View Full Version : Stuff for sale!! Items and Prices updated!!

07-04-2008, 08:55 PM
I am selling off many pieces
email me at charlesdukas@aol.com for more info or questions

3.75 " figures for sale $5 each or 4 for $15
Han Solo (Endor Raid) $5 MOMC
r2-d2 (Droid Factory Flight) $5 MOMC
Jango Fett (Final Battle) $5 MOMC
Obi-wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) $5 MOMC

Star Wars Battlepacks 1st Toys r Us Exclusives
Ultimate Bounty MIMB $10

Clone Wars 4 packs w/ clonetroopers
Green All MOMC $6 each or 5 for $25

POTJ Deluxe figures
Amanaman MOMC $5

Accessory Sets $10 each
__ Arena Conflict With Battle Droid MOMC
__ Death Star With Death Star Trooper MOMC
__ Endor Victory With Scout Trooper MOMC
__ Hoth Survival With Rebel Soldier MOMC

Holiday Yoda MOMC $10

Holiday R2 and C-3p0 $10

CLONEWARS Line from 2003
Droid Army 3 pack (Super battle droid, red battle droid and destroyer droid $5 MOMC
Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher $5 MOMC
Spider droid $5 MOMC

Star Wars 25th anniversary 2 packs
Luke and Leia MIMB $10
Obi wan and Darth Vader $10 MIMB
Han solo and Chewbacca $10 MIMB
Or all 3 for $20

12" Dolls
12" Luke Skywalker 100th figure MIMB $10
12" Boss Nass $15 MIMB
12" Han Solo in endor trenchcoat$10 MIMB
12" Leia Boushh and Han Carbonite MIMB $10
12" Dewback w/ Sandtrooper TRU EXCL $40 MIMB
12" Dagobah Luke w/ Yoda Walmart Excl. $10 MIMB

Target Exclusive Tie Bomber MIMB $30
Target Exclusive AT-RT Assault squad $25 MIMB
Target Exclsuive aayla secura jedi starfighter $25 MIMB
Target Exclsuive Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter $25 MIMB
r2-d2 carrying case from Phantom Menace MIMB $10

mill.falcon carry case w/ imperial scanning trooper $10 MIMB

R2-D2 25th anniversary silver figure.TRU excl. MOMC $10
Clonetrooper 2003 silver figure $10 MOMC

TARGET EXCL. Cups w. figures
general grevious from ROTS $5 MIMB

The Phantom Menace Accessory Sets
Underwater accessory set MOMC $5
Sith Accessory set MOMC $ 5

I want to note...I have every figure, vehicle & 12"' doll etc ever made 95-present..if there is something you are looking for and you want to pay top dollar I am willing to listen. But remember I am gonna want more than retail.