View Full Version : House Cleaning - Legacy 2 PKs, GI Joe, etc. Cheap

10-26-2008, 04:09 PM
Prices do not include shipping, but I will only charge actual shipping.

Loose, Mint Complete Darth Talon x2 6.00 a piece
Loose, Mint Complete Cade Skywalker 6.50
(11.50 for 2)
MOC Legacy Comic Pack Imperial Knights 11.50 (willing to ship loose to save on shipping)

Loose, Mint, Complete Jabba's Band set
Rappertunie, Greeata, Jowza, Rystll, Lyn Mee, Sy Snootles, Max Rebo, Doda Bodonawieedo, Barquin D'an, and Droopy McCool. These are the originally released individual figures. I picked up the Walmart multipacks last January so I do not need them anymore. 30.00

GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figures
MOC BAT Trooper 6.50
MOC Snow Viper 6.00
Loose, Mint, Complete Leatherneck (driver for AWE Striker vehicle) 6.00

MOC Indiana Jones Henry Jones Sr. 8.50
MOC Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes Set of three 2 packs (Indy, Willie, Short Round, Thug, Mola Ram, and Temple Priest) 15.00

Square Play Arts Final Fantasy Advent Children figures 12.00 a piece

MIB Sephiroth
MIB Reno
MIB Yuffie
MIB Kadaj

Gentle Giant Serenity Malcolm Reynolds Mini Bust MIB - 30.00

Willing to trade well for the Hasbro Indiana Jones Temple of Doom wave. Also need Clone Wars Style Pilot Oddball, Super Battle Droid, and Senate Security Guard (would prefer the Clone Wars loose so we can do some 1 for 1 trades, but please feel free to make an offer).