View Full Version : Big Lot Of Lego Minifigures For Trade!

05-05-2008, 03:32 PM
hey everyone,

i got some lego space/castle/pirate figures for trade.

as for my wants,im accually looking for figures only w/ access/weapons and if possible,prefer to trade in a big lot

im also will to throw in some extra cash in the trade(if needed)

incase some figures have wrong helmet,i do have extra ones,just wasnt sure what helmet belong to what figure!


islander's not for trade

Wanted: figure used/loose is fine,im accually looking for figures w/ weapons/accessories.

lego pirates imperial soldier's figures<--main priority
lego islander's figures
lego Knights Kingdom I & 2 figures
lego Royal Knights figures
newer sets # 7091,7090,7009,7092 & 7037 figures

im looking for loose used/new castle..ect figures w/ accessories/weapons
thnxs lm