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  1. Fanboys
  2. Star Wars influences figures
  3. Wedge
  4. ROTJ boba fett rifle ?
  5. Neo-Vintage cardbacks
  6. Dear Hasbro...
  7. Why no original 12?
  8. OT Last day to buy HAS for dividends period!
  9. Role reversal figures?
  10. E-Wing Fighter
  11. Mechanical Crewman (never before recognized O.T.)
  12. Baby Rancor
  13. It's time for new/re-released Republic Gunships
  14. Techno Union Starfighter
  15. Ideas for Wal-Mart exclusive SW:TCW DVD Packs.
  16. Marketing idea...
  17. Assault Gunboat
  18. Please no more stunt like this year's SDCC kit!
  19. The Old Republic - potential subline?
  20. *Update* Figures that I think Hasbro should make.
  21. Separatist Droids Wishlist.
  22. Separatist Proton Cannon
  23. Dearest Hasbro, Please sort out Hasbro UK.. PLEASE
  24. Dear Hasbro: An idea for figure stands for Vintage
  25. TFU Wishlist
  26. Where are all the Holograms?
  27. Please Re-Release both new Shaak Tis in 12' SL.
  28. All bubble no card.
  29. My Top Ten Figures Most Needing Upgrades
  30. Jedi Master Points - Try a redemption program now!
  31. Off-topic
  32. Dear Hasbro, Make a Hasbro Toy Mall stores!
  33. Now that you made Delta Squad, make Omega Squad!
  34. Hasbro vs. Lego
  35. What's better: OT, PT or EU?
  36. Please Hasbro, Do Better on the Clone Wars Line!
  37. Knights of the Old Republic 10th Anniversary
  38. Please re-release Ewoks ! Or make a new multi-pack !
  39. B-A-D and B-A-F
  40. Skorr: "That bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell..."
  41. More OT weapons!
  42. Guess this is best here as it can fall under a lot of catagories
  43. Skiff Guards and Skiffs
  44. The old Clone Wars line
  45. Is there anyone else that just doesn't care?
  46. UGH, more SW:TCW Separatists Hasbro!
  47. Put Jabba's dancing girl 'Jess' on the next ballot!
  48. It was a good 10 years.
  49. Smaller Star Wars vehicles.
  50. Changing My Mind on Modern "Vintage" Figures
  51. Kerra Holt, if you please!
  52. My Hasbro Wishlist
  53. A new Watto, Hasbro?
  54. Imperials, Please!
  55. Trade Federation XT Beetle Transport?
  56. Collection of Darths
  57. My thoughts on the vintage line
  58. Thoughts on collecting- From a teenage collector's view
  59. Mandalorian Gunship
  60. Is Hasbro taking us for brainless fools?!
  61. Thank You, Hasbro
  62. Admiral Trench
  63. Sheathipede-class transport shuttle
  64. Better R3 and R4 Astromechs
  65. Consular Class PLEASE
  66. Dear Hasbro, Please ReRelease the Obi Wan Ep. 1 Force Fx Saber!
  67. TIE Bomber
  68. Sell vintage style cards please
  69. 2012 EU Nominations, Discuss, Help and Suggestions.
  70. TVC being hijacked by Vintage collectors ?
  71. Clone Trooper 5 pack
  72. DDT/Defoliator Deployment Tank.
  73. ROTS vintage vehicle/beast packaging
  74. Wampa and Speeder Bike
  75. a thought... subscription based collector's line?
  76. Save Vintage!!!
  77. Star Cases
  78. How many different collections are there?
  79. Any Intrest in New Old Vintage 2 Packs?
  80. Operation C.A.D.B.A.N.E.
  81. What would really make your day vintage line wise?
  82. new lightsaber design (follow up)
