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  2. Ebay - seller with recent bad feedback
  3. Decadetoys at it again
  4. "davistulsa" on ebay...an official scam!!
  5. Add another to the scumbag list!
  6. Repro vs real weapons
  7. Repro Cape
  8. Stormtrooper Blaster - Is this one bogus??
  9. lookin shady ..should I post this eslewhere?
  10. is dalekdel up to no good again?
  11. "Swimming with Sharks" eBay article / Newsweek
  12. Recard?
  13. Saving Ebay pages to harddrive
  14. This seller dieselcubed(UK) seems up to no good
  16. New Vintage Categories
  17. Another Ebay Scam
  18. Rocet Fett on eBay
  20. Ebay BELISETX
  21. MY EBAY account was breached !!!....
  22. Never got one of these from ebay before...
  23. anybody know ebay seller terratung ?
  24. What do you do if you think you've been scammed???
  25. Here's one way to get the price you want.....
  26. How do U stop a known scammer from buying off U?
  27. eBay sale issue, opinions please.
  28. Disco Obi Wan lol
  29. Is this for real????
  30. Check the new eBay icon!
  31. Shipping from Germany
  32. Trailer park DT kenobi
  33. I can't believe this scam WHATCH OUT READ ASAP
  34. Whats this all about
  35. James, you're not alone: SCAM AFA 85 12-back Leia!
  36. -
  37. $461 for a Bespin Guard???
  38. GRAND THEFT / LILI LEDY / $6500.00 US
  39. Star wars experts! is this a reseal?
  40. rotj carded vader
  41. Packaging and Insurance dispute
  42. Just a little scam heads up to everyone.....
  43. Watch Out! Possible POTF Coin Fraud
  44. Warning: re-sealed figs in Cantina Set
  45. DT Saber Vader real or fake ?
  46. Need Help from Italian Member
  47. unvaified Luke dt
  48. Yakface Prototype? is this real?
  49. Muftak an TSC card
  50. warning-possibly shaun neinest?
  51. 20K for a vinyl-caped jawa?
  52. The infamous 13 Back finally surface
  53. ...this hurts...superglue Vlix...
  54. Current scam on Ebay
  55. WARNING! shaun neinest has a new ebay name!
  56. Ebay trolls
  57. Appreciate any help - Prototype
  58. Help! Big POTF MOC lot missing in post from Canada
  59. New "Question from Ebay Member" Email Scam
  60. Possible SCAM - Vader UZAY
  61. All I need now is a Boba Fett Pancake!!!!
  62. What's Up Here ????
  63. DAMMIT!
  64. I'm not familiar with Palitoy but this looks fake
  65. Blocking seller?
  66. Just a little French story
  67. Potf biker scout scam auction
  68. Not A Scam.... Yet...
  69. Recarded Figures
  70. Taken for $10 by RS member...
  71. was this a scam? COULD it have been...?
  72. Help needed.
  73. 12" fett
  74. Recarded or Not Recarded 2-1B
  75. Rocket Fett, what do you think?
  76. There at it again-Ebay scam,& again!
  77. Watch out! Uzay Bluestars
  78. Question about Luke Jedi Blue Saber
  79. bad lack of description
  80. Ledy unused parts/prototypes?? (Updated with pics)
  81. GOA Rancor
  82. Heavy POTF Coins
  83. A good chuckle....
  84. questionable new seller
  85. Premonition of an Ugly Future
  86. Female Stormtrooper
  87. D.T. Vader MOC on eBay
  88. Suspect LL Jawa auction(s). Please be careful..
  89. All out war on repros and fakes?
  90. Heads up ! New repo POTF Anakin from you know who.
  91. How to tell between custom and vintage proofs?
  92. Does anyone know what this stuff is worth??
  93. New Batch of Repros!!!!
  94. Repro capes?
  95. Question on how to spot fake Uzay & YPS
  96. Displays ok, Ive had him in a star case for years
  97. OT: Suggestion for more effective warnings
  98. An [censored] climing hes selling...
  99. Lumat hole in the back of the card
  100. Resealed boxed items
  101. Tri-Logo Figure Variants?
  102. "Real" Rocket firing L Slot Boba
  103. eBay user sinnation1978 - anyone know him?
  104. Question about ebay shipping on multiple items
  105. Great auction but not completely...
  106. e-bay phishing gets more sophisticated
  107. ugtoys
  108. WTF on eBay
  109. billyboyrodgers?
  110. Star Wars Ebay Auctions!!!
  111. a little bit of shadeyness on Ebay.
  112. Lili Ledy Chewy
  113. Shady Luke Stormtrooper on ebay...
  114. Vintage Sand!!!
  115. Luke Bespin first shot on eBay
  116. Legit?
  117. revenge offer super rare
  118. Question: Reproduction Website
  119. Look - a custom Dagbah playset!
  120. Silly Snaggletooth auction on ebay
  121. Big lot of original "repro" weapons
  122. Reward Offered for lost items...
  123. just take care about those auctions
  124. Do these potf coins look real?
  125. question on shipping
  126. The Magic of price stickers
  127. So i think i just bought a recard... Any help?
  128. Repro's
  129. A painful sight to look at...
  130. why is this so high?
