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  1. Saga Wave 2-8
  2. 2006 fan's choice confusion!
  3. New VOTC
  4. Guess What.....
  5. We need a giant Sidious head
  6. No luck yet finding anything
  7. Subscribe for FREE clones!!
  8. Holographic Leia??
  9. Pictures of Coruscant Wave up at EE
  10. The logos on the back of the PT figure cards?
  11. what figures do you not want so see released in...
  12. Time between waves?
  13. Need Help about 2006 Saga Sealed Cases
  14. Star Cases for Saga???
  15. Can you order single figs from EE?
  16. anyone know what general rieekan comes with?
  17. Does Saga figs ship alot of cases to stores?
  18. Recent Acquisitions - SAGA Edition!
  19. Bib n' Barada : Let the Peg Warming Begin
  20. DCPI for Hoth wave?
  21. Movie colors
  22. 2006 VTSC or VSC
  23. VTSC Scout Trooper
  24. VTSC Greedo
  25. future evolutions
  26. hologram rarities ?
  27. Rebelscum; Photo Archives : Wave 2
  28. VTSC Han Solo in Trenchcoat
  29. Affording SAGA 2
  30. VTSC Sand People
  31. The Tall & Short of it all
  32. vader hoth wave
  33. Saga 2 Numbers?
  34. saga votc 07
  35. Is Hasbro shooting themselves in the foot?
  36. Question on Price Matching
  37. AT-AT Driver Crotch Error
  38. Painting the coarbonite slab
  39. Will these guys get a rebel or imperial labeling?
  40. Astromech Packs
  41. Imperial Repaints
  42. I have to give it up
  43. Hasbro has finally gone too far!!!
  44. What's figs are you going to buy?
  45. Is this the beginning of the end for SW figs?
  46. Future waves of Saga (after what is official)
  47. toys r us clone wars gunship up for pre order!
  48. found my first
  49. unleshing darth vader
  50. Hasbro needs to ship more figures to stores!
  51. Bounty Hunt Chase Figures
  52. Anyone Pre-Order VOTC from Legends Action Figures?
  53. Finding Hoth wave at KB or TRU?
  54. Is anyone else completely sick of Clones?
  55. the different kinds of collectors
  56. Anyone else tired of pegwarmers aka Neimoidians?
  57. OT: Brianstoys Coupon Code!
  58. When will they come in?
  59. The full collection
  60. Should I replace my POTF2 figs with Saga figs?
  61. saga deluxe any ideas
  62. Power Droid: Variant or Error?
  63. Exclusive CLONE TROOPER Multipack
  64. I quit...a question about selling
  65. I finally backed off!
  66. New Unleashed sighted
  67. repack differences???
  68. TRU Exclusives Pre Order
  69. 1,000th figure!
  70. Anyone army building the new Snowtrooper?
  71. is there going to be..............?
  72. Which wave comes out 1st, Cor. or Tat?
  73. Lucas Family StarWarsShop exclusive
  74. SA ARC Trooper?
  75. UK TOYFAIR-new diarama pride displays for 06
  76. Ordering online?
  77. Who wants to see some Unleashed Republic Marines?!
  78. Missing Clone troops covered in Saga collection?!
  79. Is Carkoon done?
  80. Rest of 2006 list??
  81. New clone wars line
  82. Beginning of the End
  83. End of the Beginning
  84. Commander Faie(Status:Rumored)
  85. Rumored commander neyo
  86. Those who have ordered Saga cases from EE
  87. AWSOME Vehicles for 06
  88. Who hates the new sw choppers?
  89. palp's shuttle
  90. griveous's ship
  91. Same reciept # for all waves at Target?
  92. "Heroes and Villains" Collection
  93. Geonosis wave showing up!
  94. Geonosis wave orange clone?
  95. Why cant I find these ANYWHERE!!
  96. Cases for Saga figures
  98. SAGA - Why no love for The Empire Strikes Back?
  99. Over 80 Basic figures!?!?!?!?!?!?
  100. new display stands
  101. Ships....I dont know why they dont interest me....
  102. Has anyone seen any AFA graded Saga figures?
  103. Hoth Wave on Amazon
  104. Why no Gree grunts?
  105. Han,Luke,Lando,Leia - how many outfits?
  106. Admiral Ackbar, or lack there of.
  107. Nute and Rune, where are thou?
  108. Scorch- Republic Commando #21
  109. New Force Battlers
  110. Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter?
