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  1. Poll: Who would win Vader vs. Maul
  2. POTJ rehashes?
  3. should hasbro make the imperial dignitary on the saga card?
  4. Which Expanded Universe Figures should be made..
  5. Action Features, should they stay or go?
  6. Is Expanded Universe material good for the Star Wars Universe??
  7. New 12" figures
  8. Celebration 3, West coast? East Coast? Or Midwest?
  9. Which Playskool Set Do You Want To See Next?
  10. Favorite bounty hunter?
  11. Are you a carded or loose collector?
  12. Opinion Of Store "Exclusives"
  13. Jedi Points
  14. Dark Forces Figures
  15. Jedi Knight Sets
  16. Dark Forces Games: Keep em or leave em?
  17. Celebration #3
  18. 12" figure vehicles
  19. New Figures Vintage Style or Newer Style??
  20. other collections
  21. What is your your favorite figure line of all time?
  22. Expanded Universe Poll #2
  23. EU Lego Models
  24. Ultimate List
  25. Fan's Choice #5:- Who did you vote for?
  26. LOTR Figures
  27. best jedi figure
  28. Favourite 2003 figure?
  29. Favorite Star Wars game??
  30. SAGA Tie Bomber or SAGA Shuttle?
  31. Please delete
  32. eBAY Feedback
  33. Choice of Fighters
  34. The best POTF figure ?
  35. What is Your Favorite Retailer?
  36. Loose, Carded or Vehicle?
  37. Vote Buttons?
  38. Poll New
  39. I worked out the buttons
  40. Come Vote
  41. Which is you Favorite Battle Droid?
  42. Who would win a dual between...........
  43. What would you rather have
  44. Unreal Figures
  45. Lego Lando/Mace - Yellow or brown?
  46. Why the lack of poll posts?
  47. Ep I Obi vs Maul
  48. Knights of the Old Republic
  49. Hoth Han Poll
  50. Clone Wars Section!
  51. Should hasbro Focus on "Clone Wars" or Classic "Star Wars"
  52. Would you buy a new cloud car
  53. Rebelscum Stickers
  54. Who do like better? Jango or Boba Fett?
  55. A Lego Set with Luke, C3P0 R2D2, Tuskens and Obi Wan
  56. TE or AT
  57. Vintage figure cards.
  58. Vintage figure cards.
  59. Jenny McCarthy or Carmen Electra
  60. Queen Amidalla or Princess Leia
  61. Favorite Sith Lord?
  62. Fave Episode?
  63. What's your favorite Generic Figure?
  64. Are you a carded or loose collector (or both)?
  65. Favorite Figure Line?
  66. Stormtroopers or Clonetroopers?
  67. Ewoks: Cool or Fool?
  68. Boba or Jango???????????????????????
  69. Do you collect Master Replicas?
  70. OT Jedi Robes, or prequel Jedi Robes?
  71. Slave 1
  72. Will you Jump Into Hyperspace
  73. Power FX X-Wing or Saga X-Wing
  74. Favorite EU Smuggler: Talon Karde or Dash Rendar?
  75. Should Non Star Wars Trading and selling be allowed?
  76. What is your feeling on Rebel Scum?
  77. Favourite Hasbro Line
  78. Ep. III Cameo: Lucas or James Earl Jones?
  79. Darth Maul or Darth Tyranus?
  80. Favourite Bounty Hunter
  81. 12 inch or 3 3/4
  82. Which Mace?
  83. SW Galaxies PC requirements disappointing
  84. Do you shop at Cloud City?
  85. Best Prequel
  86. That Familier Smell...
  87. Favorite character
  88. Best Jango figure? *Delete this please!*
  89. Best Jango Fett figure?
  90. Favorite Clone Colors
  91. Roughly How Many Jedi Master Points Do You Have?
  92. Most Wanted Release?
  93. Who Has Not Seen Star Wars?
  94. New KOTOR Poll
  95. Favorite lightsaber color?
  97. Throne Room Luke which version do you have?
  98. Favourite Playset?
  99. Fave for the jedi council?
  100. Favorite Senator?
  101. Favourite Cardback???
  102. Favorite Trooper
  103. Which OT Species Would You Like To See In Ep. III?
  104. Do you want new Episode I vehicles?
  105. Coolest Of Jabba's Hench"men"?
  106. What's your favorite part about buying a new figure?
  107. Favorite walker (any type)
  108. Favorite Video/PC game?
  109. Best Luke Figure
  110. Favorite Line
  111. Which would you rather have?
  112. Are you a "completist"?
  113. Fave Mon Cal
  114. Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  115. New Lightsabers?
