View Full Version : selling some carded figures

03-07-2008, 11:05 PM
Time to clean house. Since my days of collecting have long passed I am going through my stuff and trying to find good homes for the items.

First of all, I have a set of 21 carded figures. I am looking for $50 plus shipping for the lot:

episode 1 - collections 1 and 2 - .00 suffix

battle droid with blaster rifle
qui-gon (jedi duel)
obi wan (jedi duel)
queen amidala (naboo)
darth maul (jedi duel)
jar jar binks
anakin skywalker
ric olie
darth sidious
senator palpatine


luke skywalker (short saber)
princess leia .00
han bespin (green card, hologram)
obi-wan (short saber)

silver figures:
boba fett x2
sand trooper

In addition to the above lot I have a boxed carbon freezing playset with only a couple of dents in the box that I am looking to fetch $20 plus shipping.

Last, I have three Christmas Yoda figures available for $8 a pop plus shipping.

I don't have any feedback on the board (like I said, my collecting days are behind me) but I have tons of good feedback on eBay under the screenname Yoshukai. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks