View Full Version : Star Wars promotional material lot for FREE!! (Pickup only)

01-02-2009, 10:08 PM
Star Wars promotional material lot for FREE. (Pickup only, Edison, N.J.)

Darth Vader VHS standee (3) (never used; in original shipping carton)
Droids Video display top
EP1 mechanized book case header/stand. Picture of Anakin moves to up to show Darth Maul and vice versa. Was thinking of changing Darth Maul to Darth Vader but didnít have achance.
1997 Hasbro Toy Fair book
Pepsi 3 piece cube display (never used; in original shipping carton)
Pepsi cup holder with AT-AT glow-in-the-dark cup
Various Pepsi promo posters
Star Wars Trilogy book stand header (D.V. Yoda, C-3P0) 9) Star Wars Rebellion display
Pepsi Mechanized AT-AT display!
This is a very rare, never used, Pepsi mechanized AT-AT with Snowspeeder display. This was only displayed in Pepsi distribution center lobbies. Still in the original box. AT-ATís front leg moves up and down along with canopy. Display is roughly 8í wide by 4í tall (not including display polls)
Taco Bell Star Wars displays :
a. 100K cash display
b. Apple PC display
c. Home Theatre display
d. Kids meal display with meal boxes
e. Large R2-D2 window-cling display
f. Large X-wing window-cling display
g. Large Yoda window-cling display
h. Nintendo display
i. Yoda Stand.
Plus some other miscellaneous items (i.e., posters, buttons, etc.)

Webshots (http://community.webshots.com/album/200601044XQwnHM?vhost=community&start=0)