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05-12-2008, 12:21 PM
I have now lowered prices on most if not all the figures.

I have decided to sell off my Hasbro collection as I have not been collecting for over a year. It takes up a lot of room to store & even more room to display, so I have decided on other lines. Everything is either carded or in box & in excellent condition. I will give discounts for multiple item purchases, prices listed are for single item purchases. All purchases will be charges only actual shipping charge & no charge for paypal use. Happy Hunting!

2006 Episode 3 Greatest Battles
4-Count Dooku-$5.00
5-Royal Guard-$9.00
6-Pregnant Padme-$9.00
13-Emperor Palpatine-$5.00

2006 Episode 3 Heroes & Villians
1-Darth Vader-$5.00
2-Anakin Skywalker-$7.00
4-Commander Bacara-$5.00
5-Clone Trooper-$4.00
6-Clone Pilot-$11.00
9-General Grievous-$4.00
10-Mace Windu-$9.00
12-Destroyer Droid-$9.00

2006 VOTC
Luke Skywalker:X-Wing Pilot-$9.00
Sand People-$5.00
Han Solo (In Trench Coat)-$8.00
Biker Scout-$7.00

2006 UGH
General Grievous-Demise of Grievous Target Exclusive)-$11.00

Figure & Cup Collection
Empire Strikes Back-Yoda$11.00

2005 Revenge of the Sith
Lava Darth Vader (Target Exclusive)-$15.00

2000 Power of the Jedi
Collection 1
Chewbacca-Millenium Falcon Mechanic-$5.00
Leia Organa-Bespin Escape-$3.00
Leia Organa-General-$2.00
Aurra Sing-Bounty Hunter-$3.00
Collection 2
Saesee Tin-Jedi Master-$5.00
Boss Nass-Gungan Sacred Place-$2.00
Queen Amidala-Theed Invasion-$4.00
Sebulba-Boonta Eve Challenge-$2.00
IG-88-Bounty Hunter-$6.00
Plo Koon-Jedi Master-$5.00

1998 Power of the Force 2-Freeze Frame
Mon Mothma w/Baton-$7.00

1997 Power of the Force 2-Freeze Frame
Luke Skywalker w/Blast Shield Helmet & Lightsaber-$5.00
Princess Leia Organa w/Blaster Pistol in Hoth Gear-$5.00
AT-AT- Driver w/Imperial Issue Blaster-$8.00
Princess Leia Organa w/Blaster Rifle & Long-Barreled Pistol-$5.00

1996 Power of the Force 2-Red Card
R5-D4 w/ concealed Photon Missle Launcher-$8.00

1998-Expanded Universe
Clone Emperor Palpatine from Dark Empire Comics-$5.00
Grand Admiral Thrawn from Heir to the Empire Novel as portrayed in Comics-$4.00-sale pending

1998 Episode 1 Vehicles
Sith Speeder & Darth Maul-$2.00

1999 Episode 1 Cinema Scene
Mos Espa Encounter-$2.00

05-27-2008, 07:21 AM
bump for new prices

06-05-2008, 10:09 AM
bump for items still available

06-05-2008, 11:27 AM
A little piece of advice lower your prices, and these may sell.

06-05-2008, 11:35 AM
this is more than retail haha

06-05-2008, 07:58 PM
That's funny, my prices are in line with ebay & many online stores. And to boot, I have sold more than 30 figures already. I think you need to read the prices a little more closely. What retail store can you buy figures I have listed for only $2.00?!

06-06-2008, 01:30 PM
I am just giving you advice take it or leave it, for the 30 figures you have sold how many is still left that no one has touched, the going rate on here and other forums for the stuff you have is usually 2.00 to 5.00 dollars thats the reality of it, unless you have something super rare then you can make money on it.

And like the other poster has said these are even higher than retail figures out now.

And also for the comment of my prices are in line with Online Stores and Ebay, means nothing here as these are usually inflated prices for people not knowing about the the forums, you know everyday punters.