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  1. Best Ebay picture EVER!
  2. Beat up Repro 12 Backs
  3. eBay Global Shipping Program?
  4. No more email info on Ebay
  5. Free waffle cone with figure purchase
  6. Black Wampa. Does it exist?
  7. Block Ebay member tmed3023 AKA Tyler Medeiros of Utah
  8. first time Ebayers - fake accounts?
  9. Colour touched Fett Bell display sign
  10. General Post: Amazon will ''officially'' compete against eBay on collectibles! Yeah!
  11. a bunch of stormies
  12. everything is original .... hmm
  13. Watch out: eBay ID jimcmc | Feedback Score Of 1368 |
  14. Ebay seller advertises one thing sends another
  15. Rough night? Haha
  16. Shipping outside the USA - OUCH!
  17. Real Chewy, Repro, Recard...?
  18. Some people arent even trying anymore
  19. More fake 12 backs Y'all
  20. Newbie needs help!!!
  21. Fun With Ebayers!!
  22. PoPy Set Scam
  23. Is this a joke?
  24. Re-sealer or ebayer has the most gunner card luke and esb r2-d2 seller ever!?
  25. You have to see this,terrible packaging job.
  26. Watch Out May be retouched Prune Face
  27. Another tale of ebay frustration
  28. Hammerhead.....In "Good" Condition LOL
  29. Looks like some bought it and realized its a fake/recard
  30. Lock please
  31. Boba Fett 21 Back...What a scammer!
  32. Funny Chinese Package Fraud
  33. Help needed Please
  34. Recent fail seller.
  35. superherogames challenging my reputation
  36. RE: Paypal gift payment not safe.
  37. He's Back
  38. Frauded with repro weapons
  39. Help for me as well
  40. just need a place
  41. Be carefull with mr jawa
  42. NZ Toltoys ESB Boba Fett Variation.Another FAKE???????
  43. OT...Ben'sToybarn
  44. Was this for real? If so, what was it? Weird Yoda on ebay.
  45. Counterfeit ESB Vader
  46. Polish Zuckuss on eBay (a couple)
  47. No need to say anything about it but laugh..
  48. "Hooker" Princess Leia doll
  49. Ebay Spring update higher fees
  50. are paypal gift or payment owed payments kaput??
  51. More poorly package item from ebay.
  52. Did anyone else catch this? eBay allows shill biddng???
  53. Shill Bidding "Extraordinaire"?
  54. Newbie needs help... Episode deux!!!
  55. WATCH OUT - Jedijawas
  56. ebay user pornstar1972
  57. Australian Paypal payment options changed?
  58. VOC Vinyl Caped jawa over priced?
  59. Vinyl Jawa Fake.......
  60. gotta say ive never seen one of these before!!
  61. Blue Snaggletooth
  62. Top Toys Repro Accessories
  63. Have you ever heard of AFA not confirming or denying authenticity of a VC Jawa?
  64. WATCH OUT: Jon Irwin Chelsea Brackett aka "rokgrl" FRAUD harassment extortion
  65. Beggars_Canyon
  66. What ever happened to Vinnels99?
  67. Seller doesn't know what MISB means
  68. Reseal or not?
  69. The humor thread
  70. Can anyone explain WHY???
  71. Problem with a seller...
  72. Need some advice - to refund or not to refund
  73. Resealed Luke
  74. Is this a reseal? Opinions needed...
  75. Ebay ratings.
  76. ebay: finalfrontier
  77. Fake 21 back Fett?
  78. MOC vintage rookie here...need opinion if this is resealed please!
  79. Bad seller. Bobachris
  80. Is every seller with questionable items always away when they close?
  81. WTF is a DT Vader ERROR?
  82. Afa vs MOC..??
  83. WTB: ESB Luke and/or Han AFA 85...
  84. "Echobaseincs" +Kennerbabe.....=36 yr old Man
  85. New 12" & 3.75" Bootleg Kenner Stormtroopers
  86. my interest is peaked...
