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  1. Confused about an AFA Graded 21 back Boba Fett Auction
  2. Duplicate
  3. Uzay Blue Star on Ebay
  4. Seriously? You used that packaging trooper32794?
  5. Terminology question: what are "recards"
  6. Paploo question...
  7. Did I just get taken by an ebay Fake vinyl jawa 12 back?
  8. 1983 jedi luke
  9. Found these trolling craigslist - orlando
  10. Vintage Star Wars POTF AT-AT Driver MOC Custom? Test Sample?? Proof Card???
  11. Fakes with Yellow Bubbles, Price Tag Residue, and Card Wear!
  12. Obiwaninbigd1971
  13. Fake 3 pack on ebay
  14. Tri logo Yak Face with weapon, question
  15. Read this gibberish!
  16. Ebay seller " salm-be " sold me FAKE figure - AVOID !
  17. Takara R2-D2 on ebay - definitely "watch out"
  18. Sellers selling Toy Tonis without declaring them
  19. 12 Back Luke Fake or Not
  20. Ebay bidding history on High Value item
  21. Ebay User bavo6
  22. 12 Back R2D2: Possible Fake.
  23. Ponyboy6874 Suspicious activity..
  24. yikes...
  25. Is there a resource that shows how to detect fake cards / carded figures?
  26. ESTY fake 12 backs.
  27. fake 12-back stormtrooper?
  28. The quality of ebay?
  29. ...this is NOT a Lili Ledy MOC RK ( it´s a reseal)...ebay auction
  30. jedibabu - Caution if dealing with him
  31. Spotting fake vintage star wars figures!!!!
  32. Post Office Insurance Claim Fun!
  33. Huh? You want what for how much?
  34. Help Please - What's A Fair Resolution Here?
  35. Question regarding resealed bubbles
  36. Please help me identify if these are reseals/recards
  37. Ebay raise final sales fee caps from £75 to £250 !!
  38. Fake 21 Back Fett...
  39. Red flag phrases ebay sellers use....
  40. Fake Vader 12 back
  41. Going through a dispute on eBay, need some help!
  42. Authenticating Boxed Vintage SW Toys
  43. Cloud Car Pilot on Ebay
  44. Tatooine Skiff - vintage or not?
  45. EBAY now using Global Shipping to RIP OFF overseas buyers purchasing from UK.
  46. Replicator Reproduction and the Proliferation of Repro Boxes and Store Displays
  47. Reproduction packaging label...
  48. Disclosing reconditioning: AFA "light cleaning" service
  49. Crazy shipping costs on ebay....
  50. Is eBay charging listing fees again?
  51. Ebay Finds!
  52. Touched up, or original??
  53. Footer Cards..??
  54. Starange looking photos on Ebay, is this Moser ??
  55. Leia bubble
  56. OUCH - Expensive Mistake For Someone......
  57. Lili ledy bib fortuna
  58. Possible Uzay reseal is sold as original seal
  59. C3P0 Re-Pro??
  60. Fake 12 Back Stormtrooper...
  61. Fake or just a screwed up Jawa eye paint
  62. *Never Mind* - Some Sellers Need To Learn How To Take Pics
  63. eBay, Seller & UPS
  64. Watch out for this guy on ebay!!
  65. Urgent help please : Does this tauntaun look right?
  66. Illegitimate 12 Back Han Auction...
  67. Has Randall Peenk Daniels gone "pro" with his own website?!
  68. Beware of Susan Noel - selling 12 backs with plagiarized photos
  69. eBay / PayPal down?
  70. Should I get a ROTJ Obi-Wan Error Graded or sell as is?
  71. Takara help needed please !!!
  72. Are these real opinions please
  73. Luke Bespin MOC...weapon in hand?
  74. Is something shady going on with these eBay auctions?
  75. Post office help
  76. Ebay Search Down?
  77. DarkLordSith1978 - Beware
  78. ....more REPRO LILI LEDY MOC's....eBay auction..
  79. ......another LL Boba Fett Removable Rocket)...
  80. Delete please
  81. Curious Question on Reproduction Weapons
  82. Buyer Reneges on a Deal
  83. Known ToyToni psudenyms ?
  84. Polish POS Scammer - Katarzyna Rymer (Kasia)
  85. Carded Vlix on Ebay for $3000
  86. Help needed: Droids Boba Fett MOC Legit?
  87. Opinions Needed: My R5 Looks PHUNKY
  88. BEWARE ebay user monikrisz (real name Mónika Demeter)
  89. Hello, my first post..a question about white fuzzies on sealed figures
  90. advice please
  91. This seems strange
  92. POP removed, covered-up and AFA graded 80
  93. Possible scammer: zach22 here on RS...
  94. 12 inch accessories...
