View Full Version : For sale or trade basic figures Episode 1 to now

02-21-2008, 08:30 PM
Basic Figures carded

episode 1:
Captain Tarples-5,
Boss Nast-3,
Senator Palpatine-3

Revenge of the Sith:
Green Clone Commander-6
Clone Commander bacara-5
Darth Vader-5
Anakian Battle Damage-5
Emperor palpatine-4
Saesee Tiin-4
Sneak Preview General Grevious-4
tion Medon-4
R2-D2 (makes beep noises)-4
Anakian Slashing attack-4
General Grevious with 4 lightsabers-5
black clone piolot-4
Destroyer droid-5
red royal guard-5
mace windu-4
senator menna tillis-8
exploding gen grevious-4

delux double obi-wan and super battle droid-10

episode 3 DvD packs jedi-10

2006 Saga collection:
Princess Leia in desquise-6
Rebel Trooper-6
Combat engineer-7


The Visual dictionary-20
Tales From Mos Eaisly Cantaina
Dark Apprentence
1st Heir to the empire book

Loose :
Sebolba's pod-4
luke's skiff-4

loose basic figures: (none have weapons)
potf2 darth vader with out cape-2.50
potf2 Luke final battle-3
potf2/shadows of the empire leia in bounty desguise w/out helment-2
episode 1 mace windu-3
darth maul tatione-3
jar jar-2
quigon jinn-2


Titianium Ig88 sealed-14

12 inch doll Zam wells sealed-10

These are just extra figures from my collection and I would be willing to trade just let me know what you have.