death Star Trooper FF
Dengar Green
Emperor Palpatine Green Col 1
Col 3
Emperor's Royal Guard Green - Hologram
Endor Rebel Soldier FF .00 Marie
EV-9D9 Green
Ewoks Wicket/Logray 2-pk FF
Gamorrean Guard Green
Garindan Green
Grand Moff Tarkin Green Col 3
Greedo Red
Green - Hologram
Green - Picture
Han Solo Red
Han Solo Bespin Green - Hologram
FF .01 Marie
Han -Carbonite Block Red
FF .04 Marie
Han - Freezing Chamber Red
Han - Endor Green Blue Pants
Han - Hoth Red Open Hand
Closed Hand
Hoth Rebel Soldier Green Col 2
Hoth Snowtrooper Green
Ishi Tib FF
Jawas Red
Green - Hologram
Green - Picture
Lak Sivrak FF
Lando Calrissian Red
Lando -General FF .00 Marie
Lando - Skiff Guard Green
FF .01 Marie
Lobot FF
Luke Skywalker Red LS
Luke - Bespin FF .00 Marie
.01 Marae
Luke- Blast Shield Helmet FF
Luke - Ceremonial Green - Hologram Collection 1
Luke - Dagobah Red LS
Luke - Hoth Green Col 2
Luke - Coruscant Guard SOTE
Luke - Jedi Red Brown Vest/protruding
Green col 2
Luke - stormtrooper Red
Green - Hologram Col 2
Green - Picture Col 2
Malikili (Rancor keeper) Green
Mon Mothma FF
Momaw Nadon Red
Nien Numb Green
Orrimaarko FF
Ponda Boba Green Col 3 Blk Beard
Pote Snitkin FF
Prince Xizor SOTE
Princess Leia Red 3-bands belt
2-bands belt
Green 2-bands belt
Princess Leia - Boussh SOTE No col #3
Leia - Jabba Prisoner Green
FF .01 Marie
Princess Leia - New Likeness FF
.01 Marae
Leia - Hoth Gear FF
R2-D2 Red
R2-D2 Datalink/periscope FF Death Star Slide
R5-D4 Red Straight Latch
Green - Hologram Hooked latch w/ sticker
Green - Picture Hooked latch w/ sticker
Rebel Fleet Trooper Green - Hologram col 1
Green - Picture col 1
.01 sticker
Ree-Yees FF
Saelt-Marae Green
Sandtrooper Red
Green - Hologram Col 1
Green - Picture Col 1
Stormtrooper Red No hologram
w/ hologram
Tie Fighter Pilot Red Warning Sticker
Warning printed
Green Col 2
Tusken Raider Red Closed Hand
Green - Hologram Open Hand
Green - Picture Open Hand
Ugnaughts FF
Weequay Green Col 2
Yoda Red no hologram
col 1
Zuckuss FF
Expanded Universe
Clone Emperor
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Imperial Sentinel
Kyle Katarn
Leia Organa Solo
Luke Skywalker
Mara Jade
Flashback photos
Anakin Skywalker
Aunt Beru
Ben (Obi-Wan)
Darth Vader
Emperor Palpatine
Leia in Ceremonial Amidala no makeup
Luke Skywalker
R2-D2 w/ shooting saber saber left side
Comm Tech
Admiral Motti
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Jawa w/ Gonk droid no foot holes
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
R2-D2 w/ holo Leia w/o ft peg
Collector Coins
Han Solo Bespin w/ text
Chewbacca w/o text
Emperor Palpatine
Leia in Endor Gear w/ .00
Luke in Endor Gear w/ .00
Snowtrooper w/ text
Bomarr Monk
Cantina Band member
Han as Stormtrooper
Luke Jedi Theater
Muftak and Kabe
Oola and Salacious Crumb
Spirit of Obiwan
Cantina Diorama
Boba Fett vs IG-88 w/o vehicle of choice
Xizor vs Darth Vader
Droopy McCool/Barquin Dan
Sy Snootles/Joh Yowzah
Max Rebo/Dodo Bodonawieedo
Boba Fett 2nd version proton
Crowd Control Stormtrooper w/ 2 warning stickers
no stickers
Han Solo/Smugglers flight
Luke w/ desert sport skiff
Snowtrooper w/ tripod cannon
Bantha w/ Tusken Raider
Rancor w/ jedi luke
Dewback w/ trooper
Jabba w/ Han Solo .02 box
Ronto w/ jawa
TaunTaun w/ Han
TaunTaun w/ Luke
Wampa w/ Luke
Gunner Stations
Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
Death Star Escape .00 box
Cantina Showdown .00 box
Final Jedi Duel .01 box
Purchase of the Droids .01 box
Jabbas Dancers
Mynock Hunt
Jedi Spirits
Cantina Aliens
Rebel Pilots
Skiff Guards
Princess Leia asstment
Bespin Leia and Han .00 card
Ceremonial Leia and Luke .00 card
Ewok Celebration w/ Wicket .00 card
Leia and R2-D2 .00 card
X-Wing Fighter Red
Dash Rendar Outrider SOTE
Speeder Bike w/ Biker Scout
AT-AT Photo w/ legs
Luke Speeder Bike One Black Gloves
Leia Speeder Bike .01 card
Exp. Universe Swoop w/ pilot
Tatooine Skiff Green
Y-Wing w/ pilot
Falcon Case Wedge (Figure ONLY MOC) Green Helmet
