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  1. Give me more PADME AMIDALAs!!!!!!!
  2. a little off topic but....
  3. Anyone going to make Cody a Shadow Trooper Cmndr?
  4. Open Letter to guy who jacked up card corners...
  5. specific fig/holo combo?
  6. ridiculous prices for scorch on ebay
  7. I have to admit, I have become a scalper.
  8. Hasbro Toyshop
  9. wal mart question?
  10. Saga 2006 Collection over in July?
  11. Dpci #'s..
  12. Coruscant Wave
  13. Do we Brits get left out by Hasbro?
  14. General Veers-let down compared with Admiral Ozzel
  15. Toyytroplis is a delivery scammer.
  16. point of choppers???
  17. UGH in stores?
  18. Next most wanted figure for Saga???
  19. Scorch or Cody, which will be harder to find?
  20. The Collectors Strike Back...
  21. Trade Website Done Free Listings Through March!
  22. Entertainment Earth's Next Exclusive. . .
  23. SKN # for TRU Battle Pack Clones??
  24. Soft Goods or No?
  26. Target HAUL for the Day....
  27. to vtsc or not to vtsc
  28. Utapau Clone Trooper #26 v2
  29. blast!
  30. I dont understand 'Scalping'
  31. Glad to see a resurgence in anti scalper mentality
  32. I FOUND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Utapau Clone Trooper #26 v2
  34. Early Bird redemption question....
  35. Another "Lava" Darth Vader is coming...
  36. hasbro has to make this
  37. SAGA2 figure stands....
  38. Wonder if Cody will have his helmet on in package?
  39. Why does everybody love the Clones?
  40. Greatest Hit Wave?
  41. Scorch,What's the big deal?
  42. E.E. Cases?
  43. A Question of size and scale....
  44. DIamond Comics Release Dates
  45. Exlusive Mos Eisley DROID pack
  46. New ewok village?
  47. Will we ever see these vehicles???
  48. High Res Vintage 06 pics
  49. Geonosis Wave review!
  50. Walmart is Useless V2
  51. Yoda/Jedi Mickey 2-pack running change
  52. So... Where to on March 1st?
  53. Vandalised Scorch
  54. After Cody, who will be the darling of Saga 2006?
  55. When will we see new pics?
  56. Entertainment Earth "Style" Exclusive Concepts
  57. Please Delete!!!
  58. The Next Fan's Choice Poll
  59. can you imagine the horror?
  60. Hasbro.com prepares Mos Eisley wave
  61. Pre-order VTSC???
  62. Don't understand why people enjoy the "hunt".
  63. you can think again
  64. Which Retail Store Takes The Most Care...
  65. Clone Trooper
  66. Overseas dealer for Scorch & Utapau Trooper
  67. Is the Saga line ,starting a Collectors CIvil War?
  68. We don't need those SCUM!!!!
  69. Saga chase figures!
  70. Titanium Treasure hunts
  71. Hologram Figures
  72. Imperials are coming & a rebe in the saga line...!
  73. Will Hasbro rehash the old vintage vinyl cases...
  74. VSTC pre-order cases on newforcecomics.com $10 per
  75. I believe in MIRACLES!!!
  76. Where are the vehicles?
  77. SAGA Mini Holograms
  78. Toy fair march 06
  79. this thread has gone to pot
  80. is pre-ordering a smart decision???
  81. Best cardbacks?
  82. pack-in gimmick idea for 2007 and beyond
  83. grrr... darn ebay scalpers
  84. holy cow... am i missing something????????????
  85. Anyone going to the Pittsburgh Toy Show?
  86. are people this stupid
  87. Basic Figure Shortage at Wal-Mart/Others???
  88. scorch holos
  89. Why Scorch out of the Commando's?
  90. How hard is it to...
  91. Are you a Cloneaholic???
  92. SAGA @ Walgreens
  93. Do you think we're plateauing?
  94. Post here Coruscant Wave finds......
  95. Luke Jedi VOTC
  96. Silver mini UGH figures in Coruscant wave
  97. This is outrageous!
  98. Comments please?
  99. Remove sticker residue
  100. Anyone else miss out on Hoth Wave?
  101. Who would buy VOTC/VTSC variant card backs?
  102. SAGA 06 Price increase!
  103. Saga 2006 bend over and grab your ankles
  104. A Newby, Veterans - how does distribution work?
  105. Early Bird figures not received yet, HELP!
  106. Frustrated at retail! Better to buy online?
  107. New VOTC wave release date
  108. will early waves still be shipped later?
  109. hasbrotoyshop
  110. How old is too old to still be collecting?
  111. Entertainment Earth Preorders
  112. How SIdeshow can do it, but not VOTC/VTSC
  113. Walmart Figure Playset
  114. crack
  115. Cody's grunts: Light or dark?
  116. what was your vote for the toyfare figure
  117. Scorch - Republic Commando #21
  118. Bad News...
  119. Unleashed
  120. What costume did you vote for your Fan's Choice?
  121. ATTN: KotOR Fans
  122. EE shipping wave 4 now?
  123. Entertainment Earth Shipping Costs
  124. Early Bird Display
  125. Lushros Dofine - #023
  126. Coruscant wave found!
  127. Where are the "VIntage" ESB Saga Figs?!?!?!
  128. Look What I Get !!!!!
  129. Heroes & Villains: Clonetrooper
  130. Shadow Stormtrooper!
  131. remember scorch prices?,look at cody
  132. Kashyyyk Clone Trooper with Full Articulation
  133. Shadow Stormtrooper is a Fraud.....
  134. Ordering EE cases is good but what about...
  135. case breakdowns?