  87. Well I Think this will be a Repro
  88. Cut card tops set of 12 Backs on eBay
  89. Is this reasonable? (shipping cost)
  90. Have I been tricked?
  91. The most ridiculous auction?
  92. Has Any One Dealt With DallasVintageToys on eBay?
  93. shooterpeterson's 2nd Watch Out Thread this week
  94. I think I was rooked
  95. Ebay'er jakesnakey's MISB Jabba the Hutt
  96. IS this real?
  97. Need to find who won this bootleg Luke
  98. "found" Luke bespin in eBay
  99. Not Exactly A Watch Out, But I R S is coming.
  100. Very Fake Vintage Hungarian MOC Boba Fett
  101. More Fake 12 backs / 21 backs
  102. Second Harbert Boba Fett?! And much much more!
  103. "Don't buy inferior rubbish"
  104. Seeking Community Support: Petitioning ebay for accountability, consumer abuse
  105. 'reproductive' boba fett
  106. Has anyone noticed Earlyretiree's auctions going off today?
  107. Why did this sell for so much?
  108. UPDATE; ebay's defective checkout system & mobile glitch report
  109. UK to US shipping and VAT
  110. Oh USPS, you guys suck
  111. Funny ebay auctions
  112. Watch Out: ebay user bidfortuna / Marcus Deering
  113. Fake 12 Back Vader
  114. Count Vader
  115. User : colpar
  116. never understood how a seller can give attitude
  117. Want to start selling on fleabay... questions...
  118. talking about sweating bullets.....
  119. Ridiculous - Nearly $400 For A Loose Wampa?
  120. Prototype??? Oh come on!!
  121. Here we go again...
  122. RR Ledy Fett NO GOOD!
  123. Weird 12-back vader????? (Auction just finished)... is this real?
  124. chances of selller pulling listed item?
  125. Attempted Scam by fellow Cincinnatian Phil Wong: BUSTED!!!
  126. New vinyl caped jaw MOC unpunched......
  127. Send to online auction - ebay
  128. Dallas Vintage Toys
  129. The Vintage "Is This Real?" Thread, Please Post Opinions!
  130. Chewy is this even necessary...
  131. Vinyl Caped jawa seems to be popular this week
  132. Non sending eBay sellers list.. (inspired by SeerDrakon)
  133. How are fake vintage weapons made???
  134. Vent About eBay Sellers
  135. Darth Vader ( Brians Toys ) DT Auction
  136. Southbeachtoyz is a scam artist.Do not buy or sell to him
  137. 12 back (A) Darth Vader so cheap, it concerns me.
  138. User : Colpar ( vs JAVD ) , the outcome
  139. do we all hate REPROS?
  140. If This VC Jawa Is Fake I May Literally Explode
  141. Rebel Soldier... Hoth Battle Gear?!
  142. Watch Out: Fake Stormtrooper 12 back
  143. IS it ok to post current ebay to check for validity?
  144. How to tell authenticity of polish bootleg?
  145. 12 Back Darth Vader White background colored footer: Legit?
  146. Double Telescoping Darth Vader Lightsaber
  147. Fake POTF Yak Face
  148. Grading dishonesty question
  149. Incredible bidding prices for AFA 90 Kenner 12 backs on Brian's Toys
  150. Fake 12 Back Leia?
  151. who is responsible to pay fees: buyer or seller
  152. Real or Fake??
  153. Need a little help on a few figures...
  154. watch out for this SHILL BIDDER : blazejay
  155. Yak face
  156. Philadelphia Man Sues Ebay. Have you seen this?
  157. Duplicate item for auction?
  158. afa 90 droids makes a comeback
  159. Wow! Luke, Vader, and Obi-Wan DTs!
  160. Another fake VC Jawa?
  161. Ebay buyer "iabee" - Issue resolved
  162. Chewie Challenge
  163. Vintage price sticker question
  164. Yet another fake VC Jawa?
  165. Cardback Punch types
  166. VC Jawa - one real, one fake?
  167. Any Selling Etiquette In The Classified Section?
  168. Odd eBay watched item cancelled message
  169. B-Wing Pilot $1100??
  170. eBay Today 1355: Drool Worthy AFA Classic Kenner Figures
  171. A little help for a newbie please???
  172. ROTJ lunchbox scam - two sellers using the same photos
  173. POTF R2- Is it real?
  174. Is this 2-1B legit?
  175. Didn't receive ebay item...then later received it what to do?
  176. Brians Toys Experience
  177. Shady auctions...
  178. eBay Fees
  179. Don't deal with eBayer tolly704 Jason Tolliver
  180. Fake blue snaggs???
  181. what should i do?