Escape Death Star Game (Figures ONLY MOC)
Millenium Falcon Case (Imp. Tech figure ONLY MOC)
Sneak Preview STAP
Mace Windu
Adi Gallia
Anakin Skywalker Tatooine .0000 card
Anakin - Naboo Outfit
Anakin - Pilot Outfit
Battle Droid - Clean .0200 card
Battle Droid - blasted .0200 card
Battle Droid - slashed .0200 card
Battle Droid - dirty .0200 card
Boss Nass .0000 card
C-3PO .0000 card
Captain Panaka
Captain Tarpals
Chancellor Valorum sticker over blister
Darth Maul - Jedi Duel Grey Vest
Black Vest .0100
Darth Maul - Tatooine Grey Vest
Darth Maul - Sith Lord
Darth Sidious .0100 card
Darth Sidious Hologram
Destroyer Droid
Destroyer Droid Damaged
Gasgano w/ Pit Droid .0100 card
Jar Jar Binks .0000 large photo
Jar jar Binks Swimming
Ki Adi Mundi .0000 card
Mace Windu Hooded .0000 card
Naboo Security
Naboo Royal Guard
Nute Gunray
Obi-Wan Jedi Duel .0000 card
Obi-Wan Naboo
Obi-Wan Jedi
Ody Mantrell/Pit Droid
OOM-9 Binocs in hand
Padme Nebaerrie .00 card
Pit Droids
Queen Amidala Naboo .0000 card
Queen Amidala Coruscant
Queen Amidala Battle
Qui Gon Jinn Jedi Duel .0100 card
Qui Gon Naboo
Qui Gon Jedi Master
R2-D2 Blistered at angle
Ric Olie Open Hand .0000
Rune Haako
Senator Palpatine card .0000
Sio Bibble
Watto .0000 card
Yoda .0000 card
Final Duel- Obiwan vs Maul
TPM UK Import 2-packs
Yoda w/ droid
Blasted droid w/ droid
Padme Newberrie w/ droid
Obiwan Naboo w/ droid
Jar Jar w/ droid
Qui Gon Naboo w/ droid
R2D2 w/ droid
Anakin Naboo w/ droid
Nute Gunray w/ droid
Obiwan Battle w/ droid
Darth Maul battle w/ droid
Darth Maul Sith Lord w/ droid
Queen Amidala w/ droid
Tatooine Showdown
Mos Espa Encounter
Watto's Box
Beast Packs
Kaadu w/ Jar Jar
Opee w/ Qui Gon
Famba w/ Gungan (FAO)
Hyperdrive Repair Kit
Naboo Accessories
Sith Accessories
Tatooine Accessories
Tatooine Disquise Kit
Underwater Set
Pod Racer Refuel Set
Rappel Line kit
Theed Hangar
Naboo Fighter
Podracer w/ Anakin
Podracer w/ Sebulba
Sith Speeder w/ Maul
STAP and Battle Droid
Droid Fighter
Armored Scout Tank .0100 card
Battle Tank
Gungan Catapult Accessory Set
G. Cannon w/ Jar Jar
Obi-Wan Gungan Sub
Royal Starship
Anakin - Mechanic .00 card
Aurra Sing .03 card
Battle Droid Boomer damage .04 card
Battle Droid (security) .00 card
Bespin Guard
Biker Scout Trooper .01 white
.04 dirty
Boss Nass Sacred Place .00 card damaged
Chewbacca Dejarik .00 card
Chewbacca Mechanic .03 card
Corsuscant Guard .00 card
Darth Maul Final Duel w/o sticker .00 card
Darth Maul Sith Apprentice .03 card
Darth Vader Dagobah .01 card
Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath
Eeth Koth
Ellors Madak
Fode and Bede .01 card
Gungan Warrior .00 card
Han Solo Bespin Capture .01 card damaged
Han Solo DS Escape
IG-88 .01 card
Imperial Officer
Jek Porkins .00 card
Jar Jar Banks w/ Tongue .04 card
K-3PO .01 card
Lando Calrisian .04 card
Leia General .00 card
Leia (Bespin Escape) .03 card
Luke Xwing Pilot
Mas Amedda .00 card
Mon Calimari .01 card
Obi-Wan Kenobi (jedi) .00 card
Obi-Wan Kenobi (old) .01 card
Obi-Wan Cold Weather .04 card
Obi-Wan Training Gear .04 card
Plo Koon .03 card
Queen Amidala Theed Invasion .03 card
Queen Amidala Royal Decoy
Qui Gon Mos Espa .00 card
Qui Gon Jedi Training .04 card
R2-D2 Naboo Escape .00 card
R2-Q5 .04 card
Rebel Trooper
Sabe .04 card
Sandtrooper Tatooine Patrolo .04 card
Saesee Tiin .03 card
Sebulba Boonta Eve .01 card
Shmi Skywalker
Tessek .04 card
Tusken Raider Desert Sniper .00 card
Luke w/ bacta tank
Darth Maul Sith Attack
Leia w/ Sail Barge Cannon
Masters/Darkside Vader/Maul
300th Boba Fett .02 card
Tie Interceptor
Y-Wing w/ pilot
Tie Bomber
At-St w/ Ewok
Preview Clone Trooper
Preview Jango Fett
Preview R3-T7
Preview Zam Wessell
Captain Typho
Anakin (Outland)
Amidala (Arena) w/o mole
Obi-Wan (Coruscant)
Kit Fisto Lightsaber slashing
Super Battle Droid w/ sticker
Boba Fett
Tusken Raider Female
Captain Typho
Shaak Ti
Battle Droid Tan
Plo Koon
Jango Fett (Kamino) Painted Helmet
R2-D2 R3-T7 legs
Geonosian Warrior
Dexter Jettster w/o pipe
