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01-06-2009, 02:33 PM
Review of new Union Flag Custom II(or GN Flag):

At looooong last my Armored Core design crave has been satisfied in my fave figure line, so lets get to the review!

Head: Simple, but to the point. Has an open and closed visor pieces. Can rotate and bend, but has armor resrictions.

Torso: A rather skinny and a solid piece with a big hinge in the belly that connects to the hips. Torso can rotate, but can't really move otherwise since we don't get a ball-joint we're all used to. The back has an attachment piece for the GN drive, which can also mount on the left shoulder. Everything stays on pretty well, so no complaints here.

Shoulders: Pretty articulate with ball-hinges and free swiveling armor. Nothing gets in the way and arms have full freedom of movement.

Arms: Skinny yet sturdy. The elbows have a swivel joint and have enough range not to require a traditional double-hinge joint. Hands are attached onto ball joints and looks big and menacing on the skinny forearms.

Hips: Swivel and ball joints here to allow very decent articulation and accomodate for the transformation Bandai did not show us on the box! Tsk tsk. Armor is solid, but can be positioned to avoid interferance with legs due to the second swivel joint.

Legs: Skinny, but hold up great. Knee pads can reposition for the transformation. Knees are swivel and cannot go beyond 90 degrees.

Feet: Though almost non-existent, have 2 separate halves with ball joints to allow good stability and accomodate for the transformation. The heel antennas can swivel.

Accessories: Beam saber with power ribbon is very nice and adds realism to the figure. It attaches to the piece that can hold the GN drive, so it doesn't require the GN drive to be shoulder-mounted. The rifle is solid, can be held by the regular or side handle or even placed on the hip center when in flight mode. Hands are closed, open, gun/sword pairs. Their design easily offsets lack of too many pairs.

Transformation: The best one I've ever seen without any pegs, locks, or other fixating gimmicks. It is perfect and requires no part swaps or disassembly. Despite the frail look, Flag holds its flight mode extremely well unlike any figure of MSiA line we've ever seen.

All in all, this is our new-gen Aries and given the low price and high play value should defenetly find a home with every gundam fan.