View Full Version : All loose figures only $1.00 each!!

02-13-2008, 05:50 PM
I have the following figures for sale, each only $1.00. Just asking that buyer gets at least 3 figures at a time due to PO trips. Please PM if interested, shipping very cheap ($1-2), and paypal strongly preferred!

1) Hoth Chewie (no flashback photo)
2) TIE Fighter pilot
3) Leia Collection Endor dress soft-goods Leia
4) Grand Moff Tarkin
5) Pilot Biggs (no freeze frame)
6) 4-LOM

POTF2 pack-in figures only
1) Purchase of the Droids cinema scene Luke
2) Purchase of the Droids cinema scene C-3PO
3) Tusken Raider from Bantha
4) Luke from Tauntaun
5) <s>Luke from Speederbike </s> Sold
6) Leia from Speederbike
7) <s>Deluxe Snowtrooper and E-Web </s> Sold
8) Millenium Minted Coin Endor Leia (no cloak)
9) <s>Sandtrooper from dewback</s> Sold
10) Gunner Stations x 2 (no figures)
11) Luke from Rancor
12) Scout Trooper from Speederbike
13) <s>Mail-in Pop-up Cantina still sealed $8</s> Sold
14) Death Star Chasm Swing playset $6

POTJ (includes force file)
1) <s>IG-88 </s> Sold
2) <s>General Leia</s> Sold
3) <s>Chewbacca Mechanic</s> Sold
4) <s>Pilot Luke </s> Sold
5) 25th Anniversary Han (from DS Escape 2-pack)
6) <s>25th Anniversary Vader (from Final Duel 2-pack)</s> Sold

Saga 1
1) <s>Bespin Duel Darth Vader</s> Sold
2) <s>Bespin Duel Luke Skywalker</s> Sold
3) Han Solo Hoth Rescue x 2 (blue)
4) <s>Bossk Executor Meeting</s> Sold
5) Luke (pack-in) from Landspeeder vehicle x 2
6) <s>Imperial Forces Vader</s> Sold
7) <s>Imperial Forces Stormtrooper</s> Sold

Saga 2
1) <s>Snowtrooper</s> Sold

1) Darth Vader Lightsaber Attack
2) <s>Early Bird Luke </s> Sold

1) Tantive IV BP Vader x 2

02-28-2008, 12:21 AM
Bumping with new price!

02-28-2008, 09:16 AM
pm sent

03-21-2008, 08:56 PM
Bump- some sold, more available!

03-25-2008, 07:33 AM
Hi, I am interested in the following if still available...

General Leia
Chewie Mechanic
Saga Bossk
Saga Luke Bespin

LMK if still available, can pay w/ paypal right away.