Clone Trooper 4 dots
Zam Wessell Pistol Drawing Stickers
Royal Guard
Saesee Tiin
Anakin (Hangar Duel)
Yoda (Jedi Master??)
Jar Jar Senator
Taun We
Luminara Unduli Cloak text
Count Dooku
Mace Windu (Geonosian Rescue)
Luke Bespin Duel Bloody Stump
clean stump metal
Darth Vader Bespin Duel
Jango Fett Final Battle
Qui Gon Jinn
Endor Rebel Soldier w/ facial hair
w/o facial hair
Orn Free Ta
Obi-Wan Pilot
Han Endor Raid
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Djas Puhr
Amidala (coruscant attack)
Darth Maul Training
Anakin - Tatooine attack
Ki Adi Mundi
Ephant Mon
Teemto Pagallies
Jango Fett Pilot
Arena Battle Destroyer Droid
Clone Trooper Pilot
Lott Dodd
Tusken Raider w/ Massif
Yoda (Jedi High Council)
Rebel Trooper Brown Hair
Imperial Officer Brown Hair
Eeth Koth
2003 figures
Obi-Wan Acklay Battle
Mace Windu Arena Confrontation
Darth Tyranus Geonosian
Amidala Droid Factory
SP-4 and JN-66
Tusken Raider
Anakin - secret ceremony blue card
Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon blue card
blue card w/ gold stripe
R2-D2 Droid Factory
Lama Su w/ clone
Aayla Secura blue card
blue card w/ gold stripe
Barris Offee blue card
blue card w/ gold stripe
Han Hoth Blue coat/blue card
brown coat/gold stripe
Chewie w/ mynock
Yoda and Chian blue card
blue card w/ gold stripe
Ashla and Jempa blue card
blue card w/ gold stripe
Luke Throne Room glove on left hand
Vader Throne Room
Jango Fett
Amidala Wedding
Wat Tambor
Coleman Trebor
Darth Maul Hangar
Leia Imperial Captive
Han Solo Flight from Alderaan
Lt Danni Faytonni
Emperor Throne Room
Luke Tatooine Entcounter
Darth Vader Death Star
Bail Organa
Stormtrooper McQuarrie
Imperial Dignitary Janus
Padme Lars Homestead
Achk Med Beq
Ayy Vida
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Elan Sleazebaggano
Imperial Dignitary KB-V
2004 Figures
Hoth Trooper
Luke Hoth Attack
Luke Jabba's Palace
R2-D2 Jabba's Palace
Lando Calrissian Skiff
Tanus Spijek
Holographic Luke
General Dodonna
Dutch Vander
Tie Pilot
Captain Antilles
Admiral Ozzel
General Madine
Han Solo AT-ST Pilot
Lando General
Darth Maul
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker
Darth Vader
Anakin Flipping Attack
Anakin Slashing Attack
C-3PO w/ Escape Pod
Clone Trooper w/ bike
Darth Tyranus
General Rieeken
Geonosian Warrior
Jabba the Hutt
Jabba's Court Denizens
Jango Fett w/ foot holes
Jango Fett Kamino - large
Jango Fett Kamino - small
Super Battle Droid Builder
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mace Windu w/o foot holes
Obi Wan Kenobi Kamino - small
Obi Wan Kenobi Kamino - large
Spider Droid
Cantina Sets
Greedo (Walmart)
Momaw Nadon (Walmart)
Ponda Boba (Walmart)
Dr Evazan
Kitik Keed-Kak
Diorama Sets
Geonosian War room
Geonosian War Room 2
Jedi Council 1
Jedi Council 2
Anakins Swoop Bike
Jedi Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter w/ Obiwan
Republic Gunship
Slave 1
Tyrannus Speeder Bike
Zam Wessell Speeder
Geonosis Battle Arena
Dagobah Xwing (TRU)
Green A-Wing (Target)
Imperial Shuttle (FAO)
TIE Bomber (Walmart)
Luke w/ Speeder (TRU)
Darth Vader (Toy Fair)
R2-D2 (TRU)
Jorge Sacul Grey Beard
Arena Conflict (Target)
Death Star (Target)
Endor Victory (Target)
Hoth Survival (Target)
Stormtrooper 4-pk
Sandtrooper 4-pk
Rebel Trooper 4-pk
Ender Soldier 4-pk
Han/Chewie D.S. Comp. Walmart
Luke/Leia D.S. Comp. Walmart
Holiday R2/3PO
Holiday Yoda
Holiday Jawas
Imp. Forces 4pk
Bounty Hunter 4pk
Battle of Hoth 4pk
Silver Boba Fett
Silver Clone Trooper
Darth Maul w/ glass
Anakin w/ glass
Luke w/ glass
Obi-Wan w/ glass
Slave Leia w/ glass
Clone Trooper Builder 10-pk
Battlefront Scout Trooper
Holographic Emperor
Jedi Con Battle Droid/Clone Troop 2pk
CLONE WARS - 1st series
Anakin Pilot
Arc Trooper Red
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Asajj Ventress
Mace Windu
Kit Fisto
Clone Trooper Face right
Saesee Tiin
Deluxe Durge w/ swoop
Clone Trooper w/ Speeder
Spyder Droid
Anakin/Clone Lt.
ARC Trooper/Clone Trooper
