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02-09-2008, 08:40 AM
Shipping will be extra and at cost. Please drop me a line if you are interested. Thank you.

Masterpiece Edition Set C-3PO, Anakin, Aurra Sing $30
Unleashed Luke Jedi Loose $8
Unleashed Emperor Palpatine MOC $11
Unleashed Palpatine vs. Yoda MOC $11
Mega Force Destroyer Droid Loose $5
<s>POTF2 Electrobinoculars Loose $5</s> SOLD
POTF2 Spirit Kenobi MIB $5
POTF2 Cantina Band MIB $5
CY Girls 12" Body No Head $8

Queen Amidala 12" Hasbro Senate Gown Figure converted to CY Girls Body $10

25th Anniversary GI JOE Set MOC - Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Stormshadow $15

<s> POTF2 Loose Lot of Figures and Weapons $5 </s> SOLD

Clone Wars Loose Lot - Includes Mace Windu, Yoda, Dooku, Grievous, & Ventress All Complete $25

IG-88 Kubrick $5

Interactive R2-D2 Loose No Instructions - Works $25

R2-D2 Telephone - This is in good shape however, the numbers are worn off the handset. Otherwise in fine working order - $10

Gentle Giant Premiere Guild Membership Kit SEALED - $10

3 Halogen Puck Lights w/Transformer $9
2 Halogen Puck Lights w/Transformer $6
Stainless Steen Spotlight w/Dimmer $5

VINTAGE PUZZLES - All opened in good condition
500 Piece Yavin Celebration $5
500 Piece Binary Sunset/Tatooine Luke $5
140 Piece Tusken Raider $5

SW Special Edition VHS (GOLD) $8
SW Special Edition VHS (SILVER) $8
SW Trilogy THX VHS $8
SW Trilogy Letterbox VHS Set $10
SOTE Soundtrack $5
ROTS Audio Book $5
SW Special Edition CD Single Set (Imperial March, Cantina Band & Jedi Rocks) $15

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