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02-11-2008, 02:23 AM
1) I've been clearing out my house for the last few weeks and getting rid of a lot of my Hasbro collection. I'm left with the following figures that haven't sold yet:

Wave 3
Biggs Darklighter

Wave 4
Umpass Stay

Wave 6
General Pharl McQuarrie
Han Solo with Torture Rack

Wave 7
Spirit of Anakin
R2 with Cargo Net

Saga Legends
Imperial Officer (Brunette)

I'm asking $<s>55</s> $45 + shipping for the lot or best offer. I know they're not the most popular figures but it's not a bad price if anyone needs to start a collection or fill gaps in theirs. All figures are from my personal MOC collection and are in very good condition. I can put them all in Hasbro brand protective cases for another $5 if requested. Price is negotiable and I'll also entertain trade offers. If no one's interested, they'll go up on eBay I guess.

2) Selling a set of 4 loose and complete VTAC Snowtroopers for $<s>35</s> $30 shipped. Will throw in 4 protech stands for free.

3) Pending - Selling TAC Y-Wing (no figures and one of the landing gears is a little loose) for $20 shipped. Complete with bomb and R5 unit even comes with antenna.

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Price reduced.

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