View Full Version : SW Micro Machines Fan Club sets & Pod Racer IV

01-14-2009, 03:55 PM
I am selling 3 Micro Machines Fan Club pieces which are Limited Editions and werent available in the stores
1994 Millenium Falcon with Han - opened box with a few scuffs on it but Near Mint condition piece inside #1539 of 26,000
$6.00+ shipping
and 2 1995 Star Destroyer with Vader pieces - one is opened but NM condition box and toy #61,353 of 68,000 $6.00+ shipping
and the other is MINT UNOPENED pristine condition #60,827 of 68,000
$9.00 + shipping

as well as an Episode 1 Pod Race Pack IV
mine doesnt say 1st Edition on it but it was produced in 1998
$5.00 + shipping

The pictures are not the exact ones in hand. If you require actual pictures I can send them to you.
if you are interested in any or all of the stuff, I will be glad to combine shipping for you.

Please let me know what you would like and I can give you a mailing cost.