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Thread: Luke Skywalker "Double Telescoping" Lightsaber

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    Luke Skywalker \"Double Telescoping\" Lightsaber


    I bought a double telescoping lightsaber.

    Does anyone know if this lightsaber is an original or a reproduction. Does this lightsaber has the correct length or is there missing a short piece?
    The Tip (smaller piece) has a full length of about 3,2cm / 1.26inch.
    The shaft (bigger piece) has a full length of about 3,1cm / 1.22inch.

    There is a letter " V " on it.

    Is the figure the correct one from the early bird kit?

    Would be nice if anyone can help me out.

    Many greets,

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    Re: Luke Skywalker \"Double Telescoping\" Lightsaber

    You may ask your question in the DT thread above.
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    Re: Luke Skywalker \"Double Telescoping\" Lightsaber

    The DT Saber Thread contains all DT discussion. As such, I'm going to lock this one down. Please feel free to post your question again there, as I'm sure someone can help you out..

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