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  1. Wants Vintage
  2. FishEyedlouie's Trade List / Please delete
  3. My trade list
  4. Have Loose Figures -- Want Ships/Playsets
  5. Trade/Want List
  6. Vintage fodder !!!
  7. For auction but willing to take trades
  8. Have Kenner Friar Tuck w/ Gamorrean bod MOC
  9. Have 35 star cases (hold vintage MOCs) for trade
  10. Trade deals
  11. vintage Kenner ROTJ momc & loose POTF for trade
  12. Vintage Trade List 01/12/04
  13. Who wants to trade vintage?
  14. HAVE: ROTJ 65 Back Squid Head (Clear Bubble) WANT: G.I. Joe 3 3/4" Figs
  15. dustrho's trade list
  16. Hung Solow's trade list updated (6/30)
  17. Vintage figs and accesorries - haves/wants
  18. Odds and Ends to trade
  19. 1 Complete Vintage Millenium Falcon
  20. Wanted Yak Face for a Blue Snaggeltooth
  21. Wanted Palitoy 12 back Vader C9+
  22. Looking to trade SW-ESB-ROTJ figures for POTF
  23. Unpunched ESB Bossk and lots of loose vintage figures
  24. WTTF Tie Pilot
  26. Letting go my Vintage Collection TONS
  27. Vintage Cardbacks for trade
  28. Akcuda's Vintage Trade List
  29. whos got the cardbacks?
  30. looking to buy
  31. MOC Tri-logos for trade
  32. wtt droids movie cells for vintage figures
  34. Cardbacks to Trade UPDATED 02/02/04
  35. FT: INT-4 First Shot
  36. Wanted...complete PAPLOO & LUMAT
  37. Palitoy 41 Back Boba Fett C9.5 Unpunched available for trade.
  38. Kenner Prototype Vlix with COA from Cloud City available for Sale or Trade.
  39. 12 Back Carded Luke Telescopic C9+ Unpunched with COA from Cloud City
  40. Loose Telescopic Ben and Vader with COA from Cloud City available for Trade or Sale
  41. Carded Droids Boba Fett C9 for Sale or Trade
  42. Wanted 12 Back Palitoy Luke and Ben
  43. Vintage Trade Items
  44. Loose Lili Ledy and vintage weapons FT
  45. Card Back Trade
  46. 12 back Darth Vader C-9+ for trade
  47. Wanted POTF Yoda
  48. 12 back big head Han Solo for trade/sale
  49. 4-Lom gun 4 trade.
  50. trade list?looking for non star wars
  51. Have MOMC Vintage to trade for Ed Wood DVD
  52. All Master Replicas for the Rocket from the Boba Fett Firing Prototype
  53. Have POTF Han w/carbonite
  54. FT: Ewoks Logray MOC
  55. Offerless ESB Darth Vader and and Leia Hoth MOC FT
  56. looking for snaggletooth stuff
  57. Parts haves and wants
  58. Luke in Kenner Baggie
  59. Cardbacks and Figures for Trade
  60. Want to trade your GI Joe for my Star Wars?
  61. WTT/WTB cardbacks
  62. hey guys will trade big for rotj 79 backs
  63. want a jabba dias
  64. Boba Fett Light Blue Unpainted Knee for trade.
  65. For Trade: 77 back Stormtrooper MOC
  66. Trade Multi colored fett 4 Tri logo fett
  67. gone delete
  68. Ewok Village Parts needed - HELP!
  69. Have 12" Fett Gun need 12" Obiwan lightsaber
  70. Vintage Star Wars figures to trade for misc. Star Wars items
  71. Looking for 1982 Indiana Jones MOC Toht Variant ... HAVE POTF MOC
  72. Gone on buisiness.
  73. WTT: Vintage weapons 3 for 1 trade great deals look
  74. First 12 + more figures for trade
  75. New Updated Vintage Trade List
  76. I desperately need an Ewoks King Gorneesh staff
  77. looking for 12backs, have Luke Stormtrooper Trilogos
  78. 2 cardback's incl. coin for trade
  79. Want to trade Luke 12bk SW back proof vs Balrog Sideshow
  80. Wanted 12-21 back Luke
  81. Lets trade Ewoks & Droids items
  82. Vintage figs and Access. to trade. Want list.
  83. Need Parts
  84. anyone want to trade a brown yoda snake for a orange one?
