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  1. I GIVE UP ON UGH!!!
  2. Late 2006 - 2007 Saga or ?
  3. Where are all the taped VSTC's
  4. VTSC Shelfdate?
  5. Loose ones from Asia (China, Hong Kong, ...)
  6. OT: Opinion on Photo Archive menus
  7. Are you army building this Saga line?
  8. Predicting the future
  9. Loose Gunship Photos
  10. UGH or U.G.H. ?
  11. What is the best figure of 2006 Saga so far?
  12. When is darth mual coming out
  13. Are Evolution and VOTC basically the same?
  14. New Emperor from Wave 6?
  15. I'm banning VTSC Luke Pilot from my collection!
  16. which figure (character) could be from the OT
  17. New VTSC coming our way?
  18. New Vstc,Unleashed,Carded Hunt for Grievous pics
  19. Hasbro toy shop has clones
  20. Now this is refreshing to see!
  21. Target excl. Demise of Grevious (only UGH ?)
  22. LARGE Unleashed, When?
  23. Demise of Grievous: Error Found!
  24. My son's new Star Wars blog.
  25. Yet another Ebay "why?" auction...
  26. VOTC Biker Scout ?
  27. Lucas Figure Carded or open?
  28. wave 2.5
  29. What is Battlestar Galactica?
  30. Please RESCULPT Me!! (Original Trilogy)
  31. Official Saga2 Clearance Finds!!!
  32. I hate work when it takes over... Help on Figs
  33. Jorg Sacul Switching sides?
  34. Defense of Senate vs. Hunt for Grievous
  35. Hah...
  36. Is it VTSC or VSTC???!!!
  37. Question for people who trade here on Rebelscum...
  38. VOTC: Watch out- I just got ripped off
  39. Wrong thread but its a quick question...
  40. What's the name?
  41. Loose figure prices?
  42. Reliable Online Store for Set of 5 VTSC?
  43. Will we ever see Teek?
  44. Please RESCULPT Me!(Prequel Trilogy)
  45. sith looking grievous
  46. The Wookiee Got Scalped
  47. Titanium figures Cancelled??
  48. Amazon and ToysRUs buy 2 get 1 free offer. HELP
  49. Target let me down again...
  50. VOTC: Taped vs. Heat Sealed
  51. Target reset in April?
  52. Hasbro expected to make first Quarter losses.
  53. Hasbro's blunder DOh!
  55. If hasbro made.....
  56. Dustin or USCwannabe and Saga
  57. Who Are You Looking Forward To The Most? - Endor
  58. Fan's Choice Poll: Who did you vote for? V2
  59. VTSC Stickers That Are Up For Grabs Thread
  60. Would you buy VOTC/VTSC releases of every figure?
  61. Another UGH question........Sorry
  62. Combine TSC cardbacks to create complete scene!!
  63. can you use a photocopied redemption CERTIFICATE?
  64. Hasbro losses due to Saga?
  65. VTSC Sticker swap
  66. Hunt for grevious gunship
  67. UGH Figures Replacing the Figs you really want?
  68. Same old Same old
  69. EE 4.1 SHIPPING
  70. Buying the Saga Wave
  71. Is Hasbro going to stick with 'Saga Collection' ?
  72. SW on sale at Kmart
  73. Funny Brians Toys Prices
  74. What is Mace Windu's Squad?
  75. Hunt 4 Grevious questions!
  76. Wal-Mart
  77. Perk of the Job
  78. Darth Vader Hologram
  79. Throne Room Duel Luke
  80. Vintage Saga Clamshells?
  81. Are carded pics of Mos Eisley out there?
  82. A new question
  83. Biker Scout missing paint
  84. ugh vader up for trade
  85. UGH Already stopped shipping?
  86. VTSC at KBtoys.com
  87. Hasbro Toy shop
  88. Use Caution @ Walmart!
  89. vtsc luke being snapped up
  90. Online finds. (Post something that could help)
  91. Amazon has Utapau clone in stock n' AT AT preorder
  92. Pre - order Sept 1st Endor AT-AT
  93. Pre-order Classic Dagobah Vehicle figure Sep 1st
  94. A message to Hasbro...
  95. New Protective Cases for Saga Figures
  96. VTSC Warning Variation
  97. Target Reset
  98. delayed not cancelled????
  99. Would you buy "New" Vintage figures?
  100. Exclusives?
  101. Did Hasbro make a Turbo Tank or wookie catamaran?
  102. SoCalTarget store had virtually no SW's stuff left
  103. MOC buyers take note kbtoys.com VTSC UPC stickers
  104. Demise of Grevious #
  105. Caught Up Let-Down?
  106. Live in Florida? Wonder where all your clones are?
  107. Articulation Question Re Saga VTC Luke XWing Pilot
  108. MOC Collectors...help??
  109. How much do you spend on Collecting?
  110. Plain White Clone in Stih movie?
  111. Is Grievous still being made??
  112. Clone Wars Republic Gunship
  113. Heroes and Villains General Grievous
  114. Kit Fisto
  116. You have got to be kidding me! (SW vs TF)
  117. Shadow Trooper gone from shop.starwars.com?
  118. would it be wise to start a store report thread?
  119. Does Hasbro currently make an Ep2 Clone pilot??
  120. did hasbro mess up with the VOTC compared to...
