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  1. Sign the "Save Our Micro Machines" Petition
  3. Who do I have to KILL to get a Tie Defender????
  4. Galoob Question? Need feedback...
  5. Rebelscum poll
  6. Building Action Fleet Tie Customs & Need Help
  7. Epic Collections wave 2
  8. Cool!!
  9. Favorite action-fleet vehicle
  11. What are you missing to complete your Action Fleet set?
  12. has anyone seen these MM singles?
  13. I don't usually post here, but I was cruising Ebay and found this.
  15. MM/AF, back in business!
  16. Help! Action Fleet question...
  17. Need MM die-cast stand
  18. Question for ya....
  19. Was the Darth Maul Transforming head even released???
  20. Unproduced Ep1 MM pics at Rebelscum
  21. Anyone collect other Action Fleet?
  22. MM Transforming heads
  23. Getting started...
  24. Was the Transforming Head C-3PO ever made?
  25. MM EP I Vehicle and Figure Coll pics
  26. Action Fleet Millenium Falcon
  27. No AF in Hasbro's Ep. II press release
  28. Looks like you got your wish. NEW AF
  29. Lookings for Action Fleet!!
  30. How hard to find is.....
  31. AT-AT unused feature
  32. Reasons for new AF
  33. Questions about AF Falcon
  34. Lucas Licensing explains lack of Star Wars Micro Machines
  35. Keeping Action Fleet Alive!
  36. AF 2002
  37. Micromachines AOTC remnants?
  38. Clearance star wars micros?
  39. so, does anyone post here?
  40. AF Target two-packs
  41. ACTION FLEET makes it's return
  42. Did hasbro buy Galoob to run it into the ground?
  43. What are YOU missing to make a complete collection?
  44. Pondering Selling My Collection, What do you think it's worth?
  45. Wanted: Micromachine character sets
  47. The Courtship of Princess Leia
  48. The New Action fleet line from 2002
  49. hey where's the pilot?
  50. Tell Hasbro what YOU think about new AF
  51. E-wing
  52. E-wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to me about E-wings please!!!! Please, please, please!
  53. TIE Defenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to me about TIE Defenders please!!!! I need one!!
  54. AF Heads up
  55. Ship Checklists
  56. If it was up to you....
  57. I have 2 NEW! Action Fleet Darth Vader advanced TIE's
  58. How big?
  59. You guys must be getting tired of me
  60. We need more AOTC Action Fleet vehicles
  61. Questions about Action Fleet
  62. figures
  63. Revamping the Action Fleet line FROM SCRATCH
  64. what we'll see new?
  65. galoob
  66. Action Fleet Found at Target
  67. x-wing alpha vs xwing saga question
  68. Galoob/Hasbro
  69. New to AF, many questions
  70. Request for list of Die-cast vehicles from OT and TPM (not vintage, but 1996-2000)
  71. How are you coping with the lack of EII AF toys?
  72. Great new AF and MM complete reference guide in new Lee's Toy Review magazine!!
  73. One of the most amazing things I have seen on Ebay (pricewise)
  74. So what do you think of the first three?
  75. Is there some kind of checklist out there
  76. Action fleet Darth Vaders Tie fighter. There are now 6 different versions
  77. Another Question
  78. Micro machine HTF gift sets
  79. AT-TE etc up for auction!
  80. Big Playsets?
  81. What ever happened to pystinger
  82. Darth Maul Micro Machine Playset Head
  83. can someone help me!?! PLEASE!!!
  84. Bring on Wave 4
  85. Action Fleet figures
  86. Wave 2 found in Texas!!!!!!!
  87. Rebel Transport Transforming playset
  88. Troop Transport? What is it?
  89. Original Galoob Millenium Falcon MIMB
  90. new Saga Sandcrawler: AF scale?
  91. Action Fleet ATTE
  92. Canadian Action Fleet
  93. Is it me, or is the "sail" on the Solar Sailer in the wrong direction?
  94. Is the Naboo N-1 Starfighter out of proportion?
  95. collection display or not
  96. New to the line.
  97. Wave 2 in Niagara Falls area??
  98. Could someone please take a picture for me?
  99. 9 new AFs for 2003
  100. wave II found in south florida
  101. Wrong packaging on Solar Sailor??
  102. prototype AT-AT
  103. the action fleet gunship ?
  104. how do you collect them ?
  105. My swaf need list
  106. MM Balance of the Force
  107. getting little pic near name ?
  108. More 2003 Action Fleet news...
  109. sets of action fleet figures ?
  110. Does the E-wing have landing gear?
  111. here are some excellent photos of the e-wing
  112. Action Fleet
  113. holy hell look at this link !!!!!!!
  114. ideas of playsets
  115. need royal starship
  116. need desert skiffs
  117. do you think they will bring out the new royal starship ?
