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07-03-2008, 11:10 AM
OK. Time to trim some of the fat. I`m gonna rid myself of some things I no longer consider needed/wanted. This includes some opened stuff. Still packaged stuff and my desire to rid my collection of my Bust-Ups and 7" Unleashed figures. If interested in anything just LMK. Prices do not include shipping.

*** Down to the last 20% of items, most prices now lower. Act fast, it all needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Bust- Ups (All 3.50 each):
Cartoon Style
Captain Fordo ***pending
Red ARC Trooper ***pending
Jetpack Trooper ***pending
Blue ARC Trooper w/Chain Gun ***pending
"Bazooka" Trooper ***pending
Clone Armor Obi-Wan
Space Armor Saeese Tiin (w/helmet on) ***pending

Realistic Style
501st Clone Trooper (dirty) ***pending
Coruscant Clone (dirty)
Blue Pahse I Clone (dirty)
Yellow Phase I Clone (dirty)
Luke in Stormtrooper Armor ***pending
Han in Stormtrooper Armor ***pending

2" Unleashed In Package (3.00 each):

All 4 Battle of Utapau Packs
Battle of Felucia Pack
All 3 Battle of Kashyyyk Packs
All above on ROTS style cards, just ask for individual pack details

Carded Figures:

Eeth Koth - 4
Boss Nass Gungan Sacred Place - 4

Blue Saga
Nikto Jedi - 4
Han Solo Hoth Rescue (Blue Coat Variant) - 4

Polis Massan - 5
Chopper Droid - 5

Sora Bulq - 5
Firespeeder Pilot - 5
Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron) - 5

Jumptrooper - 7
EVO Trooper - 7
Death Star Trooper - 5
Super Battle Droid - 5
Destroyer Droid - 5

Loose Figures
Snowtroopers x2 (POTF) - 3
Commander Gree (ROTS) - 4
Biker Scout (POTJ) - 3
IG-88 (POTJ) - 3
Bossk (POTF) - 3

07-05-2008, 04:45 PM
Loose figures added.

07-31-2008, 09:31 AM
List now completely updated and most of the remaining items have been reduced in price.