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Thread: Steve Denny Interview on

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    Steve Denny Interview on


    I posted an interview with Steve Denny on the site. It's a long read, but worth checking out if you are into prototype collecting and the early days of the hobby.

    Kenner Collector Focus: Interview with Star Wars Collector Steve Denny |


  2. Thanks from: Hoth_My_Fav
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    Dan, that's awesome man. Iv book marked this and plan to read it the first chance I get some peace and quiet in my place.
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    Very cool, thanks for taking the time to share this with us! -R
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    Good read. Thanks for posting that up. Nice work.

    Looking for ESB era First Shots - I have great trade items.

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    Hey, I've been in that basement!

    Glad to hear from one of the nicest guys in Star Wars collecting.
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    The original sale list referenced in the interview is still lurking in the depths of the Archive, here:

    Rare Power of the Force Proof Cards
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    Great interview.......damn man. makes miss the 80's. tThose catalogues are soooo A-Typical 1980's in the same DIY vain as Punk zine's and flyers.....friggin' love it.

    I would seriously buy those catalogues to hang in my man cave with my Black Flag and Misfits flyers, any idea if he has extras?

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    Dan, you and John did a tremendous job on the interview. It's a wonderful tribute to Steve's legacy in terms of contribution to the hobby. Also great to see Bob(a) Fisher receiving additional recognition.

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    Amazing interview, great job! It was like an instant trip back to the 80's, and it made me think of my own memories of Star Wars from those days. Thanks a lot!

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    wow that's a lot of speeder bikes...great interview.


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