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  21. Price Check: AFA 90 12-back C Leia
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  23. Price Check: AFA 85/85/85 12a Chewbacca Footer Sku
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  25. Price Check: Barrada bootleg
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  27. Price check: MOC Glasslite Han
  28. Price Check: New Hope Leia on Canadian 41 back
  29. Price Check: ROTJ Teebo Canada Card
  30. Price Check: 45 Back Palitoy 4-LOM
  31. Price Check: 1977 Star Wars Poster
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  33. Price Check: Gammi & Rancor Keeper carded
  34. Price Check: Boba Fett ESB Canadian 41c Card
  35. Price Check: Luke Skywalker 12 Back-A AFA 30
  36. Price Check: What should I expect to pay for 12 back proofs?
  37. Price Check: first 21 C8 or better with vinyl case & insert?
  38. Price Check: Not as Described 12 Back
  39. Price Check: Bagged DT Luke and r2
  40. Price Check: esb c3po '82
  41. Price Check: Palitoy Tri-Logo Jedi Luke
  42. Price CHeck: Cloud City Playset Bagged figures and white box
  43. PRICE CHECK Sears mailer Rebo Band
  44. Price Check: ROTJ Yoda 65A
  45. Price Check: Opened ESB 6 Pack
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  47. Price Check: Top Toys Vader Value Question
  48. Price Check: Question about 12 back Han value
  49. Price Check: ESB luke (Brown hair) 47-back
  50. Price Check: Loose Figures
  51. Price Check: Looking for help on valuation
  52. Price Check: loose Vinyl Cape Jawa AFA 85 and loose DT Luke AFA 85
  53. Price Check: 15 inch darth vader afa 85
  54. Price Check: AFA 60 Figures
  55. Price Check: Hungarian Bootlegs
  56. Price Check: Bop Bag Set
  57. price check Return of the Jedi era posters
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  60. Price Check: Rebel Troop Transport
  61. Price Check: Loose AFA 80 Vinyl Caped Jawa
  62. Price Check: Rarity/Price for Canadian 12" Han Solo MIB
  63. Price Check: Ewok Battle Wagon and Piece Identification
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  65. Price Check Anakin Skywalker First Shot?
  66. Price Check: Sealed case Atari 2600 ESB
  67. Price Check: mint 1st shot Han Solo Hoth
  68. Price Check: Speeder Bike Pedal Car
  69. Price Check: Jabba's Dungeon MIB 1985.
  70. Price Check: Bib Fortuna - Lili Ledy ?
  71. Price Check: 21 Back MOC's
  72. Price Check: Loose Very Mint Yak Face w/ Mint Coin
  73. Price Check: MOC Ewok Set
  74. Price Check: ISP-6 Complete w/ Box
  75. Price Check: Obi-Wan ESB 21 Back
  76. Price Check: Sandcrawler
  77. Price Check GDE 12 back (La Guerre Des Etoiles)
  78. Price Check: open 12-back style A Ben Kenobi
  79. Price Check: Droids Fett Carded
  80. Price Check: Cardboard inserts for death star space station
  81. Price Check: Value of a 3PO baggie removable limbs?
  82. Price Check: RARE Vintage Ewoks Set
  83. Price Check: Fett 79 back clear bubble & ESB 21 back Canadian
  84. Price Check: die cast vehicles w/ cards & bubbles
  85. Price Check: Advice needed fair deal for vintage lot
  86. Price Check: Toltoys Death Star Playset
  87. Price Check: Need help with a price on 33 figures with a case ...
  88. Price Check: ROTJ & POTF
  89. Price Check : Luke Farmboy Revenge Proof AFA 90
  90. Price Check: POTF Anakin
  91. Price Check: Palitoy version boxed Millenium Flacon and poster
  92. Price Check: Droids C-3PO moc C-9
  93. Price Check: AFA85 Droids A-Wing
  94. Price Check: AFA Graded Loose Figures
  95. Price Check: a few Vintage 3po items. Sw mailer , ESB & POTF mocs
  96. Price Check: 48 Back?
  97. Price Check: POTF R2-D2 Cardback
  98. Price Check: Mexican Bootleg Value Question
  99. Price Check: need help with current values on last 17 figures
  100. Price Check: New Member - Valuation cards MOSC - Harbert / Kenner
  101. price check on miscut cards - do they increase or decrease value?
