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02-21-2008, 04:06 PM
These are all for sale loose and complete. None have been displayed or played with. Prices are per each figure.

7th Legion Clone Trooper X3 $5
AOTC Clone Trooper/Pilot Evolutions X3 $7
AOTC white Legends Clone Trooper X4 $5
ARC-170 Elite Shark Clone Trooper X3 $7
ARC-170 Elite Shark Clone Trooper Pilot X3 $7
Clone Commander Coruscant Legends X3 $6
Clone Trainee X3 $6
Clone Trooper Pilot black Shadow X2 $6
Commander Cody X2 $8
Commander Gree TAC $8
Elite Forces ARC Trooper $8
Elite Forces Clone Trooper $7
Hawkbat Clone Trooper X5 $5
Super Battle Droid from comic pack X3 $5

AT-AT Driver Saga X2 $7
Biker Scout Commemorative Tin (flip up visor) $9
Biker Scout Legends X3 $6
Deathstar Trooper X3 $5
Imperial Officer Legends lot of 3 dk brown/brown/blonde $21
Sandtrooper Evolutions X3 $6
Sandtrooper Legends clean/white pauldron $7
Sandtrooper Legends grimey/dirty X3 $6

02-28-2008, 12:06 PM