View Full Version : Clam-Shells up for grabs!!!

07-07-2008, 09:51 PM
I have available several different clamshell collector cases from various Star Wars figures I have opened and stored by other means. I'd hate to just toss them in the trash, and thought someone might like a grab at them. I'd sell them at a fair price considering shipping.

There are 10 Vintage figure cases (one of which has a gash in it, as I bought it that way-apparently a box-cutter met it at TRU...) and 12 larger cases from mail-aways and exclusives such as the McQuarrie Obi-Wan set and others like it.

Anyone interested can send me a PM, or, (even better, as I'll more likely see it) email me at Naboo81@aol.com. I haven't checked shipping yet, and will be traveling at the end of the week, away from my computer, but perhaps we can arrange something! Have a great day!

I will also be purging my collections of DC Comics characters, MOTU, and various other things in the near future...!

MODs: I know I do not have a price listed, but I wanted to know what anyone thought was fair, so please leave it up to them to decide! Thank you.