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  1. the mystery of lukes skullcap solved!...i think
  2. Gary Kurtz R.I.P.
  3. The Plan to Save Solo makes NO SENSE!
  4. does it feel like the original trilogy is getting smaller?
  5. Would you rather be Slave Leia or Jabba?
  6. Was Han Solo Able to Think While He Was Frozen in Carbonite?
  7. How Was Princess Leia Able to Remember Her Mother in Return of the Jedi?
  8. Why Was Qui-Gonís Body Burned, but in the OT, Obi Wan Kenobiís and Yodaís Bodies Disappear
  9. where did leia get a dress from on endor?
  10. Millennium Falcon laser colors
  11. how did the wampa freeze lukes feet to the celing in the cave?
  12. was leia's voice adr in one scene of rotj?
  13. Misheard lines or misunderstood plot points
  14. Re-Casting the Characters from the Original Star Wars Trilogy with modern actors?
  15. How did Admiral Ackbar know the shield was down?
  16. Here's a Fun one. How did Vader follow Leia to Tatooine at the start of ANH?
  17. Action in ROTJ extremely delayed
  18. Twin Cloud Car Pilots in movies?
  19. Wedge leaving the trench
  20. Who Played Willrow Hood?
  21. Things you remember that aren't actually in the films
  22. (Off topic?) Kren Blista Vanee actor?
  23. Mouse droid not in original print of Star Wars?
  24. Star Wars SC 38
  25. Why wouldn't Luke kill the Wampa and stay in its lair?
  26. Stormtroopers in The Empire Strikes Back
  27. Obscure character in both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back