Yoda/Clone Commander
Clone Trooper blue
Droid Army
Destroyer Droid Launcher
Jedi 3pk
Armored Attack Tank
Anakins Starfighter
Hailfire droid
Geonosian Fighter
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Princess Leia
Darth Vader
Lando Calrissian
Boba Fett
Han Hoth
Luke Bespin
Leia Endor
Biker Scout
George Lucas as Stormtrooper (mailaway)
Luke Dagobah 1 standing
upside down
Yoda Dagobah 2
Spirit of Obiwan 3
R2-D2 Dagobah 4
Luke Xwing Pilot 5
Luke Jedi 6
Han Solo 7
Chewbacca 8
Princess Leia 9
Darth Vader 10
Scout Trooper 11
R2-D2 12
C-3PO 13
Boba Fett 14
Obi-wan 15
Stormtrooper 16
Wicket 17
Leia Bespin 18
Cloud Car Pilot 19
Lobot 20
TIE Pilot 21
Greedo 22
Tusken Raider 23
Jawa 24
Snowtrooper 25
Luke Bespin 26
IG-88 27
Bossk 28
Hoth Darth Vader 29
Gamorrean Guard 30
Bib Fortuna 31
Lando Skiff 32
Slave Leia 33
ANH Darth Vader 34
AT-ST Han 35
General Madine 36
Lando General 37
Imperial Trooper 38
Starspeeder 3000
Millenium Falcon
Slave 1 (TRU)
Tie Fighter
X-Wing Fighter
Y-Wing (TRU)
Pablo Jill
Queen Amidala celebration cere.
Sly Moore
Felterpern Travag
Dannik Jerriko
Scout Trooper
General Grievous
Wookie Warrior
Tion Medon
Collector Fleet Blockade Runner
Collector Fleet Star Destroyer
Collector Fleet Super Star Destroyer
Final Lightsaber Duel (Obiwan/Maul)
DVD Commemoritve 3-pk (ANH)
DVD Commemoritve 3-pk (ESB)
DVD Commemoritive 3-pk (ROTJ)
Action Fleet
Republic Gunship
Slave I
Republic Assault Ship
New Millenium Falcon
Solar Sailor
Super Battle Droid
Clone Trooper White
Grievous Body Guard
General Grievous
Mace Windu
Darth Vader
Count Dooku
Chancellor Palpatine
Bail Organa
Plo Koon
Battle Droid
Padme Amidala
Agen Kolar
Shaak Ti
Kit Fisto
Royal Guard Blue
Mon Mothma
Saesee Tiin
Luminara Unduli
Aayla Secura
Clone Commnader
Clone Pilot White
General Grievous
Vader's Med Droid
AT-TE Gunner
Polis Massan
Mas Amedda
Clone Trooper
Neimoidian Warrior
Wookie Warrior Light Hair
Dark Hair
Destroyer Droid
Ask Aak
Meena Tillis
Commander Bacara
Anakin Mustafar
Captain Antilles
Zett Jukassa
Utapauan Warrior
Turbo Tank Driver
Mustafar Sentry
Obiwan Red Leader
Commander Bly
Wookie Commando
Commander Gree
White Magna Guard
Passel Argente
Cat Miin
Neimoidian Commander
Tactical Ops Trooper
Plo Koon Holo
Aayla Secura Holo
Wookie Heavy Gunner
Vader Operating Table
Anakin Quick Change
Emperor Quick Change
Obiwan vs Battle Droid
Stass Allie
Crab Droid
Spider Droid
Vulture Droid
Yoda w/ Can Cell
Rebuild Darth Vader
Anakin - Quick Change
Emperor Quick Change
Obiwan vs Battle Droid
Clone Trooper w/ Jet Pack
Clone Trooper 3-pk All White
500th Vader
Wookie Flyer w/ driver
AT-RT w/ Driver
Boga w/ Obiwan
BARC Trooper w/ trooper
ARC 170
Republic Gunship
Obiwan Starfighter w/o Obiwan
w/ Obiwan
Wheel Bike
Anakin's Starfighter w/o Anakin
w/ Anakin
Plo Koon's Starfighter
Palpatine vs. Windu Battle Arena
Anakin vs. Dooku Battle Arena
Obi-Wan vs. Bodyguard Battle Arena
Mustafar Playset
Anakin to Vader
Clone Trooper 1st
Clone Trooper 2nd
Sith Lords
Battle Packs
Imperial Throne Room
Jedi Temple Assault
Clone Attack on Corusant
Jedi vs. Sith
Empire vs. Rebellion
Assault on Hoth
Darth Vader Case (clone/anakin)
Clone Trooper w/ Cup
General Grievous w/ Cup
Obi-Wan w/ Cup
Commemorative DVD Sets
Jedi Knights
Sith Lords
Clone Troopers
Anakin/Vader Toyfare Press Kit
Darth Vader Duel at Mustafar
Obiwan Duel at Mustafar
Lava Vader (Target)
Holographic Yodo (TRU)
Holographic Emperor
Early Bird Set (Walmart) w/ Certificate
Darth Vader (Celebration 3)
Clone Trooper (Target) w/ Empire Symbol
w/ Clone Symbol
Covert Ops Trooper
Utapa Shadow Warrior
Seperation of the Twins Bail/Leia
Bib Fortuna
Boba Fett
Han Solo Carbonite
Leia Boussh
AT-AT Driver
Bren Derlin
Darth Vader
General Rieekan
General Veers
Gonk Droid
C-3PO w/ 3PO head
w/ Battle Droid head
Jango Fett
Poggle the Lesser
Sun Fac
Sora Bulque
Chief Chirpa
Moff Jerjerrod
Death Star Gunner
Luke Endor Poncho
Vader Endor Capture
Rebel Endor Trooper Endor Bunker 1
Endor Bunker 2