  111. VOTC figures a Target exclusive?
  112. Classic snowspeeder with rebel?
  113. the Static leg Scorch public cry of outrage thread
  115. Release of Geonosis and Coruscant Wave ?
  116. Titanium Vehicle Checklist By Wave?
  117. Saga Figure - Area Sales Trend Breakdowns
  118. Target Greatest Hits Case!!!
  119. Clone Wars Gunship V2
  120. The new (ROTS-now) detachable elbow joints SUCK
  121. Release of Tatooine Wave (ANH)
  122. Toy Fair 2006 Coverage Thread
  123. Hoth photo archives
  124. Saga Checklist on Rebelscum?
  125. Scale of all ships/vehicles???
  126. Hasbro Should Make A.....
  127. You know what I would like to see....
  128. In response to Sideshows 12" figures Hasbro should
  129. R3-Y2 is a FAKE!!!
  130. What Holo figures have you got?
  131. Saga Emperor.
  132. Titanium Series Gold Darth Vaderís TIE Fighter??
  133. Is there a chance at all we will get a single pkd.
  134. Pre-order Cody
  135. Attempting to get somethin done, I need your help!
  136. Are these the REAL SAGA 06 cases?
  137. Open or not open that is the question
  138. Vehicle Packaging
  139. NEW Vader ideas. Since Hasbro won't let up.
  140. Target Exclusive Demise of General Grievous
  141. POLL : Which Female figure would you buy????
  142. Walmart is useless!
  143. Hasbro's 4th quarter earnings
  144. Saga3: The Actors of SW
  145. George Lucas Stormtrooper!
  146. Vintage Saga Collection
  147. POTF VOTC?
  148. EE shipment question
  149. Theft Problem with New Figures, Check the backs...
  150. Bad news on the Saga front
  151. My Thoughts on the Entertainment Earth Droids
  152. Is anyone getting the new figures for the blues?
  153. Repacks You Wouldn't Mind Seeing
  154. Poll: If they made an Amidala Collection...
  155. How many SAGA AT-AT Drivers do you CURRENTLY have?
  157. Geonosis Wave - recap of what's a repack?
  158. List of all Astromechs?
  159. Putting figures on the wall???????
  160. TIE Fighter Packaging
  161. Early Bird Display Stand & Pegs Question
  162. 2006 Saga Cases from EE
  163. When do the trucks come?
  164. Hoth Wave On Amazon.com
  165. Newbie with case question
  166. Info on another TRU exclusive
  167. "I find your lack of ENTHUSIASM disturbing"
  168. Adults 21 yrs+, Do you play with your toys?
  169. Anyone Else Get Smart Like Me and Order A Wave?
  170. new items confirmed?
  171. The Hunt for General Grievous Battle Pack!
  172. What's up with this Emperor/Shuttle
  173. Hasbro Toy Fair Sneak Preview
  174. Definition of Ultimate Galactic Hunt aka UGH
  175. Saga Collection Millenium Falcon or What???
  176. Silver foil figures? Wow now thats original
  177. SHEESH...What's with all the griping and moaning?
  178. Scorch or Utapau Trooper?
  179. Bravo for the Saga 2006 Collection
  180. Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter
  181. Tatooine Wave Heads Up
  182. VOTC Biker Scout
  183. Clone Commander Cody #24 v3
  184. Attacktix series 4
  185. New York Toy fair pics of sandtrooper
  186. Holo Figs Anyone?
  187. OMG Toys Saga '06 Preorders
  188. Unleashed?
  189. whats the dcpi for #4 saga
  190. Mail In George Lucas Figure
  191. Star Wars vs Transformers Attacktix....Your though
  192. VTSC sightings....
  193. Card Error found.
  194. Han Carbonite=Boring
  195. Sightings? WM, TRU, KB, etc.
  196. Hoth wave starting to peg warm by you?
  197. TRU sale (2/19-2/25)...$4.99 Saga figures!
  198. Organizing the pegs and shelves on your toy runs?
  199. The VTSC Figures
  200. Check out this auction and his outrageous claims !
  201. Is your TRU "re-activating" yet?
  202. Hasbro redesign page
  203. Hasbro Updated their site!
  204. Saga 2006: Where the heck are Padme and Jar Jar???
  205. Hoth Wave $4.99 NOW at Amazon.com!!
  206. Acrylic cases for Saga figures?
  207. New items on SWS Cargo Bay?
  208. Greatest Hits Wave 2?
  209. Who Collects Attacktix?
  210. Is Jedi Force Done?
  211. Any New Force Battlers?
  212. EE Astromech packs on the cheap
  213. Looking forward to.......
  214. Holo variations
  215. Hasbro vs. Star Cases
  216. Hasbro vs. Collectors
  218. KB Toys has the Hoth Wave "IN STOCK"
  220. Saga 2004 through TSC 2006 waves
  221. What happened to Luke (Endor), Endor Soldier & DV?
  222. toy run jitters...
  223. Just noticed something. . .
  224. mmm help you must
  225. False alarm
  226. Do you think they shouldve made Scorch like these?
  227. toys r us closing? well the one near me
  228. TRU Saga Price drop
  229. TRU presale
  230. Anyone know about this?
  231. does anyone know any current ebay coupons?
  232. Opening Utapau Clone (Video)
  233. Well, Foul Moudama is going to suck.
  234. I live in the worst toy-finding area in the USA
  235. Scorch at bar on Saturday Nite (Video)
  236. Has anyone thought about a EE Republic Commando se
  237. So is Maybang Collectibles into fakes now???
  238. Wal Mart Cases?
  239. Giving up collecting for Lent?
  240. I think has Hasbro should discontinue Star Wars
  241. Is the Utapau Clone Trooper dayglow Orange ?
  242. Hasbro Figure packing in boxes, your thoughts?
  243. I NEEEEEEEEED SCORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  244. So what time at night does Walmart stock?
  245. Which Battles would you like to see done?
  246. I know it's a trade topic but................
  247. Vehicles wishlist.
  248. What characters should get SA treatment in 2007
  249. A question for Scummer's in their 30's
  250. Your most anticipated figure in each wave?