  116. Gentle Giant Busts
  117. Which character would you most like to see in 12" form?
  118. Favourite Arena Jedi?
  119. Fave Capital Starship
  120. Favorite Jedi Council Memeber(s)
  121. Fave Clone Wars figure
  122. Fave bounty hunter
  123. Fave Hutt henchmen
  124. Fave Hutt henchmen Volume 2
  125. Fave Starfighter
  126. Would you buy SW figs with GI Joe articulation?
  127. Fave Rebel Soldier
  128. Fave Imperial Trooper
  129. Fave Clone Wars Vehicle
  130. Which Jedi would you most want to hear speak on-screen?
  131. What's your opinion of the Prequels so far?
  132. Which ship would win in a dogfight overall?
  133. Whats the Top 3 Star Wars video/PC games of all-time?
  134. Gentle Giant Clone Bust
  135. Fave Saga Action Fleet
  136. Super-Articulated Figure
  137. Who do you believe will be Ep. III's new villian?
  138. Who would want an Action Fleet AT-XT and/or Republic AT-AT
  139. Do you approve of Hasbro?
  140. Future C2 Ventures signing
  141. Star Wars, Animated Style...
  142. Greatest Clone trooper of all time*
  143. What side would you be on in the Wars?
  144. What Age of JEDI do YOu like BEST?
  145. Fave 2004 LEGO SW set
  146. Favorite Jedi
  147. Favourite Gentle Giants Mini Bust
  148. Do minor MOC figure variations matter?
  149. Fave Hasbro Clone Wars
  150. New Animated Series
  151. Cast your choices concerning the sculpt jobs of rumoured Cantina wave figs
  152. Jabba's Palace Figures...
  153. Hoth/Tatooine/Jabba/Yavin waves
  154. Star Wars, Animated Style Pt2...
  155. Jedi 3-pack (set 2)
  156. Prequel Figures, Vintage Style!
  157. Mock Fan Choice #1!
  158. all time best vintage figure
  159. Clone Wars Poll
  160. Fave Imp Dignitary
  161. the best rebel snub-fighter
  162. best rebel snub-fighter!
  163. Rebel Strike: Luke's campaign
  164. Rebel Strike: Wedge's campaign
  165. Rebel Strike: Bomus Missions
  166. Battle of Endor
  167. Star Destroyer Wave!
  168. Whats The Best POTF2 Figure?
  169. ***Delete***
  170. Whats the Best POTJ Figure?
  171. Whats the Best Episode 1Figure?
  172. Whats The Best Saga Figure!
  173. Starships
  174. your favourite classic bounty hunter APART from boba fett
  175. clone troper
  176. star wars
  177. Fave classic bad guy figures
  178. hasbro
  179. should they release a clone 10 pack
  180. how much should clone packs cost
  181. Paizo Customer Service
  182. English vs Trilogo and You, Whats Your Pick?
  183. Battle of Yavin Wave!
  184. Whats you favorite Vintage Figure?
  185. Best Stormtrooper
  186. Best Clone Wars Figure?
  187. Any point in having a mods-only poll system?
  188. What's the best battle out of the 5 movies?
  189. Favrit fakshun
  190. Cloth Vs Plastic and You, Whats Your Pick?
  191. "Force Open" Sliding Doors / Ewok Movies Toys
  192. Rebel pilots: what's your favorite?
  193. Fave piece from the Rebel Strike soundtrack
  194. Battle of Endor; how would you rate it?
  195. clone packs
  196. Favorite "NEW" SWs character?
  197. My army i need you to rate
  198. My army i need you to rate (fixed)
  199. Favourite Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul?
  200. Your fav. Clone Trooper
  201. Which is your favorite Clone Trooper?
  202. Fave Rebellion character
  203. Vintage Rebirth?
  204. SA Clone or 300th Fett?
  205. What do you think of the B-wing Fighter from 2001?
  206. Star Destroyer Wave Poll
  207. Star Destroyer Wave!
  208. A-wing fighter (2003 Target version)
  209. If the Clone Wars line were to continue, how would you like to see it go?
  210. TRG Customs section....
  211. mistake
  212. rate the figure: AOTC Kit Fisto
  213. rate the figure: POTF2 Momaw Nadon
  214. rate the figure: 2003 Saga Snowtrooper
  215. woops. ignore this post.
  216. rate the figure: POTJ K-3PO
  217. Favorite WoTC TCG card
  218. Rate the card: Imperial Landing Craft (BoY, common)
  219. How much do you dis/like Krayt Dragons, dewbacks, and rontos?
  220. Hall Of Fame Figures
  221. Target Exclusive Figures with Collector Cups
  222. Favourite of the new Endor Wave
  223. What's your favorite animated Clone Wars fig?
  224. What's your favorite Clone Wars figure?
  225. Excuses
  226. Rate the figure: Arone-Geefour
  227. Finding the Jabba's Palace Luke wave poll
  228. Best Ewok figure
  229. Do we need a new Momaw Nadon-
  230. Fan's Choice #N/A
  231. Knights Of the Old Republic Figures?
  232. Dumbest/Smartest Imperial Officer
  233. Coolset Jawa Sale Droid
  234. tales of the jedi figs?
  235. Which Neimoidian character would you like to see made into a figure next?
  236. Is a POTJ B-wing worth $70 or more?
  237. If Code 3 only made 4 more SW vehicles, what would they be?
  238. What is R2-D2 AM Radio (1978, in box)worth?
  239. Rate the Figure: Saga Gold Leader
  240. Best/Worst PC Game?
  241. Clone Trooper: Animated vs. Articulated
  242. Best Kubrick Boba Fett
  243. Bespin and Dagobah waves
  244. New mini busts
  245. Best ANH OTC figure?
  246. Which TESB/ROTJ Neo-Vintage figures will you be getting?
  247. What's your favorite animated Clone Wars figure?
  248. Who had the best goodies at this year's International Toy Fair?
  249. What piece(s) in your collection are you emotionally attached to?
  250. Best Luke