Hammerhead blue cup
Hem Dazon Blue cup
clear cup
Han Solo
Luke Tatooine
Vader Bespin Confession
Firespeeder Pilot
Lushros Dofine
Commander Cody
Anakin Skywalker
Clone Trooper (Utapau)
Holo Ki-Adi-Mundi
Obiwan Coruscant wave
Foul Moudama
General Grievous
Nemoidia Pilot
Muttak (Sora Bulq ??)
Holographic Darth Maul
Obiwan Naboo
Rep Been
Naboo Royal Soldier
Podracer Pilots
Heroes and Villans
Darth Vader
Commander Bacara
Clone Trooper
Clone Pilot
General Grievous
Mace Windu
Destroyer Droid
Greatest Battles
501st Legion Trooper
AT-TE Tank Gunner
C3PO (grey base)
C3PO (Mustafar Base)
C3PO (black base)
Count Dooku
Royal Guard
Padme Amidala
Kit Fisto
Wookie Warrior
Ultimate Galactic Hunt
Commander Cody
Darth Vader
General Grievous
Boba Fett
Anakin Skywalker
Han Solo
AT-AT Driver
Obiwan Kenobi
Demise of Grievous (Target)
Battle in the Senate
Wave 8
Darth Maul Sith Training
Chewbacca Bespin w/ 3PO
Kit Fisto
Holographic Commander Cody
Clonetrooper 442 Siege Battalion
Clonetrooper 5th Fleet Security
Clonetrooper Sargent
Super Battle Droid
Battle Droid 2-pk
Holographic Obiwan
Holographic Obiwan - light blue variant
Commander Appo
Kashyyyk Trooper
Yareal Poof
Darth Vader R2 Droid (R4-K5??)
Arena Padme
Clonetrooper Engineer
Kitik KeedKak
Kabe and Nabrun Leids
Aurra Sing
Maces R2 Unit
2006 DVD Commemorative 3-pk ANH
2006 DVD Commemorative 3-pk ESB
2006 DVD Commemorative 3-pk ROTJ
Kir Kanos/Karnor Jax 2pack
Comic 2 pk #11
Comic 2 pk #12
Comic 2 pk #13
Kmart Commemorative Tin #1
Kmart Commemorative Tin #2
Kmart Commemorative Tin #3
Blackhole Stormtrooper??
Vader's Fist Stormtrooper (SDCC)
Rose Parade 501st Trooper
Yoda/Jedi Mickey Mouse (Disney)
Bail/Obiwan 2-pk
Commander Keller/Galactic Marine
Boba Fett/RA-7
Comic Pack #14
Comic Pack #15
Comic Pack #16
Comic Pk Lando/Trooper
Comic Pk Dooku/Anakin
Comic Pk Kashyyk/Wookie
Build a Droid 2-pk 1
Build a droid 2-pk 2
Build a droid 2-pk 3
Build a droid 2-pk 4
Build a droid 2-pk 5
Build a droid 2-pk 6
Assorted Stuff
TRU Dagobah Xwing
Target Imperial Shuttle
Sith Lord Attack Battle Pack
Battle above the Sarlaac Battepack
Battle of Geonosis Battlepack
Jedi Training on Dagobah
Ambush at Ilum
Jedi vs. Sidious Battlepack
Kit Fisto Starfighter
TRU Rogue 2 Snowspeeder
White Tie Fighter
Battle of Tantive 4 Battlepack
Saesee Tiin Starfighter
Sith Infiltrator
V-Wing Fighter
Father's Day 2-pack (Walmart)
Hunt for Grievous Battlepack (new)
Betrayal on Bespin BP
AT-AP Walker
ARC 170 Elite Squad BP
Battlefront Clones 5 pack
Battlefront Droids 5 pack
Clone Attack BP
Droid Factory Capture BP
Kashyyyk BP Target
Hoth Patrol BP
Homing Spider Droid
Battle of Mygeeto
TRU Excl. Disturb @ Lars Homestead
Anakin Modified Starfighter
Assault on Bomarr Monastary
Shield Generator Assault
Obiwan/212 Attack
Ecliptic Evader (Rebel Tie Fighter)
Commem DVD Grievous/Obiwan/Battle Droid
Commem DVD Anakin/Clone Trooper/R2D2
Hoth Speeder Patrol BP
Comic Con Distubance in the Force
Mail Away Collector Coin VOTC set
Gencon Shadow Trooper 2-pk
TRU Arena Encounter
Obiwans Fighter (new package)
Mace Windu's Fighter (new pckg)
McQuarrie Concept Grievous
TRU Elite TIE Interceptor
Darth Vader TIE Advanced
Jabba's Musicians
Jabba's Entertainers
TIE Fighter White Wing
TRU Excl. Stap Attack
Dagger Squadron Bwing
Force Unleashed Vader w/ Incinerator Trooper
Force Unleashed Emperor w/ Shadow Troopers
Green Leade A-Wing
CW Gunship
Flaming Wampa Gunship (TRU Exclu)
SBP Battle at Sarlaac Pit
Battle of Christophis SBP
30th Anniversary Edition Figures
Airborne Trooper
Lava Miner
Battle Droid on Fire
Galactic Marine
McQuarrie Stormtrooper
Jawa w/ LIN droid
Rebel Honor Guard
Biggs Academy Outfit
Biggs Xwing Outfit
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)
McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca
McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett
Death Star Trooper
Darth Vader
Boba Fett Animated Debut
Jedi Knight Luke
Elis Helrot
Umpass Stay
Miiyoon Onith
Anakin - Tattooed
