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Thread: HAVE: Black Series Bastila Shan x 2 - (US 48)

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    HAVE: Black Series Bastila Shan x 2 - (US 48)

    Looking for:
    Diablo Game Figures:
    Necromancer, Corrupt Rogue, Baals Minion and Diablo himself

    Neca Aliens movie figures, all except series 1

    Star wars figures:
    Gha Nacht
    Felucian Warrior
    Felucian Rider
    Jocasta Nu
    TLC Nho'Apaak and Paploo
    TLC Yaddle & Jedi Master Evan Piell
    POTF All (3) Max rebo band pairs
    TLC Rum Sleg

    ...will post a more complete wants list here soon or just send me your "haves" list.

    Thanks for looking!
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