  136. The Next Fan's Choice V.2
  137. Target Numbers
  138. Lurkers
  139. Orange Utapau Clone available online retail??
  140. online retailers:
  141. Kir Kanos
  142. My Target has lost their Mind!
  143. To you guys who have a son, or daughter...
  144. save the rebels
  145. Walmart early Bird Kits- 4 on one receipt
  146. Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter
  147. darth vader's tie advanced
  148. Let the Scalping Begin!!!
  149. all demand, but no supply?
  150. Is Star Wars Forever??
  151. Rykrof Enloe
  152. Which fan's choice figures would you ACTUALLY buy?
  153. Is Walmart gonna get Saga more often soon????
  154. Standing Vader only $75!!!
  155. Are we getting a new Death Star Trooper?
  156. Age doesnt matter, as long as your a collector??
  157. Do we want a ROTS YT-1300 ?
  158. The FUTURE mocswap.com!
  159. Chase Galactic Hunt figures are on ebay!
  160. Will Hasbro make more Evolutions Sets???
  161. harder to find
  162. This time last year. . .
  163. best place to find cody
  165. Figure Storage
  166. Star Wars Saga Collection Display Cabinet???
  167. What's Next
  168. Hoth Vader body lean.
  169. How much space is your collection taking up?
  170. mini mag stands & displays...
  171. VTSC Tusken Raider
  172. Bring Back Troop Builder Sets!!!!!
  173. Battle of Endor Vader idea
  174. Is Wave 4, Revision 4 shipping?
  175. remeber billy?
  176. *BEST C-3PO?*
  177. Can sombody help me with the 'terms' of figures??
  178. more about the figures & less about the movies?
  179. Poll: Rank Clone Commanders made by Hasbro
  180. Shadow Stormtrooper
  181. Theory on the rest of the 2006 release schedule...
  182. Is no one buying Transformers?
  183. Star Wars Distribution
  184. Another Interestng ?
  185. Target adjustment
  186. Fan's Choice Poll: Who did you vote for?
  187. Imagine the figures that Hasbro will make when………
  188. The future of Star Wars for those in Question
  189. Heres some helpful numbers for a list of target it
  190. how bad walmart is
  191. I just figured out why I collect.
  192. Are kids really into SW?
  193. Where do you shop?
  194. Are there Ultimate Galactic Hunt Fgs inEVERY case?
  196. the new VOTC figures are gonna be $11.99
  198. New Clone Wars Republic Gunship
  199. How many SAGA Utapau Clones do you CURRENTLY gots?
  201. Rebelscum posted some bad news on Endor wave
  202. Where, How?
  203. The incredible shrinking clone
  204. Death Squad Commander?
  205. Heros & Villains Collection!
  206. My 2" UBP game board
  208. Questions about the gunships
  209. Any new Surprises coming soon?
  210. Why ask?
  211. Unproduced Astromechs?
  212. Does anyone army build vehicles?
  213. Calling out all Anti-Scalpers
  214. Target Price Increase for SW Basic Figures?
  215. good to see scorches prices are decreasing on ebay
  216. Um, call me stupid but, what does this mean??
  217. Was this available @ retail ?
  218. UGH Figures tied to specific assortments?
  219. pics of holo mini's?
  220. Target's Anti-stocking Policy
  221. what would you build and why
  222. 2006 or 2004? Which year is better for OT figures.
  223. Target, How to beat the Toy Dept people
  224. How many Galatic Hunt Silver figures are out?
  225. UGH Vader, Why are people paying so much????
  226. Clone Commander Cody # 24 v4
  227. Did Hasbro miss the window of opportunity??
  228. Anyone want a re-release of Pote Snitken?
  229. Looking For the best Bespin Han Solo, Leia,& Lando
  230. Who will be hardest to find in Tatooine wave?
  231. Original Photo Guide of Unproduced Characters:
  232. What's thr facination with Willrow Hood?
  233. Just got back from toy show- UGH and Wave 4 report
  234. Wouldn't it be nice to have this?
  235. Mods please Lock
  236. Jabba's Court Characters - Who is left to be made?
  238. MOC Collectors, what do you think?
  239. question about cody....
  240. In the interest of peace and good humor...
  241. Orn Free Taa and other already released Senators
  242. GEMO displays
  243. :)
  244. VTSC/VOTC: How do you rank the figures?
  245. Why can't there be two fans choice figures??
  246. Is there gonna be a Wave 6 in the Saga Collection?
  247. Anniversery?
  248. Hasbrotoyshop update
  249. Galactic Marines.
  250. Holo mistake?