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  1. A Disney-Lucasfilm Production, Episodes 7+ coming soon
  2. Do you think Han Luke and Leia will be killed off?
  3. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
  4. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
  5. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker - December 19, 2019
  6. Dream director? Post your suggestions...
  7. The Sequel Trilogy Cast thread
  8. 1952 & Episode VII
  9. Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew)
  10. Primary Villains for Episode VII
  11. Who should be the protagonist?
  12. Top Ten Things you'd like to/not like to see!
  13. Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
  14. After Ep 7-9 how about a movie set in the OT time
  15. Guess the movie name!
  16. News - Michael Arndt to Write Screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VII
  17. C-3PO
  18. Sequel already on Austrian radio..... kind of !!
  19. Force Ghosts
  20. would you rather have had spin off's or sequels?
  21. The Sequel Trilogy Facts Thread
  22. Speculation: If the Tonnika sisters are in the ST, we may get figures of them
  23. 3D - Sequel Trilogy
  24. What species do you want in the Sequel Trilogy?
  25. In regards to EU...
  26. Sequel Trilogy vehicles
  27. Sequel Trilogy Droids and Astromechs
  28. No Guarantees!
  29. Zack Snyder ”Star Wars Samurai” Movie Rumor (Not happening!)
  30. News - Drew Struzan Approached for Star Wars: Episode VII
  31. Do you think Episode 7 will be rated PG or PG-13?
  32. Be in one of the sequel films
  33. New marketing concept for the SW Sequels!
  34. JJ Abrams to direct Episode VII
  35. Physicality of Original Actors
  36. One Director or Three?
  37. I had a thought about star wars official thread.
  38. I have a bad feeling about this
  39. In the sequels, Leia/Luke can't be a Jedi AND be dating/married to Han/Mara Jade
  40. New musical score?
  41. What do you think the storyline would be about?
  42. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Billy Dee Williams EP 7 Pics!!!
  43. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)
  44. All Expanded Universe Burnt?
  45. PT vs OT vs ST
  46. (Rumor) Alfonso Cuaron and Simon Pegg for Episode VIII?
  47. Episode 7 Superweapons
  48. Darth plageuis in the sequel trilogy!
  49. General Leia (Carrie Fisher)
  50. George Lucas -- carrie , mark & harrison were already signed BEFORE the disney sale.
  51. Do you think the big three will be in all three?
  52. Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams)
  53. Is there anything new left to do w/ Light Sabers?
  54. NO! No no no no no no no OH GOD PLEASE NO
  55. the complete history of the Sequel Trilogy.
  56. I bet it wont happen
  57. Palpatine's Disciple?
  58. Clothing in the ST
  59. Interview with EU authors!
  60. Should Luke and Leia find out about Padme?
  61. Will the next big Disney announcement be on May 4th?
  62. Episode 7 Opening Scene - Over which Planet?
  63. Thoughts on bringing back Alec Guiness?
  64. What do you think your reaction to Episode 7 will be after watching it?
  65. Han and Leia's Marriage
  66. Your questions answered by you
  67. So.. 12 Episodes after all..
  68. What new environments are there left to use?
  69. Michael Kaplan, Costume Designer Joins Star Wars: Episode 7
  70. Star Wars Episode VII being made in the UK
  71. Weaponry in the ST
  72. Star wars fan makes national cbc news -epvii
  73. Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig...on board again.
  74. Casting Call!
  75. 2013 D23 Expo Schedule of Events - Star Wars Saga
  76. I think I understand Han Solo better than anybody
  77. Master filmmaking team announced for EP7
  78. Will the beginning title screen change?
  79. If instead of after OT 50-60 yeas they would pick a different era...
  80. The Script is set for Star Wars: Episode VII
  81. Years ago...
  82. 4-LOM For Seven Campaign!