  95. Cardbacks with minimal tear away or peeling
  96. Repro Madness!
  97. Beautiful ROTJ AFA graded Yoda on ebay- beware- crushed bubble
  98. Repro 12 Backs Listed as Authentic
  99. Lili Ledy eBay seller
  100. Poon 21-back fett, roughed up with price sticker.
  101. Can you spot the vintage errors?
  102. Your thoughts?
  103. Edge of card question on ESB cards
  104. NOT a DT Vader
  105. Toltoys VC Jawa - Deceptive auction
  106. pawelp197202 - scammer
  107. Vinyl Cape Jawa went missing
  108. I think I might have boughten a fake on EBay.
  109. Possible fake 12 Back A C3PO advice wanted
  110. HOW BAD is this fake, lol ?
  111. early mailer box ebay
  112. ESB light-up sign
  113. Vinyl Cape Jawa MOC
  114. Any Tips on Saving eBay Fees? Need some help from High-Volume Sellers
  115. 12 inch 1979 Vintage prototype "Luke in X-wing"
  116. Fake coins on eBay issue in process of being resolved
  117. Revenge...leia...carded????? What is this
  118. Question about loose fake figure. are they out there?
  119. Bob Lockhart aka GIJoeTradePost a member here?
  120. Not so much of a watch out, but more like a "pay attention" to eBay seller the-mego-maniac
  121. Need help identifying a re-seal
  122. RF Fett Shocktrooper
  123. Classifieds request for images
  124. Spotting fake carded figures.
  125. Original or recard
  126. I think I spotted a Fake with Damage on Ebay: Imperial Stormtrooper HOTH
  127. Are you serious?!?!
  128. Mexican border patrol opened sealed box
  129. Another ebay plagiarism scam. Beware of Tony Madilia
  130. Hahahahabahaha
  131. Repro 12 back Han
  132. Original Peg Tab Unpunched 12 Back Cardback MOC
  133. Bad POTF C3PO On Ebay
  134. It does state recard, revalveit etc but...
  135. Ebay User ID "classic_item" - Scammer/Beware - MOC BOBA FETT ESB
  136. Watch Out : Vintage star wars vinyl cape Jawa
  137. Does anyone know "masterstoyou" on eBay???
  138. Not A Watch Out But... Oil Covered USPS Box
  139. Early Bird Double Telescoping DT Lightsaber Luke Skywalker
  140. An RS member seems to be bothered by a non-gift Paypal transaction
  141. 12 Back Darth Vader on eBay
  142. Jedi Training Ball
  143. "Toltoys" figures
  144. Repro 12 Back Chewbacca
  145. Does anyone know : psboym2 from Mexico?
  146. Tri logo Yak Face with weapon - Touch ups and glue!
  147. Anyone know this guy? Bill Co? from Warren, MI
  148. Yoda Green Snake - like REAL green??
  149. This is why repros are bad - FAKE YAK FACE
  150. beyondmortalitytoys are they repable
  151. boba fett number help
  152. To reseal or not to reseal that is the question......... help with ID
  153. Joseph Dirocco - eBay User ID: JD8106 - Sellers Beware!!
  154. Need a payment question answered...
  155. Japanese Takara Beheaded by…. who?
  156. snakeriverman on ebay
  157. Thoughts on Tri Logo Stormtrooper
  158. NEW wave of MEXICAN bootleg fakes
  159. RS member "freshman"
  160. rodonia360 discount toys store?
  161. BEWARE - Bogus Top Toys Luke MOC on ebay
  162. Reproductions?
  163. Possible FAKE Plastic Cape Jawa 12 Back on Ebay:
  164. Scam Alert - I'm Pretty Positive This Is Just A Potato Chip
  165. Etsy Csmexartco
  166. Measurements for Palitoy Death Star Instruction Sheet
  167. 1st post
  168. Any threads about loose figure touch ups?
  169. Bubble Help/ Is this a re-seal or legit ?
  170. Mark Poon Vlix
  171. "Click for full item description" on eBay
  172. Is this bubble cracked ??
  173. How long should I wait to complain about a transaction?
  174. RESOLVED! Thread Can Be Locked
  175. The vintage market must really be heating up...
  176. Anyone familiar with allegheny_city_vintage? / Orange snake question
  177. OMG! Aussiejames!
  178. Seller from Mexico Said Be patient Now Ebay wont help Me !!!! what to do???
  179. eBay's "Global Shipping Program"....Not 1 but 3 PACKAGES LOST! LONG RANT!