  131. Luke Prototype Coin
  132. eBay--POTF Proof advice
  133. Stormtrooper Lily ledy
  134. Good deal? question
  135. Copy Auction China
  136. A must have for any Luke variant collector
  137. "Vintage" Prune Face Polish Bootleg
  138. Anyone know who owns this collection?
  139. What the heck is with people recent bad buying exp
  140. Fake ESB Display Stand Auction! Beware!
  141. gotta love ebay
  142. ev9d9 sellers on ebay???
  143. seller, international, package, and labor fee ...
  144. Anyone Tempted?
  145. Questionable Uzay item!!
  146. VC Jawa real or fake?
  147. Fair price for MOC FARMBOY BROWN HAIR LUKE
  148. Lili Ledy? Ebay.
  149. Can post ebay feedback after 60 days?
  150. Looking for Sandy-River to complete a deal we made
  151. Hammerhead with cover up sticker
  152. WARNING! Spoofing and Phishing AT eBay!
  153. Yoda original at fox studios used for cgi scanning
  154. Anyone know eBayer: toynostalgiaman!
  155. Trilogo set for sale !
  156. Wow!
  157. Ebay / Paypal collusion?
  158. Easy Bake Oven Uzay Head Man
  159. Carded 4-LOM
  160. What A Bargain !!
  161. Vintage Yoda Hardcopy...
  162. Robwolf
  163. LL Zuckuss MOC on ebay
  164. Urgent - please read this - SCAM ALERT
  165. E-Gold? Gold-Ex?
  166. 100% original LILI LEDY figures! ARE YOU SURE???
  167. Not orange haired Luke on ebay
  168. funny Chief Chirpa MOC auction
  169. perhaps wrapping my mouse in a condom will help...
  170. Need Ebay Contact Information About Ebay Scam
  171. Vintage Leeches
  172. ROBWOLF: FS: AFA80-90 MOC 12backs & more-ALL SOLD
  173. .
  174. Leia Bespin Auction - Fluke or Real Price?
  175. OT: Problems with "MY Ebay" on Ebay. Anyone else?
  176. Rocket Boba on ebay. Is it real??
  177. Too many reseals!!
  178. Anybody see this one?
  179. $15 reasonable for Vintage Jawa accessories-bought it for $9 Thanks
  180. Lucky Suckers!!
  181. POTF Coins skyrocket???
  182. What the heck is this?
  183. $10,000 Tri-logo AFA graded Jawa
  184. ebay ID member on this forum?
  185. My OLD ebay account got hacked, ruined my NEW one!
  186. What's your favorite Ebay Seller Quote???
  187. ESB six pack on eBay
  188. double trouble ??
  189. Was the VOTC line really THAT great of an idea?...
  190. Fake Lili Ledy auction from China!
  191. LOL at eBay auction. Wow! What a deal. ;)
  192. Is it me or has eBay jacked with its look again.
  193. Watch out for "suebecher" on ebay
  194. Price sticker damage cover-up
  195. What would you guys do?? Need help!
  196. hmmm. don't seem to remember this in the movie
  197. ESB Han Bespin auction
  198. WTB: Romba & Lumat Hoods
  200. Bad Packing Skills by eBay Seller: jasonkristjan
  201. lol - Biggs Darklighter - only $279.83....
  202. Dictionary.com ... Kenner Vlix....
  203. I just like the title of this auction
  204. rocket firing fett
  205. do not buy from this idiot
  206. Ebay.de - ESB 21-back Han Solo
  207. UPDATE: Sensing a disturbance in the force on eBay
  208. Another sealed case??????????????
  209. Wot no BIN?
  210. ROTJ 2PACK sold by jeeperc_reeper
  212. auction to watch out for on ebay
  213. "last 17", my b*tt!
  214. 2 x chinese 21 back Bobas (AFA)
  215. Let the force be with you----------what the heck??
  216. Does this sounds like a serious Internet shop
  217. eBay
  218. oldfart68 Please Contact Me
  219. Now here's a deal...
  220. Ebay auction: this one is good for a chuckle
  221. Amazing...... deal of the century!!
  222. A ebay nut
  224. Crazy money for a Glasslite!
  225. Ebay help! Has this happened to anyone else?
  226. fake hungarian boolegs moc
  227. I'm DEFINATELY buying this!!!!!!!!
  228. Reputable eBay Sellers
  229. This recarder isn't very good
  230. Not A Prototype!
  231. chinese ebay dodgy dealings part 2
  232. Recarders strike again.
  233. Bye Bye Private Feedback -- Yay Ebay!
  234. And I Thought Foreign Auto Parts Were Expensive
  235. Great Boba Fett deal
  236. TIE Interceptor over $1k?
  237. Vader 12 inches LL CUSTOM on Ebay
  238. Argh!! I forgot to bid!!!
  239. ESB TIE Fighter Pilot MOC factory error?
  240. Ridiculous vintage custom Luke
  241. Legit Red-caped Bib Fortuna???
  242. Lili Ledy auction.
  243. Advice/comments on a recent ebay deal please..
  244. Pretend You Are In Star Wars / Dr. Who
  245. Finally resolved
  246. Should I be worried, UK shipping to US
  247. Screwed up Tri logo
  248. fishy?
  249. A little clarification for the newb, please...
  250. LOOK WHAT I JUST WON FOR $1.86!!!!