  85. Prototype IFS Warok for Trade or Sale
  86. Want: Loose Vinyl Cape Jawa Have: MOC figures
  87. Custom Vlix head keychain for some vaders
  88. Trade for Jawa in Kenner Baggie.
  89. I'm parting out a Darth Vader Star Destroyer
  90. WTT: I have Yakface, need these...
  91. Ewok Family Hut, I need 2 parts
  92. Have Amanaman/ Need POTF figs
  93. Luke Skywalker Brazlian lead Bootleg For Trade
  94. Wanted: Misc Vintage Accessories/Weapons
  95. Need 4-Lom gun, Royal Guard staff, Logray pouch...please help...
  96. Vintage Trade List
  97. Looking for Flash Gordon, BSG and Buck Rogers stuff
  98. WTT my vintage MOC for McFarlane Twisted Land of Oz figs
  99. Vintage Trade List
  100. looking for loose Hungarian Boba Fett and other bootlegs
  101. Wanted Loose TV/Cartoon Droids & Ewoks Figures
  102. Vintage MOC for trade
  103. WTT: My Carded for Your Loose Figures!!!!
  104. jabba the hutt parts
  105. WTT my potf lando w/cape-w/coin
  106. Sears Cantina Adventure set Blue Snaggletooth for trade
  107. WTT cardbacks and misc, looking for Han Solo stuff
  108. Biker Scout Pistol and Logray Satchel needed...
  109. Need original Han blaster
  110. Star Wars Swops/
  111. Stuff To Trade
  112. WTB MOC hotwheels/have SW stuff to trade
  113. 82"metal micro machine figures for trade
  114. trade list (lots of parts)
  115. Vintage French cardbacks for trade
  116. Trade vintage cardbacks (SW, ESB, ROJ) for vintage TRILOGO cardbacks
  117. Freeze Frames for trade
  119. potf general lando coin ftrade
  120. Have loose A wing pilot/ need 7 POTF figurs
  121. VC Jawas for trade
  122. WNATED: Lando in Skiff disguise
  123. WTB or trade for LJN MOC Wrestlers
  124. need AT-AT left clear chin cannon...
  125. WTTF : Logray Hardcopy parts
  126. momc PBP, Trilogo, Palitoy and loose POTF figures
  127. Lily Ledy Top Toys Takara for trade
  128. rancor monster proof sheet for trade!!!!
  129. want:VC JAWA/have:POPY Luke Bespin or YAKFaceC9,5
  130. WTT: Vintage Loose for modern loose and/or carded
  131. FT: vintage carded figures
  132. FT: MOC AT-ST Driver 77Bk ROTJ
  133. carded ESB Lando POCH "black-neck" for trade
  135. WANTED: Any MOC you have!
  136. Wanted : Trilogo Jawa carded or just cardback
  137. Searching for all vintage carded Star Wars figures
  138. wanted afa droids to complett my collection!
