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Thread: FS/FT: jeditaz bst, tf, sw, joe, mu....

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    FS/FT: jeditaz bst, tf, sw, joe, mu....

    ALL PRICES ARE OR BEST OFFER!!! Nothing set in stone. Everything LOOSE COMPLETE unless stated. Paypal preferred, payment as gift or add in fees. Buy more, save more. Some figures have cardbacks, inquire if interested. Trades not limited to whats below, but they are my priorities. Will look at lists. Shipping is additional. Will ship international if you have great feedback. Please, if I pm you a response back, have the courtesy to at least pm me back and decline my offer. I am a more than willing negotiator. Just dont want to chase you down.


    Unique toys troll
    Tfcc runabout and runamuck
    Tfcc punch / counterpunch
    Toyworld Swamper
    KFC B Box and Birdbomber
    BTS Nightfang
    Warbotron afterburner
    United black optimus prime low priority
    Cloud rodimus
    Mastermind knight morpher prime low priority
    Igear hench
    Unique toys salmoore low priority
    Fansproject quadruple u
    Perfect effect scouting force x
    Toyworld Hegemon
    X transbots stax
    Joe, star wars, marvel, dc 3 3/4.....lmk what you have


    Star Wars
    Gi Joe
    Marvel Universe

    Third Party

    Fansproject Shadow Commander Armor MIB 70
    Beelzeboss Growing Pains MIB 15

    CHUG...Classics, Henkei, Universe, Generations

    Classics Astrotrain 20
    Generations FOC Starscream 15
    Generations FOC Skywarp 10
    Generations Rhinox 17
    Generations Rattrap 17
    Generations Dirge 17
    Generations Armada Starscream 10
    Universe 2.0 Silverbolt 15
    Universe 2.0 Hot Shot 15
    Generations FOC Bruticus 40
    Generations FOC Shockwave 7
    Generations FOC Jazz 7
    Universe 2.0 Voyager Dropshot 10


    Reissue Powermaster Optimus Prime. Truck, trailer and legs of apex armor only!!! Great shape...just missing everything else. 20

    TF Prime

    Ultimate BH Optimus 10

    Voyager Thundertron 20


    HFTD Legends Ravage 5
    DOTM Voyager Shockwave 8
    DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime 8
    DOTM Walmart Optimus Prime and Comettor 20
    DOTM Legion Roller 6

    Unicron Trilogy

    Cybertron Leader Optimus Prime no gun/key. has 2 missiles. 25

    Star Wars Transformers

    Anakin/Vader/Republic Cruiser/Star Destroyer quad changer 10

    Star Wars

    Resurgence BP Luke 15

    TFU Rahm Kota 20
    TFU Maris Brood 13
    TFU Juno Eclipse 7
    TFU Jumptrooper 7
    TFU Evo Trooper x2 7 each

    Evolutions Fi Skirata 25
    Evolutions Padme Episode 2 10
    Evolutions Tie Pilot 7
    Evolutions Jango Fett 8

    Black Series Mace Windu 8
    Black Series Darth Plagueis missing mask 8
    Vintage Jodo Kast 13
    Vintage Zam Wesell 8
    Vintage Mace Windu 10
    Vintage Death Star Escape Luke 8
    Vintage Bespin Luke 7
    Legacy General Grievous 8
    Legacy Leesub Sirln no glass 7
    Legacy Captain Typho 7
    Legacy Luke Snowspeeder 7
    Legacy EU Spacetrooper x3 10 each
    30th Black Stormtrooper x2 13 each
    30th C4 Mcquarrie C3PO and R2D2 10
    30th Mcquarrie Vader 8
    Saga 06 Aurra Sing 4
    Saga 06 Republic Commando Scorch 8
    Saga 03 Teemto Pagalies no accessories 2

    Droid Factory Watto x2 5 each
    Comic Pack Basso 15
    Comic Pack Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax 18
    Comic Pack Lumiya 10
    Comic Pack Cade Skywalker 18
    Comic Pack Quinlan Vos 8
    Comic Pack Vilmarh Grahrk 6
    Comic Pack Mouse In Stormtrooper Disguise 7
    Comic Pack Luke in Rebel Armor 8
    Comic Pack Jarael 17
    Comic Pack Grand Admiral Thrawn 9

    CW Savage Opress 6

    Darth Mauls Sith Infiltrator 15

    GI Joe

    ROC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes 6

    POC Zartan 13

    30th Renegades Firefly 7
    30th Renegades Scarlett 7

    Retaliation Battle Kata Roadblock 7
    Retaliation Night Ops (ninja dojo set) Roadblock 8
    Retaliation Data Viper 8
    Retaliation Lift Ticket from Eagle Hawk 15
    Retaliation Airborne 8

    Renegades Amazon pack Storm Shadow 7

    Resolute 7 pack Storm Shadow 7

    25th Wild Bill (single card version) 5
    25th UBP Destro 5
    25th Snake Eyes Commando 4
    25th General Hawk (single card version) 6
    25th Scarlett (Single Card version) 7
    25th Tele Viper 6
    25th DOCI Night Creeper 10
    25th Serpentor (single card version) 8
    25th Destro Resolute Comic Pack version 5
    25th Comic Pack Storm Shadow (Devils Due) 6
    25th 5 Pack Storm Shadow (2nd 5 pack more cartoon accurate) 6


    Vintage Hiss 2 no seat clips, no driver otherwise complete 20
    POC Maroon HISS Tank with Driver 18
    Retaliation Eaglehawk with Lift Ticket MIB (opened and displayed) 25
    Avatar AMP Suit x2 13 each
    Chap Mei black Little Bird Helicopter 15


    MU Silver Surfer 6
    MU Bleeding Edge Iron Man 5
    MU Modern Thor 5
    MU Dark Hawkeye 5
    MU Apocalypse 6
    IM2 Deep Dive Armor Iron Man 5
    IM2 Mark 2 Iron Man 4
    IM2 Mark 5 Iron Man 4
    IM2 War Machine Blue Reactor Variant MOSC 18
    Captain America TFA Red Skull 5

    DCUC Azrael Batman 20
    Batman Arkham Asylum Scarecrow DC Direct 10

    Lots more to come...marvel wars...joe...and of course tfs
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    Bump with price drops

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    Updated sold items

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    Nov 2005 stuff added, and price drops on everything else

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    Bump....price drops!!!!!!

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    Time for a bump

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    Going up again

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    Additions and price drops

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    Bump it up again

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