  121. Greastest hit figs a waste of time and plastic.
  122. Is this possible?
  123. Grevious and the symbol on his cape
  124. Heroes and Villians are exclusives?
  125. Anakin figure ?
  126. Cody on KBtoys.com NOW!!!!
  127. New Unleashed Carded Pictures
  128. Does a Gunship fit inside an Ikea Detolf display?
  129. The Episode III Heroes and Villains Collection
  130. Hanging Vehicles
  131. Which Vader fits best in his tie fighter?
  132. Opening with out ruining the card?
  133. Why doesn't Hasbro focus on the 3-3/4" line?
  134. Sorry if anyones already posted this
  135. Hasbro's plans for the OT on DVD in September
  136. Possible Useful INFO for ARMY BUILDERS
  137. walmart UGH trays???
  138. Out of everything, why dont we have a Sail Barge?
  139. Is the Yavin Luke gonna be the Jedi version?
  140. Greatest Hits Heroes and Villains Wave 3
  141. VTSC Package variation?
  142. WARNING: VTSC Heat Seal NO GOOD!
  143. ugh dcpi #?
  144. Amazon.com Battle Pack has been corrected
  145. Is the Saga Collection growing too fast?
  146. Stolen Redemption Stickers from VSC solution
  147. A way to STICK IT to local scammers!
  148. What Cases (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc) come with what UGH
  149. Tusken Raider In Stock at KB
  150. New OTC2 line for Unaltered DVD release?
  151. Dagobah X-Wing - TRU Exclusive
  152. What's your favorite saga figure so far
  153. What type of line will follow the Saga Collection?
  154. Firespeeder Pilots: Does anyone share the love?
  155. Storage of Loose Figures
  156. Possible VTSC Variant Versions
  157. Anyone else hate those goofy pivot heads?
  158. action toy arena
  159. Escape from Tatooine Wave?
  160. Lucas Family Rip-Off
  161. Should Hasbro revisit the beast assortment?
  162. Has Anyone found any of the TRU ex. In stores yet?
  163. Shopstarwars.com Lucas Family Price Decrease 29.99
  164. SWS.com Vintage pre-order
  165. june shippings?
  166. Incorrectly printed Grievous cards
  167. watch out for schananigans is pittsburgh
  168. Commander Cody #024 SAGA COLLECTION
  169. Anyone break a promise concerning SAGA 06?
  170. Foul Moudama Error!!!
  171. Greatest Hits Heroes and Villains Wave 4???
  172. Those who ordered VTSC from EE.
  173. New Unleashed
  174. Please tell me more about the new lightsabers?
  175. H&V - Clone Pilot #06
  176. ROTS Vaders, scissors, tape, and jerks oh my!
  177. Breaking the Bank: 2006
  178. Replacement guns/lightsabers
  179. Available Now Shadow Stormtrooper SWS.com Ex
  180. Another figure switcheroo
  181. storage questions
  182. proof stickers
  183. Tape-Sealed VOTC.....Where???
  184. Are there gonna be any more VTSC coming out??
  185. I am doing a prodject for school and need some....
  186. Hasbro re-releasing EVERYTHING
  187. Question for those who have Standing Vader
  189. anybody else notice this...?
  190. Can't get enough of lightsabers!
  191. What happened to Cagno Cases?
  192. Battle of Kashyyyk? Is this gonna happen?
  193. What is the best way to open my VSC Covers?
  194. Order 66 Themed Wave!!
  195. Anybody else seen this?
  196. Cantina Deluxe idea
  197. AT AT with Veers! picture
  198. Ultimate Galactic Hunt
  199. UGH packaging pictures anywhere?
  200. Apologies... But I need to vent about a scalper!!
  201. Darth Vader's Starfighter (Black Version)
  202. VTSC at Amazon
  203. Boba Fett Custom Chopper Variation???
  204. VTSC done at Wal-Mart?
  205. Darth Vader's Fighter
  206. AAT and Hailfire Droid PICS!
  207. Target customer service wins the VTSC trophy!!!
  208. Getting new vehicles without preordering
  209. New find...If anyone cares
  210. Do Hasbro sell replacemant heads
  211. The Hunt for General Grievous Battlepack Ver. II
  212. Target Price Drop?
  213. Hard time passing on Orange Clones?
  214. Need info on Titaniums
  215. Jedi Academy Triology
  216. What are people doing with their Senate Pods?
  217. Lucas Collector's Set - Lucas Family Ver. II
  218. VTSC - NON UGH Question
  219. Readily Available clone legion packs?
  220. Is it worth it?
  221. Etiquette when the store doors open: do we run?
  222. selling your soul..as in spending a fortune on..
  223. Figure Fixups
  225. Protective Cases for Saga??
  226. Greatest Hits Figures, Another cheap thing...
  227. Utapau clone trooper
  228. TOP TEN: Vintage Collection 2006-2007
  229. Titanium Luke Skywalker & Darth Mual?
  230. Packing my stuff
  231. can someone help me out with this
  232. Cartoon Network Gunship Pilot?
  233. any paypal coupons?
  234. TSC Imperial Shuttle
  236. Insurance on your collection
  237. Can I find pics of all Ep3 Clones in one place?
  238. Figures With Options - Want More?
  239. Can someone help with all of the Jedi figures???
  240. whats wrong with saga distribution?
  241. does anyone besides me want Titanium figs to fail?
  242. This auction speaks for itself.
  243. Disappointed in the best way
  244. Favourite Saga figure
  245. Lucky from Amazon
  246. Fabric clothing: An important subject
  247. A thought about exclusives
  248. Star wars collectors in Huntsville AL
  249. 5 most wanted repacks
  250. A Pet Peeve