  139. Yoda brown snake & Endor Soldier rifles for trade
  140. Droids & Ewoks figures for trade
  141. POTF Coins & Loose Freeze Frames for Trade
  142. WTB Vintage Weapons and Accessories
  143. Weapons and Figures for trade
  144. delete
  145. Ewok Parts for Trade
  146. Lots Of Vintage MOC F/S
  147. the wookie's stuff 4 TRADE
  148. Trade for hard copies or parts
  149. Vintage trade list - Star Wars - Ewoks - Droids
  150. Large list of Vintage MOC + tons of newer figs
  151. Accessories
  152. WTT Lando skiff 65 back C-9 unpunched MOC
  153. Kenner Baggies, Carded plus more
  154. FT: Prototype First Shot INT-4 no dates
  155. Lots of MOC for trade
  157. Complete Yak Face for trade *DELETED*
  158. Vintage Accessories for Trade
  159. Brazilian lead darth vader for trade
  160. original star wars toy catalogs
  161. Looking for dais or just the heads...
  162. POTF Yak Face MOC for trade
  163. lead brazilian han solo for trade
  164. WTT: POTF Body Rigs
  165. Complete Vintage Yak Face for trade
  166. FT lead Jedi Luke for carded Darth Vader
  167. Loose real vinyl cape Jawa for a Kotobukiya Vader
  168. Looking for some Accessories
  169. Vintage trade list - figures, weapons, ships, etc. *DELETED*
  170. Vintage Trade List
  171. My modern/vintage wants and haves list
  172. Ewoks series Wicket spear & Logray staff for trade
  173. Massive amount of stuff for trade
  174. 20 back DSD and POTF IMP dignitary FT
  175. Star Wars Topps Need/Haves
  178. Looking for a few McFarlane's have loose vintage
  179. Transformers G1 Jazz MIB for trade
  180. WTT or buy - need black blasters
  181. Prototype Kea Moll 1st Shot, No dates or peg holes
  182. G.I. Joe's to trade for S/W
  183. New vintage trade list
  185. tri-logo variants to trade:
  186. Vintage C-3P0 Case & LOT of 17 -Figures 1977-1983
  187. 1983 y wing parts for trade
  188. looking for droids/ ewoks cards ! help !
  189. I Need a Sise Fromm Jacket Robe thingy
  190. Jodo's haves and wants
  191. WTT: My carded for your Kenner baggies. UPDATED:
  192. Droids & Ewoks Animated Figures Needed
  194. HUGE vintage trade list! Parts, figures, ships etc
  195. ROTJ MOC trade list
  197. FT: AFA85 ESB45 Luke proof for other ESB45 proofs
  198. Boxed Rebo Band WANTED! Lots to trade.
  199. Admin please delete
  200. x-men carded figs for trade for vintage sw
  201. 12 and 21 back figures for trade
  202. Wanted: Palitoy 12 backs, lots to trade!!!!!
  203. looking for german store displays
  204. baggies
  205. Burger King Glasses
  206. Anybody want a Kenner Friar Tuck (Gamorrean body)?
  207. want to trade(or buy) an Australian Jawa Vinyl
  208. WTT 45b Display Offer Tusken Raider Proof
  209. Wanted: Trilogo Luke Stormtrooper c9+ MOC
  210. dt luke and earlybird set for trade and others
  211. All Done, Vintage LB's for Trade,
  212. IG 88 loose complete/mint
  213. Vintage Cardbacks for Trade 150+
  214. Replica props trading for SW 12 & 20/21 backs
  215. want to trade for or buy these items..............
  216. AFA 95 POTF Obi-Wan Kenobi to trade...
  217. MIB Cloud City Playset FT & $$
  218. Blue Snag and Rocket Fett for VOTC
  219. WTT- afa's for coins
  220. would trade c9 jawa vinyl cape against.....
  221. Revenge Rebel Soldier,Stormtrooper etc for trade
  222. WTTF: 12, 20, and 21 Backer Cards
  223. Trade my loose r5s/r2s for your loose vintage figs
  224. only a couple of kenner baggies left.
  225. ESB German Bespin Guard for almost any ESB MOC
  226. POTF Coins for trade
  227. Palitoy Logray MOC for US MOC
  228. 3 POTF Coins to Trade
  229. Have Vinatge,Saga,otc! Need loose Vintage!
  230. Kenner baggies for trade (with pic).
  231. Early 3 3/4 G.I.JOES FT Looking for Star Wars MOC
  232. german 45 back esb and rotj cardbacks
  233. Vintage Figures for trade
  234. Action Figure Digest & Action News And Toy Review
  235. wanted "droids and ewoks" line loose figures
  236. WTT: Carded Takara GI Joe Baroness for any ESB MOC
  237. Giving up prototypes for foreign 12 backs.
  238. WTT: Vintage cardbacks
  239. WTTrade !
  240. FT: Vintage Proof Cards, ESB and ROTJ
  241. FT: ESB boba fett moc 45bk
  242. WTT for Brazilian lead Stormtrooper blaster
  243. Need Last 17 and Blue Snag. Have Vintage MOC FT
  244. FOR TRADE : Han Solo and Luke Hard Copy Prototypes
  245. want to trade for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<
  246. My vintage loose figure trade list:
  247. Will trade for Royal Guard and Sand People weapons
  248. for trade german dealer catalog
  249. Searching for a yellow Kenner light saber
  250. 200+ MOC Vintage & New figures for trade/sale!