Roran Corobb
Yoda w/ Kybuck
C3PO w/ Salacious Crumb
Hermi Oodle
McQuarrie Darth Vader
McQuarrie Starkiller Hero
Darth Malak
Darth Revan
Han in Torture Chair
General McQuarrie
Pre-Cyborg Grievous
Lando in Smuggler Outfit
A-wing Pilot
McQuarrie Snowtrooper
R2-D2 (Endor)
Ghost of Anakin
McQuarrie Han Solo
Clone Trooper - Training Fatigues
Amidala - Evening Gown
Voolvif Monn
McQuarrie Rebel Trooper
Jango Fett w/ poncho
Vanguard Rebel Trooper
Destroyer Droid (Shield)
Pax Bonkik
Naboo Soldier
Holographic Vader
7th Legion Clone
Hawkbat Clone
Darth Vader (pre-lava)
Po Nudu
Commander Gree
Kashyyyk Trooper
Mustafar panning droid
Legacy (Wave 1) w/ stickers
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker
Yama Del Gargan
Bane Malore
Darth Vader
Obiwan - Armor
Clone Scuba Trooper
Saesee Tiin
Padme Amidala
IG Lancer Droid
Mon Calamari
Quarren Soldier
Clone Trooper Coruscant
Clone Trooper Saleucami
Jodo Kast
Yaddle/Evan Piell
Holo Count Dooku
Imperial Engineer
Stass Allie
Commander Faie
General Grievous
Bail Organa
Queen Organa
Clone Trooper
Comic 2 packs
Comic Pk Durge/Anakin
Comic Pk Asajj/Tol Skorr
Comic Pk Leia/Tobbi Dala
Comic Pk Antares/Krig
Comic Pk Darth Talon/Cade
Comic pk Fenn Shysa/Dengar
Comic pk Thrawn/Kardde
Comic pk Clone Emperor/Luke
Comic pk Faie/Quinlan Vos
Comic pk Vader/Trachta
Comic pk Infinities Vader/Leia
Comic pk Leia/Xizor
Sith Legacy
Fett Legacy
Jedi Legacy
Secret Apprentice
Rebel Pilots
Imperial Troopers
Rebel Pilots 2
UGH 2007
Animated Boba Fett
McQuarrie Chewbacca
Airborne Trooper
Luke Yavin
Han Solo Pilot
Biggs Xwing
McQuarrie Stormtrooper
Galactic Marine
Darth Vader
McQuarrie Boba Fett
Mace Windu
501st Clone Trooper blue
Battle Droids Tan Inf. & Commander
Maroon BD and BD
Tan BD and Saber Dam
Biker Scout
Boba Fett
C3PO w/ battle droid head
Clone Commander
Clone (AOTC)
Clone (ROTS)
Clone Officer Capt
Dark Trooper
Darth Maul
Darth Vader
Darth Vader (anakin)
Destroyer Droid
Gen Grievous
Imp Officer Head 1
Head 2
Head 3
Pit Droids w/ generator red
Princess Leia (Boussh)
Saesee Tiin
Sandtrooper Sgt
Sqd Leader
Sgt 2
Cmder Neyo
Covert Ops Trooper
Shadow Stormtrooper
Utapau Shadow Trooper
Zev Senesca
Pit Droids w/ box White
Obiwan Mustafar
Super Battle Droid
Mace Windu
Clone Trooper
Plo Koon
Arc Trooper
Shock Trooper
501st Trooper
Battle Droids
Darth Maul
Darth Vader
Clone Officer Blue
Clone Officer Green
Clone Officer Yellow
Commem Tins
Modal Nodes (Walmart)
Comic Packs
Vader/Reb Trooper
Vilmarh Grahk/Quinlan Vos
Obiwan/Arc Trooper
Obiwan/Bail Organa
Cmder Keller/Galac. Marine
Boba Fett/RA-7
Order 66 series 1
Order 66 series 2
Obiwan/ARC Command.
Master Sev/ARC
Tsui Choi/BARC
Ult Battle Packs
Battle of Endor (Target)
Battle of Hoth (Target)
ARC-170 (Target)
TIE Advanced
Gen Grievous Fighter
Tie Bomber (Target)
Y-Wing Fighter
Obiwan Fighter w/ Ring (TRU)
Shadow Scout w/ Bike
Aayla's Starfighter (Target)
McQ Obiwan/Yoda C4
McQ R2D2/C3PO C4
McQ Luke C4
Battle Packs
Betrayal on Felucia
Treachery on Saleucami
AT-RT Assault
Force Unleashed
Rahm Kota
Battle Damaged Vader
Juno Eclipse
Imperial Jumptroop
Imperial EVO Trooper
Maris Brood
Shadow Guard
Battle Rancor - Target
Disney Figures
Cantina Band #1
Cantina Band #2
Cantina Band #3
Cantina Band #4
Cantina Band #5
Minnie as Leia
Mickey as Luke
Stitch as The Emperor
Donald as Han
Goofy as Vader
Mickey as Anakin
Minnie as Amidala
Donald as Darth Maul
Goofy as Jar Jar
Stitch as Yoda
Anakin (1st release)
Obiwan (1st)
Yoda (1st)
Captain Rex (1st)
Clone Trooper (1st)
Grievous (1st)
Battle Droid (1st)
R2D2 (1st)
Ashoka Tano
Commander Cody
Pilot Odd Ball
Super Battle Droid
Clone Quad Trooper
V-19 Torrent
Captain Rex Mail Away
Comander Fox (Target exclu)
501st Trooper - Walmart Excl.
TRU Excl. Holo Grievous
Comic Con Senate Security Clone
Asajj Ventress
Plo Koon
Destroyer Droid
Greatest hits w/ sticker
Battle Damaged Vader (1st)
Kashyyyk Trooper (1st release sticker)
Com. Gree (1st release sticker)
EVO Trooper (1st release sticker)