  180. Recard Biker Scout on ebay
  181. ebay rant
  182. Lili Ledy Bib Fortuna Fake. Watch out ChicagoPackRat.
  183. Two figures stolen!
  184. Lily Ledy Boush Fake + fake Helmet Help???
  185. Recently Made Mexican/SA Jabba and MORE!
  186. Hamill, Fisher and Ford autographs: real or fake?
  187. Boba fett mailer baggie with crooked heat seal?
  189. RS User "carpetdragon" - No Figure or Communication After One Month
  190. ot: HELL NO !!!
  191. BEWARE!!! Ebay Seller Selling reproduction 12 backs as the real deal!!!
  192. Yak Face LOOSE sells between 450 and 900?!?! has the world gone insane?
  193. Polish Original OB1
  194. Is this a fake? 79 back ROTJ jawa
  195. Ebay Sears Cantina- sealed RED NOT blue Snag!
  196. Are these 12 backs real?
  197. China Pumping out REPRODUCTION Vintage Star Wars Figures... alibaba.com
  198. Suspicious Private Message.
  199. Are paint touch up common on loose figs?
  200. Recarded Romba?
  201. Opinons On Two Top Toys Luke Jedi Capes
  202. 12 backs on ebay...
  203. Bad buyer: Damien Kane on ebay as its-dk75
  204. Ebay seller selling paint stripped Death Star Droid & C-3PO as "possible prototypes"
  205. need a little help real or fake?
  206. Looking for Ebay S***N with 455 feedback, need help did nothing wrong
  207. Ot : Chargeback advice please ?
  208. UZAY SCAMMER - be aware!!!! RS: Blue Stars for $1600 + DSD
  209. Beware of Rebelscum user Estarguarz-retrotoyscollectibles@yahoo.com
  210. Custom Made vs Repro
  211. Beware Kenner Indiana Jones 4 Back from eBay seller dfresh77
  212. Lili Ledy CCP Com-Link rip off...
  213. Paypal to Offer refund on return shipping.
  214. Blue snag on Ebay
  215. Beware fakes...
  216. Sick of ebay buyers ruining my feedback!
  217. 12A Luke on eBay
  218. 'REAL' or 'FAKE' - PLEASE HELP!!!
  219. Unopened Boba Fett from Empire Strikes back 1982
  220. Beware Ebay seller: designer251975 from El Paso sells MOC with undisclosed repair!
  221. Watch out for Littlejohn Auctions, Inc. Auburn, IM
  222. Time to pack my bags and leave RS.....
  223. Vintage Star Wars Lot on eBay
  224. SCAMMER ALERT: Wilbert "Wilco" Stam
  225. Comics Spain blog images on ebay
  226. Question on deal "protocol" when item goes missing in postal system
  227. Still waiting for a partial refund from Grand_Moff_Aaron
  228. BEWARE Lili ledy boba fett on ebay
  229. *UPDATE* - Faked AFA 21 Back Fett and Meccano Jawa on eBay
  230. Is this the same figure?
  231. getting pm'd about wtb list by people claiming to have feedback on ebay when its not them!
  232. someone impersonating me on Rebel Scum forums?
  233. Hungarian carded
  234. New Repro ALERT: Early Bird Kit Action Stand Coupon *** Seller devjohn ***
  235. UK Seller peddling "MINT" Vintage Stormtrooper just a heads up
  237. Fake vintage R2 promo?
  238. Strange EBay Happening, Not Really Watch Out
  239. Legit Ebay sellers of vintage lots
  240. Star Wars 21 back Luke farmboy
  241. Possible Fake Star Wars Sand People 12-B AFA 85 on ebay...
  242. Glasslite Snowtrooper AFA?
  243. hf-toys NOT a J-slot
  244. Phony 12-back luke?
  245. Did I get scammed on a vintage ESB ATST. Was I sold a rebuild?
  246. The Fall of Darth Yoda
  247. Boba Fett action figure question
  248. fake ebay return, sold the item on Ebay
  249. eBay Alternate Sculpt Takara Stoomtrooper AFA - wrong blaster
  250. Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard