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  1. And now, deep thoughts... about the Jedi
  2. Is Jar Jar dishonored?
  3. Qui-Gon as Anakin's Father??
  4. Captain Panaka
  5. Jedi Council
  6. Yoda's Decision
  7. why didnt anakin
  8. ET on starwars??
  9. qui gons spirit?
  10. hinting down
  11. Yoda's Looks
  12. Clone Wars?
  13. Does Obi Wan know........
  14. Another question.....
  15. Lucas admits it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. obi-wan forgets what his powers?
  17. Grand Moff Tarkin
  18. What if Vader didn't help last time?
  19. VOTE FOR AOTC!!!!!!!
  20. 12 jedi council members
  21. Get These Tril'gies Started
  22. Which LA theater will YOU watch it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. The Sith
  24. AOTC Soundtrack
  25. I am sorry for you
  26. FAKE review for E2
  27. Advanced tickets............for Grauman's Chinese??
  28. Very cool advance ticket story
  29. why is jake llyod so hated?
  30. i loved episode 2
  31. spiderman beats starwars at boxoffice.
  32. Will Anakin be the greatest Jedi ever?
  33. Darth Vader Vs. Count Dooku
  34. Kit Fisto - Dead?
  35. www.naboo.com
  36. Maul or Dooku?
  37. Will Anakin Slay them all?
  38. HOW COOL IS SLAVE 1!!!
  40. lets make AOTC #1 again..this weekend...
  42. YODA!
  43. Do you hate TPM and AOTC?
  44. Trade Federation and the Sith
  45. Which Jedi Master would you want to train you?
  46. Changing the plot: What if ...?
  47. Jedi death....the mind/body problem
  48. Planet or Planets?
  49. Luke and Leia
  50. is the force controlled or controlling? duality?
  51. So who knew who was in cahoots.
  52. Republic Vehicles Questions
  53. Why didn't Qui-Gon disappear when he died?
  54. What's the purpose of this forum exactly?!?
  56. Something isn right.
  57. Stupid friend.
  58. Padme's Costumes
  59. Rushed?
  60. Did Boba know...?
  61. Natalie portman pics...
  62. I need a specific picture...
  63. Do you think Ep. III will be the end of all the star wars hype?
  64. Bent Saber
  65. Why is he called Sidious?
  66. How do you think war would affect the production of Ep. 3?
  67. Oscar Nomination
  68. How C3PO SHOULD have been gold plated!
  69. Emotion and feelings in AOTC
  70. How would you kill Maul?
  71. Have the prequels taken over?
  72. A scene I wish we would see...
  73. Is there anyone who actually likes the prequils here? :(
  74. Anakin... Vader
  75. How many times did YOU watch AOTC?
  76. Anyone Know these Droids Names?
  77. 1 year tomorrow.....................
  78. Will these characters be in EP III?
  79. Jango Fett?
  80. Another scene I wish to see....
  81. Where is r3-d3?
  82. EP3:- EU Characters Appearance?
  83. Hyperspace on Starwars.com sucks
  84. Rebelscum Hyperspace Policy
  85. why dont you like TPM...
  86. I never knew Aurra Sing was a dark Jedi
  87. Who would you like to see making a guest appearance in ep3 ?
  88. Ben Kenobi + Aniken Skywalker Relationship
  89. Non-movie material: is it all EU?
  90. Anthony Daniels chat , who is going, is it going to be worth it ?
  91. I know this is a little off topic But..........this is a must read
  92. Very un-Obi-Wan
  93. How are you doing in remaining spoiler-free?
  94. Least Favorite PT Quote
  95. Favorite PT quote
  96. The Phantom Edit
  97. Isn't there anyone who can join me in the dislike of Yoda's AOTC battle?
  98. Favorite Prequel Scene(s)
  99. Awesome Clone trooper/AT-TE pic
  100. when is the earliest we will we see a trailer for episode three?
  101. Qui-Gon's Death...
  102. Links to two funny AOTC Parody Fan-Fics
  103. Do you think
  104. The real Ayy Vida?
  105. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  106. Why did Dooku to hire Jango?