  102. PRICE CHECK: Darth Vader CLIPPER mail-in
  103. Price check - Polish Weequay bootleg w/ weapon
  104. Couple of Odds & Ends - No Clue On Value
  105. Value of a tiny metal x-wing.
  106. 1st shot Blue Snag
  107. What does an AFA50 MOC Tri logo Anakin go for
  108. UZAY Boardgame
  109. ESB Farm Boy Luke 32 Back no footer
  110. Possible handcut cardback? Other cardbacks rareity? Unusual feel to edges of cardback?
  111. Price Check - Empty 7-Pack and 3-Pack ROTJ Figure Boxes
  112. Price Check : Leia Combat Poncho in Unopened Baggie
  113. price check on production blue snaggletooth
  114. Price Check: vintage loose Boba Fett yellow armor variant
  115. 12 Back A Leia
  116. Rolled, Sealed Revenge of the Jedi Advance Poster
  117. AFA 85 Sealed Rotj AT AT
  118. Price check: POTF loosies R2, Lando General, Imperial Gunner, and Han Solo Carbonite Pics
  119. Price check: POTF Moc A-Wing Pilot AFA75 Y (C75 B85 F85)
  120. Price Check: Spray ops error TFP
  121. Price Check for Jawa Sandcrawler Remote
  122. Price check on ESB AFA graded figures
  123. Value for FX-7 Transparency used for 1980 Kenner Toy Fair Catalogue
  124. Price Check: B&S Kenner Protos
  125. Price Check: R2-D2 Sku Footer 12A Back Pop Removed
  126. Price check ree yees vader 2 pack
  127. Price check: POTF C-8 Clear Bubble Romba
  128. Price Check: 31-back Luke Bespin Proof Card (AFA 80)
  129. Magnificent Seven - Values of the 7 Kenner Mail Away Figures
  130. Vintage 12 inch figures making a comeback?
  131. Tri logo Endor Chase playpack MIB
  132. Price Check- Star Wars Vintage Action Figures : A Guide for Collectors by John Kellerman
  133. Price Check: 4-LOM AFA Y-80 ESB Offerless 47 Back
  134. Price Check on Star Wars Vintage Cardbacks and Droids Cardbacks
  135. Value of a Darth Vader Figure invitation to the Nov 5, 2003 Officer's Club at Presidio, SF
  136. Price Check Ledy Jawa, Ledy Zuckuss MOC, etc
  137. Bootleg Vintage C3-PO
  138. Big Bootleg Episode One Figures
  139. Bell 21 Figure Bell Store Display Unused
  140. cardbacks value please chaps.