  118. Speeders
  119. all aliens and predator action fleets this is tempting lol
  120. Wish
  121. Upcoming Action Fleet --> Pics inside !!
  122. A Clone War set should be made
  123. Can anyone help identify the missing ship in this set of micromachines from 1997 ???
  124. Hailfire Droid substitute for AF?
  125. Pic's of your action fleet collection!
  126. Good News? NEW AF listings
  127. WAVE 3 found
  128. Micro Machine Product List
  129. MM 68020 With Incorrect Packaging
  130. Searching in my closet I found the theater MM set.
  131. TIE Bomber
  132. Cc: Andy@Hasbro
  133. Star Trek Action Fleet on ebay?
  134. how did you start collecting AF ?
  135. Defender in SW?
  136. new releases have minifigs?
  137. yoda having fun
  138. Clone mini figs
  139. New Set Pics!
  140. Damit Hasbro! We want real Micro Machines!!!!
  141. toyfare exclusive
  142. My Shuttle :(
  143. action fleet for fun
  144. I search...
  145. what's the big deal?
  146. Question - Action Fleet Flyer Promo Booklet
  147. e wing
  148. AF Spider Droid and more !!!
  149. 12 inch Leia in endor gears with speeder bike...
  150. Episode 1 Micro Machines Action Fleet for sale
  151. new action fleet vehicles
  152. Micro Machine Check List
  153. Republic gunship
  154. safety of the international shipping
  155. MIA: Galoob Micro Machines
  156. Micro-Machine Price List
  157. Revive the die cast metal line!
  158. Missing Lobot
  159. 70s & 80s Diecast Star Wars ships
  160. Gold Micro Machines
  161. Collecting Micro-Machines
  162. EE has AF wave 4
  163. New Action Fleet at Wal-Mart
  164. WOOHOO!!! The End of the Action Feature Era!!!
  165. Alpha Snowspeeder
  166. Episode one action fleet
  167. New Action Fleet at anywhere BUT Walmart?
  168. locations where wave 4 is found
  169. Action Fleet
  170. SE promo 3-pack
  171. Micro Machines will have their glory comeback!!!!
  172. unproduced MicroMachine Gearmates mock-up
  173. the new af packages
  174. Collectors Fleet
  175. where to find AT-AT & Snowspeeder?
  176. 2 1994 SW Micro Machines Gift Sets For Sale
  177. micromachine head guide?
  178. Pics of the New AF
  179. New Action Fleet in MN
  180. Wave 5 available date
  181. Micro Machines Wanted
  182. 2 1994 Giftsets for Sale or Trade
  183. Mon Calimari Cruiser?
  184. Hellfire droid thingys lol
  185. And the New Royal Starship wheres that ?
  186. Fan Club MicroMachines Star Destroyer & Vader
  187. Did you like the new packaging?
  188. Ep1 Action Fleet
  189. A-Wing slightly redesigned?
  190. Any action features on Mon Cal ??
  192. UK releases
  193. Where do I find it?
  194. Need help, one inch figures
  195. When should we start looking for new wave?
  196. Fan Club Vader with Star Destroyer
  197. Epic Collections 4-6
  198. So, why did they get rid of the one inch figures?
  199. Selling part of my collection, have question
  200. TIE Defender
  201. A sorting disaster....
  202. Action Fleet X-Wing prototype
  203. Star Destroyer
  204. Where is the next wave of Action Fleet??
  205. Question of value on product?!?!
  206. Action Fleet line to die again?!!
  207. E wing ding
  208. What's with the holes?
  209. Write Hasbro
  210. Wal-Mart Saga Action Fleet clearance.
  211. Droids
  212. any news about the nnew waves?
  213. ClearMicromachines
  214. Toyfare exclusive Dagobah X-Wing
  215. What happened to the rumored Mini Die cast ships
  216. Do yourself a favor
  217. Green Action Fleet A-Wing?
  218. What mini figs came with action fleet Tie Defender
  219. Action Fleets are back !
  220. Zam Wesell's speeder pics
  221. Anakin's speeder scans
  222. Lucky!
  223. I need help with Action Fleet
  224. Definitive list? Need help with Fett
  225. Anyone know anything about the J.C. Penny Walking AT-AT
  226. ebay !!
  227. Anyone get their EE order for final Action Fleet?
  228. looking for the fleet
  229. Found a great Action Fleet site...
  230. have you seen this? TIE Defender box for $50
  231. TIE Defender, E-Wing Figure Pictures
  232. AT TE
  233. customizing the Republic Gunship
  234. Wattos Shop? Nute Gunray?
  235. How much is a complete collection worth?
  236. Does anyone collect loose?
  237. Star Wars the New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels
  238. Gear Mates box
  239. In desperate need of clear pics of ther unproduced Star Destroyer!
  240. New poll at GalacticHunter.com
  241. changed username
  242. xyber 9
  243. alternative to Action Fleet?
  244. are they stopping the fleet?
  245. SPHA-T
  246. Why'd they stop making figures?
  247. Wave 4 for sell again at D&S Toys!
  248. question for an expert
  249. Action features on unreleased AF's ??
  250. Bootleg die-cast Millennium Falcon and others