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01-02-2009, 03:23 PM
I'm trying to downsize my collection (and finish it). What I'm doing is selling and trading off my NIB items for cash (duh) or items I still need the loose of. So the first list will be ones I have on card or NIB and DO NOT need the loose version of. Second list will be the ones I ONLY have on card or NIB. All are action Fleet!

New on Card/NIB-do not need loose
TIE Defender (pending sale)
Jabba's Sale Barge $30
Trade Federation Droid Fighter $20
Mars Guo's Podracer x2 $30
Flash Speeder $30
Trade Federation Landing ship (pending)
Sith Infiltrator $60
Naboo Starfighter $15
Republic Cruiser $15
Sebulba's Podracer $10
Trade Federation MTT $10
Theed Palace (box has a cut along the bottom of it but is hard to see because it is very fine.) $30
Mini Scenes/Battle Packs
MS #1 STAP Invasion(x2) (pending)
MS #2 Destroyer Droid Ambush (pending)
MS #3 Gungan Assault (x3) (pending)
MS #4 Sith Pursuit (x2) $5
MS #7 Watto's Deal$7
BP #3 Aliens and Creatures (4 figs) $5
BP #6 Dune Sea (5 figs)$5
BP #7 Droid Escape (5 figs) $5
BP #9 Endor Adventure $8
BP #10 Mos Eisley Spaceport $8
BP #11 Cantina Encounter $8
BP #12 Cantina Smugglers and Spies (autographed by MR.Phong) $25
BP #13 Hoth Attack $9
BP #14 Death Star Escape $11
BP #15 Endor Victory $10
BP #16 Lars Family Homestead $20
BP #17 Imperial Troops $20
BP #18 Rebel Troops $20

Have the New on Card/NIB, but NEED LOOSE VERSION!!!!
AT-TE $30
Royal Starship $60
Trade Federation Droid Control Ship -Make offer
Anakins Podracer $20
Gungan Sub (x2) $25
Remote Controlled Fambaa $20
Remote Controlled AAT $20
E-Wing Starfighter $125
Otoh Gunga $45
Podracer Hangar Bay $10
Mos Espa Market $10
Mini Scenes/Battle Packs
MS #8 Generator Core Dual would like to trade st8 for loose version
BP #17 Imperial Troops $20
BP #18 Rebel Troops $20
(last two Battle Packs on there because I have 2 of each, and 2 are in poor condition and 2 in good condition. Don't want to open them but might if I can't find a trader. Would rather trade the 2 in bad shape and sell the 2 in good shape.)
I am willing to negotiate, and remember I ONLY collect Action Fleet and nothing else.

Items I still do not have any of:
Series Alpha all of them produced!!!!!
Once again I'm wanting Loose but COMPLETE items. Would like to try and trade before I sell! If I can't find any traders/buyers I will start to throw em on Ebay and just take the cash I get there. If there are any questions PM me and I'll get back to you! Thanks!