View Full Version : FS: Hasbro Promotional SW OTC & Ep III T-Shirts

05-10-2008, 12:10 PM
For Sale:

Hasbro Promotional Star Wars T-Shirts - these were shirts given to Hasbro Employees to promote the upcoming SW line releases. They are Original Legit Black T-Shirts with Hasbro Logos on them. Both feature great graphics and are Very tough to find.

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Collection Shirt - Black Tee, Size XL with White & Silver OTC Logo with X-Wing on Front of Shirt and White Hasbro Logo on Left Sleeve. $30.00

Star Wars: Episode III Shirt - Black Tee, Size XL with a grey and black logo of half Anakin/half Vader faces seperated by a yellow and orange beam (representing lava?)and a large grey III in the background. There is also a grey Hasbro Logo on Left Sleeve. This was done prior to the announcement of the title for the film, so it only says Episode III. $30.00

Shirts are Brand New/Never Worn - Never Washed and were kept in my collection.

Write if interested.