  182. Auction said "US buyers only" - someone ignored that and bought it anway...
  183. Want to make sure this Tie Pilot MOC is Legit
  184. This auction made me laugh and had to share
  185. What are the policies on image copyrights on eBay?
  186. What do I do?
  187. EBay buyers that bid low to.....
  188. With telescoping lightsaber....lol
  189. Is this 21 back Boba Fett MOC legit?
  190. FXtoys....uses price stickers to cover up damage
  191. Bootleg Kenner-style Jumbo 12" Stormtrooper by Crazy Toys:
  192. Baggie watch out. Southbeachtoyz
  193. Hammerhead 21 Back reseal?
  194. Help verify authenticity?
  195. RS User ID wmherold and Ebay user lv4olas (Bill Herold)
  196. How to confirm an authentic DT lightsaber?
  197. Card cut / tampered with
  198. Best deal ever or mistake?
  199. Bargain of the day...
  200. So is Pablo Artesi still a zombie?
  201. Real of fake? Luke 48 back ESB
  202. Just another Ebay rant
  203. Un-Authentic signature piece
  204. Good deal Or Not?
  205. Another e-bay headcase
  206. Fake Prototype Droids and Ewok coins on Ebay
  207. Any Dutch Scummers deal with 'Donny' on Marktplaats this weekend ?
  208. Your thoughts on seller re-listing exact same item ive just bought on ebay ?
  209. Really? DT Vader.
  210. LMFAO
  211. Funny custom on ebay....
  212. Need some advice for potential purchase - authentic 12 backs?
  213. Ebay Seller tmiani Ships Vintage MOCs in Bubblewrap Envelopes
  214. Real or re-cards? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated....
  215. Anyone dealt with damian73, internation buyer from Argentina?
  216. Ebay Glitch Warning
  217. Anybody see this, do you think they are really that naive?
  218. Reseal or recard Lando
  219. Might be done with eBay- what are my options?
  220. Palitoy Vinyl Cape Jawa MOC
  221. eBay Seller ScaryChristmas is selling new items marketed as vintage.
  222. Grrrr Ledy Yoda Wrong
  223. eBay fees
  224. Kenner "We're Sorry" letter for Emperor Mail-in
  225. Ebay fake 12 back r2 D2
  226. people who renneg on deals...
  227. Real or Fake VC Jawa?
  228. Vinyl Caped Blue Star Vlix...
  229. Quick poll of the community
  230. Thought it only happens to others... Think I got scammed.
  231. Not even close
  232. Import Charges and Postage/Packaging
  233. You've got to be kidding me, Re: Paypal idiocy
  234. Dallas Vintage Toys - Shaun Neinast
  235. you be the judge
  236. So who should really pay the 4% on purchases with paypal, if you don't want to Gift.
  237. This Falcon looks like it's been put together by a deranged circus monkey.
  238. Vinyl caped jawa : real or fake
  239. Packagae nightmares: Warning to all shippers!!!
  240. Unbelievable!!! Some things just canít be forgiven!!
  241. Yak Face POTF seller does not have MOC!!!
  242. Check your closets everyone! I know I did after seeing this!!
  243. This has to be a reseal/repro!
  244. Who scored the POTF AT-AT Driver?
  245. Can Any French Scummers Help Me Understand This Better?
  246. Vinyl Cape Jawa
  247. kimbo1092 - Irresponsible & insufficient shipping/wont accept responsiblity.
  248. Order arrived after Ruling in my favour - next steps?
  249. My first escalated ebay experience
  250. eBay member torromac - anybody know him?