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Thread: FS:Loads of Moc including POTF,ROTJ,ESB plus Takara r2 wind up AFA 85

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    FS:Loads of Moc including POTF,ROTJ,ESB plus Takara r2 wind up AFA 85

    All prices are in Australia dollar.Would prefer payment via paypal gift in AUD dollars.If you prefer to pay via regular paypal then i would ask you cover the 4% on top to cover the fees.

    Will be adding more mocs in the next few hours.

    Han Carb POTF moc c8.5 $250AUD

    B-wing Pilot $75AUD c7.5 $75AUD

    Imperial Gunner POTF moc $c6 $130AUD

    bubble has dents and a hair line crack.

    Leia Poncho POTF moc c8.5 $130

    Squidhead ROTJ moc c5 $75AUD

    Lili ledy made in mexico.

    bubble has a crack at the top.

    Hothtrooper ESB moc c5 $130AUD

    Bubble has dings on the top left and bottom left.Also has a small hair line crack

    Nien Numb Tri Logo Moc c7.5 $100AUD

    bubble has the normal tri dings.

    Lumat ROTJ moc c7.5 $70AUD



    Han Carb POTF moc c8.5 $300AUD

    eV9D9 POTF moc c6 $160AUD

    Bubble has two hair line cracks at the top back.

    Power droid ESB 41 back moc $285 On Hold

    Takara R2-D2 Wind up AFA U85 $525AUD

    Imperial commander ESB moc c8.5 $125AUD

    Moc is case fresh.Figure has a mark on his nose.Looks like a witch.


    Luke Bespin ROTJ 48 back moc $275 SOLD
    R2-D2 POTF moc c8 $225AUD SOLD
    C3po ESB 41 back moc c8.5 $220AUD SOLD
    Black Bespin Guard ESB pailtoy moc c9.5 $130 SOLD
    Rebel Commader ESB c8 $150AUD SOLD
    Leia ROTJ 77 back moc c8.5 $500AUD SOLD
    Luke stormtrooper POTF moc c8.5 $500AUD SOLD
    Barada POTF moc c8 $130 SOLD
    Stormtrooper POTF moc c7.5 $250AUD SOLD
    A-wing Pilot POTF moc c8.5 $125AUD SOLD
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    WTB:Ugnaught ESB 45 Back proof & POTF Cromalin.
    Always interested in buying first Shots,Proofs,Cromalins & Miscards of different characters.

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    PM on POTF Stormtrooper, Rotj Leia and Potf han in carbonite. Thanks.
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    PM Sent on 41 back PD

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    Pm sent on a few

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