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Thread: WTB Macrobinocular Buttons - Kalimar, Seagull, Bell & Howell

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    WTB Macrobinocular Buttons - Kalimar, Seagull, Bell & Howell

    Hello. Just try to find some authentic knobs just to avoid the slashing of more vintage cams
    If somebody have some spare parts with no need, I'm looking for some authentic vintage Macrobinocular Buttons, especially the Kalimar ones, the silvery one from the Seagull, and the red&silver Bell & Howell sun dial. Also the similar little knobs from the Seagulls side plate are welcome.
    Send me your offer. :thumbsup

    I have also for trade:

    -Seagull leather case
    -Bell & Howell leather case
    -Eumig leather case
    -Jabba's Palace Guard Blaster "Mos Eisley Special"

    Here's what I have for now, basically everything except the knobs:
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