  83. Predictable : Darth Malagus will be sold out immediately ! Complaints will follow !
  84. Destroyer Droid
  85. A Robot Chicken: Star Wars set.
  86. The Star Wars Classics/Legends Collection
  87. Vintage Kenner colored figures!
  88. Hi Hasbro, here is my email and I'll be your free consultant on case assortments
  89. Another Year, Another set of pegwarmers. Will you ever learn.
  90. Checklist of Rebel Pilots?
  91. Dear Hasbro,
  92. Hasbro please re-release the following figures
  93. Clones Habro should remake and re-release
  94. Shae Vizla's face looks ugly - intentional ?
  95. Thank You for this big Epic Fail Hasbro, really you are starting to dissapoint me!
  96. Hasbro: Thank you for Nothing
  97. Prequel Trilogy gets screwed on character selection?
  98. Is the Star Wars line going to be an internet only offering?
  99. Again Hasbro, why is it so hard to release the rest of the original 12?
  100. Orignal Vintage Releases
  101. New power of the force retro wave and mail in order
  102. What should be the next ultimate prequel Jedi update?
  103. It's 2012. Cue Frank Sinatra.... And now, the end is near.......
  104. For every 1 good step Hasbro does they do 2 wrong!
  105. Please make a Spider walking Grievous
  106. What is the point of buying BMF in legacy when they are gonna be repacked for vintage
  107. R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca - what's left to do?
  108. will we ever a vintage power of the force release line?
  109. Is Hasbro still producing the already made vintage toys for a while?
  110. What would be a good strategy for Hasbro with the vintage line?
  111. Thank you Hasbro for ------- over with the last wave of vintage toys!
  112. What are you doing??
  113. Please make more Neimoidian figures Hasbro.
  114. Hasbro QA at celebration what a bunch of croc!
  115. Future mail in suggestion
  116. Hasbro could you change the color of the card for the upcoming BAD line?
  117. Collector Focused Line?
  118. Bring Back Playsets
  119. Suggestions for future B.A.D.s
  120. New affordable 12 inch line please
  121. Make Mungo Baobab campaign
  122. Dear Hasbro, please bring back Q&A
  123. Make Cane Adiss Please!
  124. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Hasbro not making General Krell?
  125. Suggestion for TVC line when it comes back.
  126. We need definitive versions of Yoda both ESB and prequels
  127. Star Wars Angry birds, Like or dislike?
  128. 250$ Dollars for the vintage Falcon, Hasbro has flipped its lid!
