View Full Version : Saga Endor AT-AT w/ custom paint

10-11-2008, 11:16 PM
I have a Saga Endor AT-AT walker that has a customized paint job I am looking to sell. My collecting habits have changed and I am "thinning the herd" so to speak.
The walker was painted with a new base color and then lot's of weathering and battle damage has been airbrushed and dry brushed onto it. Cool looking piece just does not have a home in my collection anymore.
I am looking for $100.00 shipped for it. Will consider trades for 25th GI Joe Cobra army builders, misc Joes I need and the Target AWE striker with crankcase or newer released stuff. I am also on the lookout for a vintage headquarters and WHALE hovercraft and would talk trade for any of these.
I can take Paypal and Here is my feedback (http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB21&Number=2294285&Forum=All_Forums&Words=buffalo_mc&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Main=2294285&Search=true&where=bodysub&Name=&daterange=1&newerval=6&newertype=m&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=#Post2294285) thread.
I'll answer any questions
Here are some pics
http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data//500/thumbs/IMGP3904.JPG (http://forum.rebelscum.com/imagepopup.php?imagename=http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data//500/IMGP3904.JPG)
http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data//500/thumbs/IMGP3903.JPG (http://forum.rebelscum.com/imagepopup.php?imagename=http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data//500/IMGP3903.JPG)
http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data//500/thumbs/IMGP3901.JPG (http://forum.rebelscum.com/imagepopup.php?imagename=http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data//500/IMGP3901.JPG)