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03-15-2008, 12:13 AM
Here is how I will work this since I donít want to pack 300 boxes. I have 2 of almost every single Hasbro Carded Star Wars figure and I am selling the doubles, which is well over 300 figures. I donít plan on putting a list of what I have as I have almost all of them and those who collect Mint MOC I can not guarantee these will be Mint.

They were bought from brick and mortar stores so they may have some shelf wear, dings, etc, but most if not all are fine for display or to open, unless you are a very anal MOC Collector, you should be happy but I also donít plan to take pics or give specifics of any figures card or bubble so know that in buying there are NO RETURNS and the cards and bubbles are AS-IS. 95% of these were on display in my personal collection room, I am keeping my doubles that I had in storage as my core collection and selling everything I had on display at the time. Any questions email me @ Yodasnews@gmail.com:

Here is how I am doing the sale:

1) You must want at least 8 figures, at this time the smallest order I will take is for 8 figures.

2) The figures are from POTF2 Green Card Holo, Non Holo, Freeze Frame, Leia Collection, Flashback, Commtech, Ep1, POTJ, AOTC, Saga Blue, Saga Blue with Gold, and Saga Black OTC. Almost everything from POTF2 to Black Carded Saga (OTC Collection). Most is regular, some deluxe.

3) No list will be posted as I have almost every figure, I will be charging a flat rate of $3 per figure which is half of retail or less and I know I will lose money but the idea is to move a lot in a short time as I need the new space. You must order at least 8 figures ($24 order) and shipping is not included, if you order more than 24 figures I will pay all shipping fees in the USA. I will only ship to the USA and I will only us USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation which should be anywhere for $6 to $10 per order, but I will give you a full total once I verify the order.

4) I will only take Confirmed Address PayPal or USPS Postal Money Orders (see #7 about Money Orders)

5) I will be shipping on Tuesdays each week.

6) If you are interested in at least 8 figures from those lines, send me a email to Yodasnews@gmail.com with your want list (please only send a list if you agree to all terms above and fees), I will then take all the lists in the order in which I get them and fill them in that order once a week. If the figure or figures you want are already sold, I will let you know what I do have left and if you would like to still get them.

7) Please no ďmaybeĒ people, they are all going to be $3 each with a 8 fig minimum no matter if they are a peg warmer or hard to find, please note I do not have the final wave of EP1 or the Saga McQuarrie Trooper) all the rest I should have, but these are in 14 boxes and I need to look up each order which is why I am only shipping on Tuesdays, that gives me all week to take orders, the Weekend to sort them and then confirm if I have your needs. If you plan to pay by Money Order be aware is someone has PayPal I will take that order before your order as I want to move these quick.

8) If you want to save on shipping, I will open and ship these loose no problem if you donít want the cards once payment has been verified but it will still be via Priority Mail which is about $5 or so for a pound with confirmation.

I don't check all the boards all the time, so please no PMs, just email me.

Thank You,

03-15-2008, 12:27 AM
PM sent

03-15-2008, 02:41 PM
Between here and other sites I have about 25 lists that came in that I need to take care of, so please no more e-mails. I will re-post once I get the others done. Thanks so much for the response.