Sound crazy? I know it is. And it's heart breaking to think about it. But it is getting out of hand and I had better get rid of it now while I'm still capable. So if you have a serious offer or inquiry, please PM or email.

FYI - FINDER'S FEE AVAILABLE - If anyone from Rebelscum helps me find a buyer for the entire collection as a whole, I will give them 3% of the final value as a "finder fee". Hey, 3% doesn't sound like a lot, but for a collection worth $20,000+, that's $600 for putting me in touch with a buyer. Easy money! http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Interested? Any advice? Let me know. Thanks for reading!

01-18-2009, 10:30 PM
You do realize that Lee's Action Figure price guide is sometimes a little over priced in what they are valued at ....... especially if you have alot of stuff from the 90's...... you might want to take some pictures , and give full inventory of what you have ...sothat people will know what to offer you .

Chris Wyman
01-18-2009, 11:42 PM
Per forum rules, you will need to list exactly what you are trying to sell and an asking price.

01-19-2009, 12:06 AM
My bad. Putting up a whole list is gonna be a major undertaking. Just thought I'd put out some feelers to test the waters. Sorry for the trouble.

01-19-2009, 12:22 AM
My bad. Putting up a whole list is gonna be a major undertaking. Just thought I'd put out some feelers to test the waters. Sorry for the trouble.

You said that you have an excel spread sheet, so you can easily paste that into your post.

As for price, it would be okay for you to say the whole collection is for sale for like $15,000 or best offer. However, I think you need to post a "reasonable" price. I mean, I don't think you could ask for $15,000 for 1000 POTF2 figures. Hope that helps.

01-19-2009, 01:12 AM
Just trying to be helpful, but this will seem insulting no doubt. Take a deep breath.

1392 basic figures x $7 each (many won't even get half that) = $9744. Having some experience trying to liquidate my figures from POTF to now, you need to ignore the price guide and see what these are averaging on RS and the Bay, especially in this wonderful economic period. What's more important to you, freeing up space in your basement, or spending an eternity trying to sell these and make your money back? Break these up by line, and sell for retail or less. Otherwise, you need to get a table at a swap meet, and expect this to take a long time. No offense, but lots of people try to sell their collections in one go, and there just aren't that many collectors with thousands of dollars to spend on old mass-produced Hasbro stuff. So many of the post- AOTC lines are better than what came before, that POTF, EP1, POTJ, etc. seem worthless because of inferior scultps, paintjobs, etc.

