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12-20-2008, 07:36 AM
I have been collecting modern figures for a long time now and I have put together a collection of just about every Kenner/ Hasbro figure made between 1995 and 2005. In 2005 I ran out of steam and the figures and sets have just kept piling out since. I am therefore looking to sell the whole lot invidually.

The vast majority are loose and complete. I bought them to display so I believe none have any playwear. I have the commtech chips for many (but not all) that came with them.

I didn't collect variations per se but I suspect that by chance I have ended up with some. I also bought many of the cinema sets and I will split those figures as well where I can. The creatures themselves (first issue Bantha, Acklay, Reek, Tauntauns etc) are also there. I also bought the original first 2 waves of the Clone Wars from 2004.

In light of the sheer number of figures for sale I have PM'd the mods and asked the how they are happy for me to list all these. We are talking mid-high hundreds of figures/ creatures and to list each individually with a price will take up several days of my life with my typing speed!

I am happy to do something on the price for multiple purchases-postage will be at cost- but I will add the paypal fees onto the total price.

To get the ball rolling I have listed some figures with prices below as a sample. If you are after anything in particular please PM me. I will happily send photos of the actual figure (s) for sale to you before you part with any money if you let me know your email address. I should stress I am looking to sell only- no trades.

Jabbas Court Denizens (bubo, wol & BoMarr Monk) - 13
Ewok and Attack Glider carded - 12
Amidala Ascension gun-9
J'Quille- 8
Ayy Vida- 7
Coleman Trebor- 7
Sio Bibble- 6
Admiral Ozzel-5
Wat Tambo-5
Aayla Secura (Saga)-5
Tie Pilot (Battle of Yavin)-4.50
Ellors Madak-3
Blue Coruscant Guard-3

To give you an idea in terms of postage costs 1 regular figure in a padded envelope to the UK or Europe will be about 1.20. One regular figure to the USA will be 1.50. Five figures to the UK or Europe will be around the 1.70 mark and about 2 to the USA.

To convert pounds to dollars please try this: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

Absolutely any questions please mail me


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12-30-2008, 04:03 AM
Here are some carded and box figures to get things rolling. I will shortly post loads of details of the loose stuff:

Myo, Dannik and Feltipern. Cards not perfect (some warping etc) but figures perfect. 6.50 each

Ewok and Glider 12. Carded and sealed


Jedi Spirits. Box and window pretty good condition. Sealed. 8


Commemorative tin collection - ROTJ 15

General Grievous 8

Luke in Bacta Tank. Sealed but some pressing around the bubble 6


Teemto Pagalies 3


Swing to freedom 7


Death Star Escape 7