  83. Ep. VII Plot Prediction (Maybe Spoilers!)
  84. Could Hoth be in the cards for Episode VII?
  85. Academic Research in Star Wars
  86. First Order Stormtroopers
  87. What I'd like to see in Episode VII
  88. So, what should the opening starship scene be in VII
  89. Star Wars: Force for Change charity & contest. 1st video look of Ep. VII set & creature.
  90. Why Tatooine again ???
  91. Harrison Ford ankle injury
  92. Tom Cruise......REALLY?????
  93. Kevin Smiths Set Visit
  94. Fake leaked Episode VII footage!!!!
  95. Sequel Trilogy Picture Thread
  96. Lucas confirms Boba Fett survives Sarlacc
  97. X-Wings in Ep7!
  98. J.J. Abrams spoiler?
  99. Too many characters in SW VII?
  100. Lor San Tekka
  101. Theory: The Empire & Emperor Still Rule Galaxy at the Opening of Ep VII
  102. 'Star Wars - The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer!
  103. Would duels between genuine martial artists hurt the feel of the movie/other duels?
  104. Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
  105. What if Kylo Ren is really....
  106. Star Wars - TFA '2nd Trailer' - Star Wars Celebration/Avengers
  107. Lack of Leaks
  108. Is TFA Cursed?
  109. Star Wars: Episode VIIIí Gets Release Date
  110. R2-D2
  111. The Force Awakens Teaser Poster
  112. Resistance vs the First Order
  113. BB-8
  114. Vader's helmet
  115. Are more Star Wars movies really that necessary?
  116. Is anyone else besides me dissapointed that the 20th Century Fox Fanfare won't be playing?
  117. Supreme Leader Snoke
  118. ROTJ - TFA Canon, the stuff that happened within that 30 years gap....
  119. I keep thinking the big twist of Force Awakens will be
  120. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, my fan fiction version by Jedi_Sam
  121. ***Spoilers**** Is the Plot of the Force Awakens just RE-TREADING a New Hope?
  122. First Order TIE Fighter Design
  123. Vober Dand - new The Force Awakens character - Picture
  124. When will we see the next Force Awakens tralier
  125. TFA Tickets - Have you got yours?
  126. Box Office Numbers! - $2,042,522,884 and Climbing
  127. Episode VII The Return of the Macguffin
  128. Episode VII coming to Netflix -- only in Canada
  129. Top 5 EU species that need to be back in the new continuity
  130. Maz Kanata
  131. Anovo's Kylo Ren Helmet makes me think ...
  132. London Premiere of the Force Awakens
  133. Holy Crap, Episode VII... WOW!!!!
  134. All First Order Stormtroopers Scenes TV Spots & Trailers Fan Mashup Finn Kylo Ren
  135. Force Awakens Poster Art + Vintage Movie Theater Newspaper Ads
  136. Journey to The Force Awakens Look and Find - Interesting or Disturbing (PICS)
  137. Kylo Ren is trying to protect the balance between Light and Dark (Speculation)
  138. TFA - Your thoughts, reaction and reviews
  139. My wish
  140. Rey's Background ***SPOILERS***
  141. The relationship between Poe and Finn
  142. Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie)
  143. John Williams score
  144. **SPOILERS** Dear Anakin,
  145. The exchange between Han and Ben
  146. R2-KT
  147. The OT Pros, Whose Rebel Helmet was Rey Wearing?
  148. Sequel Trilogy Pilots Thread
  149. So...where's Lando?
  150. Force Awakens Easter Egg Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chess Game Video
  151. Does The Force Awakens intentionally leave things open for interpretation?
  152. Any bounty hunters in TFA ?
  153. Han Solo's Death
  154. What did the new Republic do to Hux to make him so passionate for order
  155. *SPOILERS* Rey/Snokes Background Revealed / The Mystery Of Rey's Staff
  156. How many times have you watched The Force Awakens?
  157. Questions About Starkiller Base
  158. Is Rey a "Mary Sue"
  159. Theory development - Rey is the Map to Luke Skywalker, and perhaps a Kenobi
  160. The Force Awakens DVD/Blu Ray
  161. Bazine Netal (Anna Brewster)
  162. What should happen going forward in this trilogy?
  163. 'The Journey To Episode VIII
  164. TFA bloopers/inconsistancies you caught viewing the film.
  165. George Lucas
  166. If TFA is a better movie with deleted scenes added...
  167. What's New in The Force Awakens
  168. Is Lucas' involvement essentially zero?
  169. Is R2-D2 a "Mary Sue?"
  170. OK Question about Expanded Universe "Legends" material
  171. Lukes Planet
  172. The Art of the Force Awakens
  173. Bob Iger, is TFA a good movie?
  174. A few questions about The Force Awakens;
  175. The Ring Thoery and force Awakens
  176. Question about final fight Rey vs Kylo Ren
  177. R2D2 and BB8
  178. Star Wars Episode X? Some speculation.....
  179. The Force Awakens VFX Reel
  180. Finn's, Rey's fighting style
  181. Your ideas for the Sequel Trilogy
  182. Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base - SNL
  183. If Rey is not a Mary Sue....
  184. Kylo Ren: Episode VIII & Beyond
  185. Kylo Ren: Episode VIII & Beyond
  186. If an x-wing can go st ligt speed
  187. CGI - Your thoughts on how it was used?
  188. TFA Novelization
  189. Maz's castle characters identification
  190. Jakku characters, aliens and creatures
  191. Kylo's (Literal) Chest-T*******
  192. EP VII and the tragic nature of history (and its repetition)
  193. Laura Dern
  194. Benicio Del Toro
  195. Old Veers and Jerjerrod
  196. Did Luke actually have a line in TFA?
  197. Are you ready for gay Star Wars?
  198. Force Awakens Smashed By Mad Max At The Oscars.
  199. JJ's new Systemic Discrimination system for future casting
  200. Knights of Ren - Male or Female?
  201. What if Lucas had made The Force Awakens...
  202. When Luke is as old as Superman...
  203. Video Force Awakens Rathtar and Dungeons & Dragons Otyugh Monsters Look a Lot Alike!
  204. Rey's parents are not in TFA
  205. Can someone explain the Resistance to me?
  206. Elite Stormtroopers - are they in Episode 7?
  207. Star Wars: The Culture Wars
  208. Which Famous People Have Played STORMTROOPERs
  209. Plinkett TFA review is out
  210. Funny stupid little nitpicks in Force Awakens
  211. Thought he had a red arm?
  212. Carrie Fisher Dead- Are the Episode IX script writer's okay or scrambling now?
  213. TFA Deleted Scenes
  214. Anakin Skywalker set to appear in the last Jedi
  215. TFA Astromechs?
  216. Force Awakens: What would they drive?
  217. anakin lightsaber?
  218. What changes would George Lucas make to the Force Awakens?
  219. Why are the sequel ships derivative but the aliens not?
  220. 'The Last Jedi' Trailer
  221. The Force Awakens is the worst movie of all time
  222. Definitive Proof that Rey is a Reincarnation of The Chose One (Anakin=Darth Vader=Rey)...
  223. Ep IX loses director
  224. Could Rey be another hidden child of Anakin? Parallel's another famous story.
  225. Got my tickets for The Last Jedi already!
  226. Have you been struck with PORG-fever ?
  227. New Star Wars Trilogy Announced *OFFICIAL*
  228. Star wars Survey
  229. TLJ - Your thoughts, reaction and reviews
  230. Box Office Predictions
  231. Favourite film order.
  232. How I would do SW different than the evil corporations that butchered what I loved
  233. Where the Prequel and Sequels messed up (in my opinion)
  234. This thread is for people who donít enjoy the TLJ or the Sequal trilogy.
  235. I'm asking Disney for a (symbolic) refund from "The Last Jedi."
  236. Possible Directors / Writers
  237. Please give rating for Disney films!
  238. Please give rating for Disney films!
  239. Were Our OT Heroes Honored or Ruined?
  240. I saw TLJ and I enjoyed it!!!!!
  241. A New Hope and Last Jedi parallels
  242. Which One Of You Did This?
  243. How Disney Can Fix Star Wars
  244. Can We Talk About the Maz Kanata TLJ Scene?
  245. Did you like TLJ, Yes or No?
  246. For the OT fans that hated TLJ....
  247. TLJ haters, would you choose a Trilogy about the Sith or the current trilogy?
  248. Last Jedi. Its not bad, but...
  249. In defense of "space bombers"
  250. What You Liked About The Last Jedi (not what you didn't)