Your best bet is to sell to some desperate person overseas, but that's impossible with the size of your collection- if you break it up, it might be easier, but shipping will be ridiculous. Plenty of RS members are selling stuff off, so you have competition for sure. Consider donating the oldest stuff to charity, and auction off the rare variants.

If you still want to let all of this go at once, you might have better luck if you raise the finder's fee to 10% or more.

Edit: just realized you meant 99% are from the same lines as the basic figures- so if you have ships, then your overall value is higher, but I still think you should ignore the price guide. There's not a lot of demand, regardless of the perceived value. Some rare stuff is your best bet though.

01-19-2009, 07:13 AM
Jangospeck couldn't have said it better.
Know one is going to want the older stuff.
You're best bet is to eat the undesirable stuff and donate it to a charity or childrens home, that way you can write it off (probably at face value which you'll NEVER sell it for).
That way, you save the money on your taxes, and you make some unfortunate kids happy.
Hope you make some profit on the rarities and army builders.
That's probably the best you're going to do.

01-19-2009, 08:00 AM
Jangospeck couldn't have said it better.
Know one is going to want the older stuff.
You're best bet is to eat the undesirable stuff and donate it to a charity or childrens home, that way you can write it off (probably at face value which you'll NEVER sell it for).
That way, you save the money on your taxes, and you make some unfortunate kids happy.
Hope you make some profit on the rarities and army builders.
That's probably the best you're going to do.

Yeah, if ou make over 100k a year, it would be more profitable to donate it than to sell it

01-19-2009, 11:44 AM
Thanks for the advice everyone. No offense taken, Jangospeck. I knew it was a crazy idea to try and sell it all together, but I've had Star Trek, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, GI Joe, Starting Line-ups, and other lines in the past and sold them. I sold GI Joe as a set and basically gave them away. I lost money on those big time. My original Transformers too. Star Trek and LOTR I broke up and sold individually. I made a lot more money, but it was a lot more work and a lot more time to do it. But I was stuck with the "peg warmers" and other undesireables. Only the hot items sold. But I made more than book value for the collection selling it that way.

And to clarify, I don't have 1392 figures, I do have 1392 pieces. The bulk of it is carded figures, but I have almost every ship, vehicle, creature, battle back, mail-away exclusive, etc. too. You're right that most of the book value for figures is what I paid retail, or less for the first orange card figures. It's the vehicles and the exclusives that pull the price of the collection up. Even getting what I paid for the AT-TE or BMF is triple figures.

I agree that "book value" are ideal prices. The book even says that the prices are "averages". But from past experiences, they aren't too far off. Some of the peg warmers were lower than book value. But some of the mid-line or rare stuff went for higher than expected. So all in all, total price was close too book value. I know it's only a ballpark, but it a good a place as any to start.

I've used eBay in the past and know all too well it's the best source to sell collections. But I also know that eBay (and it's joint company Paypal) will take an outrageous amount for their cut. I'll move the merchandise, but lose money. I'm not trying to make money on the deal, but I'd be happy to get back what I paid for it and break even.

So I'd be happy to up finders fee to 10% if I can still break even on the deal. And if I made $100K a year, I'd be happy to donate the collection to charity. But I don't. If I wanted to write it off as an investment, I'd let my kids go into the toy room and have an early Christmas and open what they want.

Like I said before, I didn't expect to sell it. I hoped to, but realistically expect that I'll have to break it up. Just was hoping that there was a "scummer" out there that just won the lottery and wanted to get a collection in one shot.

Hey, I can dream! http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/grin.gif

01-19-2009, 01:04 PM
Okay, as per request, I added the list. Sorry, it's kinda choppy from cutting and pasting. But it gives you the idea. Let me know what you think.

01-19-2009, 08:28 PM
I think they were suggesting attaching the Excel file, not pasting the text into your post. It's mind numbing to scroll through all of that.

Using the Bay is a double-edged sword because although you pay outrageous fees, you can rely on reputations/feedback, and you reach a larger customer base. Have you contacted Brians' Toys? It's worth a shot, even if to whittle down your collection by a few lines.

01-20-2009, 03:39 PM
Use Ebay to sell this stuff. No one in their right mind will pay over 20,000 dollars for your collection. Its better if you sell them individual. You might get lucky on Ebay, but a member myself no one will buy your collection with the price your asking.

01-20-2009, 08:25 PM
Tfieds.com. They have classifieds for starwars, transformers, etc. You can try other message boards too.

01-21-2009, 06:57 PM
Yeah, I didn't think I get any serious offers, especially in this economy. But like I said I can dream.

I will probably end up selling the collection by breaking it up. If I do, I will sell on eBay. I'm going to get hit with fees by eBay and Paypal big time, but any other place I list won't get the hits that eBay does. So I may pay less in fees somewhere else, but get less in final prices. Plus I'm already familier with eBay. I have an 1100+ rating.

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep you posted if I break it up. Taking 1400 pictures and making 1400 listings will take some work. And I'm not going through a 3rd party eBay lister and give up 30-40% for them doing the work.

Just testing the waters. Thanks again for all the offers, interest, and input.