  107. Episode 2 is on HBO
  108. SW Episodes Ranking
  109. So What Are You Hoping For In EP3???
  110. We All Know
  111. SW episodes 7-9
  112. When will the next series of Clone Wars be on TV
  113. Why was EP1 so hard for Liam Neeson?
  114. Poggle the Lesser
  115. FOUL! Shoot her, or something!
  116. Prequel Casting - Good and Bad choices
  117. Name two Ep II actors that were also in the LOTR movies.
  118. Fat Ewan MacGregor with the orange hair.
  119. Clone question
  120. Did Qui Gon and/or Obi-Wan know about the queen?
  121. No reflection of Obi's Lightsaber
  122. Rick McCallum
  123. Before the Prequels came out, how did you imagine the "Clone Wars" to be like?
  124. Amanaman
  125. Did you know?
  126. Just a rhetorical question but an answer would be nice:)
  127. episodes 7-8-9
  128. Why is Padme such a jerk in EP2?
  129. Is the new villain still considered a spoiler?
  130. avoiding coming attactions
  131. are the stormtroopers clones also
  132. Protocol droids
  133. Is there a formula...?
  134. Breathtaking!
  135. Is there a complete list anywhere of the Jedi who fought at the battle of Geonosis?
  136. May 19, 2005 - Official Release Date!
  137. finding blooper reel
  138. senator orn free ta
  139. Will Episode III be the highest grossing SW film?
  140. Why Does Anakin Wear Special Jedi Clothes?
  141. ?days to go I have lost track
  142. E3 and Sour Grapes
  143. characters names
  144. 2 scenes i would like to see
  145. 1 Year to Go!!! (NS)
  146. Future PT DVD Changes....
  147. The Phantom 5-year Old
  149. Control Computer on Geonosis?
  150. Grievous again (just a thought)
  151. Rate the CGI Character - Week 1 - Watto
  152. "I've had the most peculiar dream" wha?
  153. jedi fighter displays
  154. for those that have read the spoilers........
  155. gary oldman to voice new character?
  156. clone wars
  157. What If Darth Maul Had Survived?
  158. painful confession
  159. Rate the CGI Character - Week 2 Clone Troopers
  160. Rate the CGI Character - Week 3 Boss Nass
  161. Rate the CGI Character Thread Index
  162. EP3 - Revenge Of The Sith!
  163. Rate the CGI Character - Week 4 Battle Droids
  164. Movie title actually bad for fans
  165. Rate the CGI Character - Week 5 Jabba the Hutt
  166. Whats the fascination with Aayla Secura?
  167. A CGI Character to talk about -- Acklay!!
  168. Rate the CGI Character - Week 6 Yoda
  169. Expectations for Revenge of the Sith
  170. TPM: More Deleted Scenes!
  171. Rate the CGI Character - Week 7 Wat Tambor
  172. What if Qui-Gon had survived?
  173. Favourite Jedi Council Member?
  174. Defending Midi-Chlorians
  175. EII Delete Scene Jedi Assault on Hyperspace!
  176. Does there exist...
  177. Will ROTS win best picture????
  178. How long is a term for Supreme Chancellor?
  179. Favourite Pod Racer?
  180. Writers and Artists Needed!!
  181. Rate the CGI Character - Week 8 Jar Jar Binks
  182. Did Lucas Spill the Beans?
  183. cantina scene
  184. New ROTS teaser poster
  185. Your Favorite Performances Of All Five Films
  186. What do you think about TPM?
  187. Teaser Trailer coming soon!
  188. TPM vs. AOTC? Who wins?
  189. Hayden Christensen: Pros and Cons
  190. ROTS opens in 6 months
  191. kamino darts-missing scene
  192. MTV True Life Star Wars Episode??? Help?
  193. Jango or Boba?
  194. eBay DVD auction question
  195. Alternate version of Episode I? Vader's Shadow.
  196. Episode III Release Dates!
  197. Padme's Scars?
  198. Hyperspace review
  199. Obi-Wan's head nod in lightsaber fight?
  200. 100 Days At Counting !
  201. The Skywalker Twins' Cousins
  202. clones-good or bad
  203. Starwars.com Survey
  204. I can't be the only one...
  205. predictions
  206. spoiler free
  207. ROTS trailer to appear March 10 on "The OC"
  208. Lyrics to Duel of the Fates
  209. What the?
  210. GL sez: ROTS "Is Not For Children"
  211. gl one 60 minutes-star wars preview
  212. Episode I question
  213. What would you change in all 6?
  214. General Midnight Tix go on sale when?
  215. A sigh of relief....
  216. 'Tragedy' trailer at official site
  217. Changes from film to digital ROTS
  218. ROTS
  219. George Lucas in Episode 1?
  220. Star Wars Episode III Soundtrack Online
  221. Want a good laugh?
  222. Just Purchased RotS Midnight Tickets!!!
  223. PG-13 - it's official....
  224. Destroyer Droids sure got weak over the prequels..
  225. FoxTrot Cartoon - Why Anakin Turned tothe DarkSide
  226. So... What exactly ARE the Clone Commanders?
  227. why do you hate jar jar
  228. ROTS gets 12A certificate in UK?
  229. what is 2 hrs and 26 minutes?
  230. Does Palpatine's Plot Ever Get Exposed?
  231. time magazine article
  232. ROTS TV SPOT on TRL
  233. Aurra Sing in movies?
  234. reviews
  235. Those kaminos...darn good ones to?
  236. Spielberg cries at showing... wow
  237. The Cinerama Dome of ArcLight
  238. Confused Clone Troopers
  239. rots movie times help!
  240. True identity of Darth Sidious
  241. Entertainment Weekly Article
  242. So, who's having a SW marathon?
  243. 4 hours from now I'll be sitting in the cinema...
  244. Who's spoiler free at this hour?
  245. Revenge of the Sith, Theater Freebies
  246. Is anybody going to ROTS in costume?
  247. ROTS Game Trailer
  248. When is this obsolete
  249. IMDB: ROTS already in the top 250!
  250. Can anyone find some good Cody pics?