  129. Battery Concern in Light Up Saber Figures
  130. Disney purchasing Lucas Film does this jeopardize the Hasbro License ?
  131. Bring Comic Packs Back! Here are some sure-fire ideas...
  132. Vintage packaging for upcoming Movies? Hasbro Make it Happen!
  133. More concept art figures!
  134. Can anyone make heads or tails of Hasbro's plans for Star Wars now?
  135. Clown Gamorrean Guard
  136. General Grievous's Combat Chariot.
  137. CW Younglings & Company
  138. Thank You Hasbro Canada and Walmart!
  139. I miss GI Joe
  140. Republic Gunships - is there anyone who does NOT want more of these?
  141. Toys r us
  142. please give us a new knights of the old republic figures line
  143. For those saying that Vintage line was not a sucess you can read this...
  144. Should Hasbro remake the early bird set again for ( hopefully ) ANH 3d?
  145. I am the new king at Hasbro here are my edicts!
  146. Dear Hasbro, do you hate money?
  147. Hasbro is sounding more and more like a broken record!
  148. We want SA CW Gregor
  149. Dear Hasbro please make a new Y wing!!!
  150. Official Unproduced Figures Guide
  151. Why are there no good figures to find ?
  152. Please make the Dark Saber
  153. Ok Hasbro, what is your next gimmick after the 6" and "Beuk in Bleuk" series?
  154. Please don't forget about us 3.75 inchers!
  155. Thank you Hasbro! Finally you made me happy!
  156. How good is that articulated BlasTech E-11 Blaster from Sandtrooper (VC112)?
  157. episode 7 figures better be quality
  158. Disney putting the screws to Fans and Hasbro?
  159. Dear Hasbro, please make Bo-Katan!!
  160. product info
  161. Hasbro - Case Assortments Part 58,948.45 sub section H
  162. Boba Fett Exclusive Availability
  163. When repacking do it right
  164. Cardbacks
  165. How about a Ladd/Loomis 2 Pack? Without them...who knows?
  166. What is taking so long?
  167. EWOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. WOMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
  169. Star wars cases
  170. SA Nemoidian Warriors
  171. Bib Fortuna (Super Articulated)
  172. Oola (Single Carded)
  173. Mas Amedda (with Soft Goods)
  174. Lars Homestead Ultimate Battle Pack
  175. Cantina Ultimate Battle Pack
  176. Boushh Disquise Leia (Super Articulated)
  177. Utapau Battle Pack w/Tion Medon, Security (SA), Pau'ans, and Utai
  178. Geonosis Camo AT-RT Drivers & Republic Gunships
  179. Glue issues on new Black Series :(
  180. Fives and Echo arc trooper :(
  181. Any chance of an ROTJ Stormtrooper
  182. Case ratios
  183. Why not a "Tales of the Jedi" sub-line?
  184. Do a better paint job
  185. Idea for 6 Inch Wave 3
  186. Imperial Grand Admirals
  187. Please bring back the Mailaway Offer
  188. Can we start a serious discussion of the Tonnika Sisters yet?
  189. Dear Hasbro , this year for Star Wars I would like...
  190. Consolidate your lines...
  191. Hasbro/Disney: Start a collectors club!
  192. Thrawn!
  193. San Diego Comic Con 2014 information?
  194. More head
  195. New Admiral Piett
  196. Lego Surpasses Hasbro as Second Largest Toy Company
  197. Clone Wars Season 6: Yoda's Jedi Interceptor
  198. Boba Fett 31" figure like the Darth Vader and Clone Trooper ones produced
  199. You've just lost a customer
  200. The Force Is Not Strong With Hasbro
  201. No shops in Melbourne have decent original trilogy action figures.
  202. Rumors for the Scale choice for the upcoming Avengers line
  203. Dear Hasbro, your distribution in New Jersey is awful!
  204. Does Hasbro read this section/have online customer outreach at all?
  205. Dear Hasbro, please make an Episode IV Leia 6" The Black Series Action Figure
  206. The Current State of Things
  207. Price Goes Up, Collectors Go Down
  208. Dear Hasbro, please make a 6 inch black series Grand Moff Tarkin
  209. Dont muck it up!
  210. Questions/comments for Hasbro.
  211. How's Hasbro Doing? Blog Post
  212. Hasbro! We're bored... Do a presentation on figures, vehicles and items that were canned!
  213. Disappointment at SDCC Blog Post
  214. What If... Hasbro Released an Ultimate Chewbacca Action Figure?
  215. Journey to Force Friday Blog Post (Spoilers Apply)
  216. Make some cool figures form the upcoming movie
  217. Dear Hasbro, I QUIT!!!!!
  218. Farce Friday Blog Post
  219. Shadows of The Empire for The Black Series 3.75", please?
  220. Re: Midnight Madness/Force Friday
  221. A Request to Hasbro
  222. Hasbro, Make some upgrade-able engines to replace the current Target BB8 one
  223. Dear Hasbro
  224. Dear Hasbro, a few reissues I don't think we'd mind...
  225. Hey Hasbro - THIS!!!
  226. Dear Hasbro, How About a Sub-Line of ON THE SET Action Figures
  227. Dear Hasbro, for the love of God, please, no more Nerf vehicles!
  228. Dear Hasbro--What's old is new again
  229. To the Hasbro Team making and selling these NEW STAR WARS toys. GET BACK TO BASICS.
  230. Cardboard Vehicles and Playsets--Potential Idea???
  231. Dear Hasbro, Regressing on Articulation Is Balderdash.
  232. A simple request
  233. Ideas for Hasbro that could please both Collectors and Kids
  234. Five Rogue One toys that we need to see
  235. Things I think Hasbro should make for Star wars 3 3/4 scale...
  236. Dear Hasbro, could you please make a Star Wars.......
  237. new millennium falcon
  238. The Ladies
  239. i got a cool gift from hasbro
  240. 6in vs 3.75in figures
  241. Vehicles for 6 inch figures?
  242. More Clone Commanders and other clone troopers
  243. Please Bring Back Micro Machines
  244. 3.75in figures carded waves
  245. Micro Machines
  246. Black Series 6" concept figures
  247. Star Wars Black Series Troop Builder Multipacks
  248. Anyone Following the recent Hasbro news?
  249. Retro collection
  250. Figures I consider missing and other thoguhts