  141. Price check: Taiwan unpainted Boushh helmet
  142. Yak Face coin
  143. Price Check: RAPPORT RoTJ sticker sheet
  144. Price Check: Jawa Proofs.
  145. Price check: Potf Nikto moc
  146. DROIDS loose
  147. Price Check: High End POTF MOC x 4
  148. AST-5 sealed in Tri logo box
  149. Dutch ESB leaflet catalog
  150. Very nice Fett, last 17 ewoks. Current value?
  151. 21 back gray hair Obi Wan
  152. Set of 63 POTF coins
  153. Price Check: POTF Skiff loose, complete, and near mint
  154. POTF Clear bubble....
  155. Price check R2 -D2 12/32 back AFA 75
  156. Darth Vader 12 Back A w/SKU - AFA 85 (85/85/90)
  157. MISB C-3PO's Cereal box
  158. Price Check - German General Mills 45 Back R5D4 MOC
  159. Cut Card Luke and ST
  160. Price check: Near mint loose Thall Joben & Kez Iban
  161. Price Check : Unique Clipper Benelux / Grey Advertising Falcon
  162. Price check: Potf and Tri logo Yak Face moc
  163. Takara Inflatable X-Wing
  164. Top Toys Chirpa AFA
  165. 20 back Han Solo straight 85s
  166. Dengar AFA 90 ESB 41c
  168. 21 back Death Squad Commander AFA 70
  169. Bagged Max Rebo
  170. Vader, Luke and Leia 48-d backs?
  171. Price check: Prototype Droids Vlix coin
  172. Price check: Potf Gamorrean Guard moc
  173. Price check..afa 60 yoda
  174. Price check: 20 back Farmboy Luke AFA80 (C80 B85 F85)
  175. Valuation of many individual models, with year and COO
  176. HARBERT YODA ON CARD - how much is actually supposed to worth? Please help :)
  177. What's a Liliy Ledy Darth afa and non graded worth ?
  178. Price Check: Clipper Madine 65 back.
  179. Price check: some loose figures C-8 or better
  180. Inflatable lightsaber
  181. Meccano Jawa Cloth Cape AFA Y 90
  182. Loose Animated Wicket
  183. Palitoy MOC set
  184. Price check: unpunched 20 back Greedo
  185. price check on black jedi/palace blasters
  186. ESB Vader run
  187. Price Check: 12 & 21 Back Cards on C-9+ Conditions
  188. 4 Pack Mailer, Palitoy Droid Factory
  189. Tsukuba 65 backs unpunched
  190. Price check AFA 85 12 back large head Han Solo!
  191. Price Check: Loose DROIDS R2D2 UPDATED W/PICS
  192. Price check carded yak ungraded .
  193. Current value of a near mint 12 back Stormtrooper proof card
  194. Need some help with values for my father in law's collection he wants me to sell for him
  195. Price check 21 back Esb Fett
  196. Vader 12-back B with dented bubble and off-white back (ungraded)
  197. Price Check - MIB Cloud City Playset and Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set
  198. Price Check - Luke Farmboy 21C MOC - C8is condition
  199. Price Check Card Backs: Meccano, Snowtrooper 65bk & Palitoy, Greedo 20bk, Leia SW Canada
  200. Help going price of AFA 80 & 85 Luke DT - loose
  201. Price check: Loose Hoth Wampa AFA 80
  202. Valuation: AFA80 Chewie EP, Bosk Revenge proof, and Ewok cell
  203. Looking to get Value on a lot of stuff, from Vintage to 2002-2006 or so...
  204. Please delete
  205. Current value on a mint & a not so mint Blue Snaggletooth 1st shot
  206. Droids r2d2
  207. How much is this worth? 1977 Luke skywalker
  208. Price Check AFA 85 R2 D2 Star Wars 12 Back
  209. 1983 German Button display / buttons
  210. Price Check NIB sealed Jabba the Hut?
  211. deleted
  212. Price check 12 inch meccano leia nrfb current value???
  213. rotj burger king cardboard display value
  214. 20 back jawa
  215. Value of 21 Back Stormtrooper cardback
  216. AFA Y 80 Sand People 12 back C
  217. ewok village
  218. Zuckuss Tri Logos & Clipper & Ledy R2
  219. Value of a full 96 Figure Set (Loose)
  220. How much? Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors by John Kellerman
  221. MOC Glasslite POTF C-3PO & R2D2 (Formerly owned by Leonardo DiCaprio)
  222. Approx value Toltoys Jedi Luke
  223. current value of a luke bespin brown hair u85 ?
  224. Vc Jawa
  225. Rotj Fett
  226. Playmobil GE5P (R2D2)
  227. Price ideas on a sealed AT-ST?
  228. Mail away Collectors Action Stand
  229. Price Check - Hungarian Bootleg Luke Farmboy & Yoda
  230. Price Check And FS On Flyer/Lobby card for The Star Wars Exibition Sweden.
  231. Price Opinions on Darth Vader Case Engineering Pilot
  232. Price check on AFA 90 21 Back Boba Fett Unp and 12 Back AFA 90 Vinyl Cape Jawa Unp
  233. Valuation of vehicles etc
  234. Vintage Star Wars RTV molds.
  235. Value on a First Shot Death Squad Commander
  236. Price Check Needed On An AFA 60 12 back -A (SKU) Vader Please
  237. How bad does a torn (off) hangtag really affect value?? Thanks
  238. Price check AT-AT Commander
  239. Price Check: POTF Luke Stormtrooper loose AFA 85
  240. Empire Stikes Back 41-Back WBG with HARBERT sticker
  241. Valuation of loose models
  242. Price check on 12 back-b vader 85(80 85 85)
  243. Han Solo Tri-Logo
  244. Value check: POTF moc's Lando General, Luke Poncho, R2 Pop-up, and Warok
  245. Price check for Palitoy C3PO 12 back
  246. Valuation on loose Glasslites and Top Toys?
  247. Price check: MOC Vlix
  248. Price check - Luke Bespin revenge proof
  249. Price check on Imperial Dignitary Carded
  250. Price Check on some MOC Glasslite, Droids